A couple of traitorous bastards were allowed back into the United States of America this week.

As traitors to their country, they should have been arrested when they got off the plane, led away in shackles and sent to jail to rot.

Instead, they were interviewed by the media, held press conferences and went about their daily lives, enjoying the freedom that allowed them to go to the country of a sworn enemy of the United States, bad-mouth their homeland and then say we should believe an evil man like Saddam Hussein and not trust the President of our own country.

The two, Democratic Reps. Jim McDermott of Washington and David Bonior of Michigan, glad handed Iraqi officials and told the media that we should “trust” Hussein instead of our own leaders.

“I think the President would mislead the American public about the need for war,” McDermott said while in Iraq.

Bonior went even further, claiming children in Iraq suffered leukemia because we had dropped weapons containing uranium on the country during the Gulf War. This is a tired and discredited claim based on the remanufactured ammo from depleted uranium. A spokesman for the Pentagon noted that active uranium is only used in nukes and the U.S., at last check, hasn’t nuked on Iraq, at least not yet.

In fact, McDermott and Bonior were so out of control while in Iraq that a third Democratic congressman on the trip, Rep. Mike Thompson of California, kept his distance, telling his hometown newspaper that he tried to “avoid compromising situations” by not appearing with his two colleagues.

By the time both got back on American soil, McDermott and Bonior changed their tunes, backing away from the lets-all-climb-into-bed-with-Saddam rhetoric that came out of their mouths during their trip to Iraq.

“Saddam Hussein is not a good person,” Bonior claimed. “He’s not to be trusted.”

And the sun rises in the East every morning too.

Talking out of both sides of their mouths is nothing new for either Bonior or McDermott. Both are classic political hacks, a pair of accomplished liars who put partisan politics above their country. Like former Vice President Al Gore and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, they are scared shitless of George W. Bush’s popularity with the American people and are willing to endanger the security of this country in a desperate, pathetic attempt to advance the Democratic cause in the elections next month.

Bonior, McDermott and Thompson went to Iraq as guests of Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Interfaith Network of Concern for the People of Iraq. The Interfaith Network is part of the Seattle International Human Rights Coalition, an extremist group that stages protests against the United States and counts among its members the Palestine Information Project, the Irish Northern Aid and Citizens for Overt Action.

“The Seattle International Human Rights Coalition has known connections with Middle-East and Northern Ireland terrorist organizations,” says terrorism expert Andrew Josenson. “They are on the FBI watch list.”

So, three United States Congressmen allow an organization with terrorist ties to sponsor them on a trip to a country that is a sworn enemy of the United States. While there, they absorb the propaganda spoon fed in a carefully-controlled environment and then issue statements that question the integrity of the United States and the credibility of its leaders.

Sounds like treason to us.

So why aren’t these traitors in jail?