Rudy’s record: Rewriting history in real time?

Rudy Giuliani (AP)Rudy Giuliani, the current frontrunner for the GOP Presidential nomination may be overhyping his management credentials and role during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, claims a former New York City emergency management director.

The revelations suggest "America's mayor" may be more like President George W. Bush than his handlers want to admit — more hype than substance, more bluster than competence and more image than reality.

For Giuliani, the revelations could not come at a worse time as his campaign struggles with with wishy-washy position on abortion and his inconsistent debate performances.

The controversy also raises serious questions about the role the former mayor's wife may play in his life and campaign.

And the controversy plays directly into the hands who question Giuliani's credibility.

Writes Russ Buettner of The New York Times:

As Rudolph W. Giuliani runs for president, his image as a chief executive who steered New York through the disaster of Sept. 11 has become a pillar of his campaign. But one former member of his inner circle keeps surfacing to revisit that history in ways that are unflattering to Mr. Giuliani: Jerome M. Hauer, New York City’s first emergency management director.

In recent days, Mr. Hauer has challenged Mr. Giuliani’s recollection that he had little role as mayor in placing the city’s emergency command center at the ill-fated World Trade Center.

Mr. Hauer has also disputed the claim by the Giuliani campaign that the mayor’s wife, Judith Giuliani, had coordinated a help center for families after the attack.

And he has contradicted Mr. Giuliani’s assertions that the city’s emergency response was well coordinated that day, a point he made most notably to the authors of “Grand Illusion,” a book that depicts Mr. Giuliani’s antiterrorism efforts as deeply flawed.

Mr. Hauer does not disparage Mr. Giuliani’s overall effort at emergency preparedness or appear to have actively sought out a role as a Giuliani scold. But he has emerged as one in several settings where his frank, often blunt, answers to questions have offered a rare view inside the often-insular Giuliani administration.

Mr. Hauer was once part of the coterie of high school chums, fellow former prosecutors and City Hall aides who remain the nucleus of Mr. Giuliani’s tight-knit set of advisers. From that perch, he helped Mr. Giuliani confront some of New York City’s most disquieting predicaments, like the West Nile virus and a potential millennium meltdown.

He emerged from four years of service to Mr. Giuliani as one of the country’s better known emergency preparedness experts and a frequent guest on television news programs.

But in recent years, Mr. Hauer and Mr. Giuliani have had a falling out, though they disagree on just why.

Now from a distance, Mr. Hauer offers views of Mr. Giuliani’s management style, ones that depict him not only as highly competent and exceptionally hands-on, but also as insensitive and retaliatory at times.

Mr. Hauer, for example, recalls a conversation he had with Mr. Giuliani in 2001 when he had decided to endorse a Democrat, Mark Green, for New York City mayor over Mr. Giuliani’s own choice for a successor, Michael R. Bloomberg, a Republican. Mr. Hauer said Mr. Giuliani, upset, called up to say his disloyalty was unforgivable.

“He was shouting, ‘If you do this, you’re done … I’m going to end your career,’ or something along those lines,” Mr. Hauer said.


  1. Wayne K Dolik

    Mr. Guiliani is it true that you had your records as Mayor of New York sealed for 25 years and if so why? Mr. Guiliani can you explain why evidence from the WTC crime scene was hauled away so fast and no investigation was allowed upon the remains of WTC? Mr. Guiliani can you explain why your office didn’t require the complete evacuation of the WTC after the first plane hit the buildings? Mr. Guiliani did you know the air was not safe to breath in N.Y.?

    Mr. Guiliani do you think the Gun Owners will vote for you? Mr. Guiliani do you think you have support from the religious right? Mr. Guiliani what part of the Republican Party do you call your base?

    Mr. Guiliani if you really are the front-runner in your party, why are you consistently beaten by Mitt Romney and Ron Paul in the M.S.M polls?

  2. Cashel Boylo

    BS and Bluster is what today’s America is all about.
    What else could account for the success of pathetic frauds like Dubya and Guliani?
    Just check out any restaurant.
    Mr and Ms Average American are very big when it comes to standing over a bus boy.
    Much smaller when it comes to arguing with a waiter.
    And they positively grovel to a maitred’.

    Cashel Boylo

  3. Donnat

    The whole secret of the GOP’s success is to brawl like street bullies and hope the other side has too much class to sink to their level.

    It’s worked pretty well so far.


  4. bryan mcclellan

    We had an old red rooster on the farm that was always acting the bad ass until confronted by the dog. Lucky for him the dog was just playing,unlucky for us if we don’t confront this chicken shit bastard with the truth.Ghouly rudy we don’t trust you or your neocommunazzi’s. I haven’t seen you posing with the NYFD lately,the dust has cleared and seems to have revealed a bushie clone, Untrustworthy, eyes a little too close together, a publicity monger. Can anyone spell utter contempt,I’ll wager the rescue workers at ground zero can when they are denied adequate health care or denied benefits entirely. Ghouly go back to the hen house and peck yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dayahka

    It’s great to see this swaggering clown fall flat on his face. He’ll be one of the early ones out of the “race.”

    What I wonder, though, is why so many people are wasting so much time and money on a campaign whose end result we already know. On or around November 1, 2008, Bush’s agent, Bin Laden, will launch attacks on US targets causing a national state of emergency and a suspension of Congress and the Judiciary, and a cancellation of the election–and Bush will remain as president for the foreseeable future, until he’s as old as Mugabe, probably.

  6. incog99


    The reason he is the “frontrunner” is because the mainstream media is steering the election with false stories of who is winning. Ron Paul is clearly the most popular Republican candidate and the MSM simply is trying to bury him.

    The media is trying to steal our elections.