Another one down, too many more to go

Paul Wolfowitz's overdue and well-deserved demise as President of the World Bank means yet another morally-flawed appointee of President George W. Bush bites the dust.

Another one down. Too many more still to go.

No administration in recent history has produced such an overwhelming number of corrupt, unethical, incompetent and/or downright criminal appointees. Bush's long, and growing, list of merry men and women who have resigned in disgrace, arrested for criminal conduct or removed from office stands as monumental evidence of a flawed and corrupt Presidential administration.

Wolfowitz, the architect of Bush's failed Iraq war and the man who helped build a sand castle of lies to sell the war to a blindly obedient Congress and asleep-at-the-wheel media, should have been fired as soon as evidence surfaced that he had used his position to advance the career, and income, of a World Bank employee he was screwing at home.

Bush, as he always does, stood by his corrupt buddy until the pressure overwhelmed him. The President continues to stand by another fatally-flawed appointee – Attorney General Alberto Gonzales – as more and more evidence of incompetence, corruption, criminal activity and baseline stupidity emerge.

That's the problem with Bush. He's a flawed, ethically-lapsed man who surrounds himself with corrupt men and women who share his absence of morality and lust for power. It may be someone with absolutely no qualifications for a job (like former and failed FEMA director Michael Brown), a criminal who bilks a store with a phony refund scheme (like former domestic policy advisor Claude Allen) or power-mad despots like Dick Cheney who trample the Constitution into the dirt.

There's no doubt that Gonzales broke the law by politicizing the Justice Department and illegally firing U.S. Attorneys. There's no doubt that he repeatedly lied to Congress. Yet Bush, who promised "the most ethical administration in history," stands by his sleazy prosecutor with Godfather-style protection.

What else should we expect from Bush, who openly lies to the American people, Congress and our allies? The man is, without question, the most corrupt occupant of the White House in decades – a serial liar, lawbreaker and destroyer of the Constitution. If there was any real justice in the world, the man would be taken from the White House in shackles, flown to Gitmo, and given the same "aggressive interrogation" tactics deployed on other Americans imprisoned in that illegal hellhole.

But it won't happen. Bush sees himself as all-powerful, above the law, and beyond the touch of the Constitution he swore to uphold. Why shouldn't he? Nobody in Washington will challenge him. Certainly not the lackluster Democratic leadership of Congress or the Supreme Court now overloaded with rabid right-wing appointees from too many years of Republican domination of the White House.

Corrupt leaves like Paul Wolfowitz might fall from the rotting tree of the Bush administration but the roots of corruption fertilized by the abuse of power keep that tree upright.

The Bush White House is the most powerful organized crime family in the world and as long as the Godfather remains in that chair behind the desk in the Oval Office the peace and safety of the United States, and the world, is threatened by his reign of lawlessness and terror.


  1. jeyre

    Yeah… everyone on Capitol Hill outside of the Bush administration is morally-upstanding. Either way, they should just can political appointees all-together.

  2. Dayahka

    Sorry, but little George is not the godfather here, but his father, G.H.W. Bush. Bush senior knew his son had no competence or morals–and he didn’t do anything to stop him from being president. Little George is just a sicko number 2 man in the crime syndicate.

    As far as the title about many more to go, that is a joke. This administration is not filled with many bad apples, it’s a barrel of bad apples through and through–the whole lot, not just many, is bad. But you’re right, though, that only a few of these bad apples will get their just desserts. Hopefully, Gonzales will be the next one out.

  3. Brzl Frbf

    . . . that Reagan’s cabinets were loaded with sleazeballs. Nearly two-thirds were under investigation, a third indicted or resigned under disgrace, and a considerable number convicted. Reagan’s administration was loaded with the corrupt, the dishonest, the power-hungry, and the morally bankrupt; of course, several of them are in this administration, too. Draw your own conclusions.

    For those idiots who consider Reagan to be a great president: it’s obvious that you weren’t paying attention then or now.

  4. surgethis

    Bush and Cheney are deranged criminals. Both of them are filth. The GOP is itself is nothing but a criminal organization which has supported Bush throughout this nightmare.

    Thousands are dead and still the media is not allowed to show the flag draped coffins of the fallen coming home . This is not about honoring them. It’s about keeping the public from realizing how horrible Bush’s war is. “Just go shopping and don’t think about it”.

    I think the media should challenge this criminal administration and start broadcasting pictures every time a soldiers coffin comes home. By the way, now it’s been reported that over 900 contractors have lost their lives in Iraq a fact that was kept silent from us.

    So what is the real number of deaths 4,000 – 5,000 -10,000 … They have lied to us about everything.