Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown, the Senator who posed nude for Cosmopolitan, got the full treatment from Saturday Night Live this weekend with a four-minute sketch that portrayed him as an on-the-make tail chaser who becomes a fanstasy for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Barbara Boxer and even gay Congressman Barney Frank.

As portrayed by Hollywood Hunk Jon Hamm, Brown flirts and winks with Boxer in her fantasy and says “Oh, hi Barbara. How’s your health plan going? . . . I just found a lump in my underpants.”  Pelosi imagines Brown telling her  that  “I want to introduce something to the floor – it’s called your panties” while Frank’s fantasy has Brown saying “Hey Barney, you worried about a filibuster, because I’m about to fili-bust out of these jean shorts.”

So how did Brown react to the SNL skit?

“It was great, I think he’s a little bit better dancer than I am,” Brown said of Hamm.