McCain supposedly has quite a temper. His shouting “fuck you” to fellow Republican Senator John Cornyn is troubling. Do we want his finger on the nuclear button?

Update: Blogging in Time Magazine, Ana Marie Cox reports McCain’s “my gun is bigger than yours” comment about Mitt Romney.

Here’s the latest from the brain addled McCain:

On a blogger conference call just now, McCain fired the first shot in what is sure to be a series of ongoing frontal assaults on Mitt Romney. According to someone on the call, in response to a question about Romney’s immigration position, McCain said he’d “wait a couple of weeks and see if the winds change and Mitt comes back around” to his side, and, he said, musing about why Romney seems so touchy on the issue, “Maybe Mitt should get out his small varmint gun and chase those Guatemalans off his yard.” Link with comments

Ana Marie Cox is the founding editor of Wonkette and the author of the novel Dog Days

And now back to the original column.

And while on his shouting “fuck you” to a colleague during a meeting Thursday on immigration legislation, I think the press was remiss in not reporting the actual word instead of sugar-coating it with “expletive” you or calling it the f-bomb as Fox News did. The word is fuck. F-u-c-k.

When I was thinking about writing a column about McCain’s explosive personality as evidenced by the incident with Senator Cornyn, I checked out the use of the actual word “fuck” which I planned to use knowing our editor/publisher’s penchant for unvarnished reporting.

I searched Google News for McCain Cornyn and found about 36 articles about the incident, none of which spelled out the word fuck. None even spelled out chicken shit, another phrase he used in this incident.

Then I searched Google News for McCain Cornyn fuck and only one webpage came up. This was Capitol Hill Blue’s article which included the quote from the Washington Post article with the word spelled out:

“Fuck you! I know more about this than anyone else in the room,” shouted McCain at Cornyn. McCain helped craft a bill in 2006 that passed the Senate but couldn’t be compromised with a House bill that was much tougher on illegal immigrants. (Read Capitol Hill Blue article.)

However, the actual Post article says this:

“[Expletive] you! I know more about this than anyone else in the room,” shouted McCain at Cornyn. McCain helped craft a bill in 2006 that passed the Senate but couldn’t be compromised with a House bill that was much tougher on illegal immigrants. (Read entire Washington Post article)


Why is this important?

While we all know what the f-word is and what “expletive” you means, the word fuck is a mere profanity, and not an ethnic or gender slur fraught with bigotry. Only prudery keeps us from printing it on a website read almost exclusively by adults (not that fuck and shit aren’t among the first new words a kid learns in the neighborhood).

These are, however, words not generally used in polite company, and when one does use them it is strongly suggestive of that person having an anger control problem.

John McCain has demonstrated that he loses his temper quite easily, and this incident shows that he can lose it to the extent he’d hurl words that could cost him votes among religious conservatives as well as those who question whether he’s too old to be president.

Candidates sometimes feign anger for dramatic pruposes, as Rudy Guiliani did at Ron Paul during the most recent debate. But McCain doesn’t seem to be acting when he loses it and his face is flushing and aquiver.

It is vital we have a president that shows good judgment and maintains an analytic detachment in the most stressful situations. When a problem with anger in a public official or candidate emerges it behooves the press to report it accurately so we can decide whether a candidate has this ability.

Kudos to Capitol HilI Blue.

If you Google News search McCain Cornyn fuck the CHB version is the only website that comes up. It is all by its lonesome as the website that wasn’t afraid to offend a few people by publishing the actual profanity said in anger which may indicate a leading candidate for president may be too psychologically unstable to serve.


  1. The freaky thing about Cheney saying “Fuck Yourself” in the Senate is that the Republican Party has been trying (and heroically so) to that very thing ever since!!!

    It’s a good thing he didn’t yell “Shit!!”, or the Halls of Congress would have had a less than pleasing atmosphere for quite a long time!

    Stoney Browning

  2. For the benefit of all the posters to Hal’s editorial I thought I’d share my premier link concerning John McCain…”Warts and All”. I urge everyone and anyone to immerse themselves in it’s content and when finished, think, just think of what a “pig-in-a-poke” this guy really is…! He’s a poster child for a so-called “good” republican…no?! :))

  3. The strangest thing about McCain is that weird grin he gets when saying something truly stupid. Which is about everything he says. Like, “Bomb, bomb Iran.” Then, that weird grin. Like, “hey–isn’t that funny? Bombing and killing thousands of innocent civilians? Yuk, yuk.”

    Of course, the second strangest thing about McCain is that hair-trigger temper, which would be undignified in an 8th grader. In a US Senator who wants to be President, it’s downright scary. Just the guy you want with his finger on the nuclear trigger….

  4. Mary

    the above statements. McCain is mecurial, flip-flopping, and his positions on the Iraq war are as unwise and unrealistic as those of his new best friend in the WH.

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