Left handed smokes

Find your way through the invisible mystic haze.

Please don’t rub your eyes! Hike up that which makes Americas belt of gird-a-loin steadfastly citizenship fit.

It’s time right handed smokes be revealed a mingling non, with left surreptitiously blending and counting upon failure of any crop.


  1. Doc_Holiday

    20 hours into my shift and this still doesn’t make sense to me Bryan. Maybe you could help a sober man out.

  2. almandine

    Don’t be hoodwinked. Today’s BS comes from the left… tomorrow’s probably from the right.

    … Snakeshit

    (my apologies Bryan for the crude translation)

  3. bryan mcclellan

    Skittles, baby wipes, chocolate chip love, and peanut butter cookies. Cut back on your sleep my man. Love you.

  4. byreen

    The veil of pseudo political waring factions can no longer hide nor disguise the stench of the burning flesh of our nation.

    Indeed, who shall be left standing atop the acrid rubble of our demise? From the arsonists on capitol hill to the boardrooms that opened this breech, will it come as shock that the tattered remains of the citizenry curse their very existence?

    Or have they deftly deflected blame with smoldering hidden contempt of all that ever made this a once great nation of oneness an adversary against what they have wrought?

  5. bryan mcclellan

    Byreen, you ignorant Slut.

    Of course you remember the 160 acre small farmers in the Midwest who were driven from their lands by Trickle down Ron and the banking cartel.

    Need I remind you of those left with empty shotguns and shyster blood staining the ground?
    Small cost to moneyed men as they gather the grain and strew the chaff of hard work and dedication  into the forest of their conviently forgotten ideals of what constitutes free men.

    Did not your neighbor in good faith mortgage his fathers, fathers legacy for the dream with hidden strings, too spend one less hour in the field for one more minute in a day with his family with the assurance that the home town bank will help them survive?

    Where have you been all this time as dreams have become living nightmare?

  6. bryan mcclellan

    So Bruniononion,
    As living historical relevancy, is as fleeting as elder memory ;
    where lands the awakening eye of determination and the hunger for liberty? Sayeyeyiyi…

    Do it open far enough to see,

    Twixt hither and yon?