1. littleguypainting

    Interesting… Edwards is in the lead, at least for now. Even with all the ‘prissy boy’ name calling from the right? Wow.

  2. run4bear

    Now I KNOW this is a Fascist Publication. Yes, you have freedom of speach(or are supposed to), but you also have a responsibility. Truth in Media..not OPINION is what most of us seek. Ron Paul is the ONLY one telling the truth. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. I certainly hope you eat your words when Ron Paul is elected.

  3. reddy

    Limiting the choice of the electorate to a short list of the contenders is – well, the word ‘dictator’ jumps to mind.

    Are you too afraid of THE PEOPLE’s choice to include the names of ALL the candidates FOR THE PEOPLE so that one can be chosen BY THE PEOPLE?

    Or do you know what is best for us? Like Bush knew.

    Where is the name of Ron Paul in your ‘poll’?

    Sad times for journalism when ‘journalists’ try to determine the results of (‘fair and balanced’) polls.

  4. Editor

    …Ron Paul is running as a Republican. Jeez. The Ron Paul spam squad can't even keep their parties straight.

  5. wiseoldgranny

    Last I heard Ron Paul was a Libertarian. When I was looking for a party, I talked to them. They believe in complete personal freedom…..except for a woman’s right to choose.

    I will look them up again, but I believe they are just right wing conservatives and isolationists.

    I happen to agree with them, most of the time, when it comes to foreign policy, but they are opposed to most treaties with international organizations.

    What is it that you don’t like about Edwards that you know for an aboslute fact, not just the ‘liberal’ MSM hit jobs?

  6. wiseoldgranny

    Just read the Libertarian platform. Changed their stand on women and gays.

    Their main stand is any governmental regulations, publically owned assets or resources. Absolute privatization and no public departments, including the Post Office.