Our missing media

Tired of bad news, day in and day out, coming out of IraqNam? Not to worry! Things are changing for the better!

This weekend, Darth Cheney made a surprise stop in IraqNam. He had two goals, first to force the Iraqi legislators to pass a hideous petro-law that would insure Haliburton's and US Oil's future supplies for a generation. He also met with the Iraqi military leadership. The very next day, the same Iraqi military leaders placed a ban on all photos and video of any insurgent bomb blast. Their purported reason is that shooting the scene on film or in digital format, will somehow destroy forensic evidence and interfere with their "investigations".


And did I tell you that I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn? Cheap, yet strong!

What surprises me most is how the US media has responded to this obvious attack on a free media (mainly ours). The silence is deafening. I am at a loss for words to explain the lack of reaction. It was bad enough to make an illegal ban on photos of US soldiers' caskets and funerals (allegedly for privacy reasons) but this is almost beyond belief.

So, we now know that Cheney's instructions were to Iraq – we need GOOD NEWS, even if you have to manufacture it, and hide the truth.

I am so proud of our news organizations. Sanjaya, Anna Nicole, and end of school pranks are far more important than our invasion and deadly occupation of another country.


  1. Sandy Price

    I too would love to have a channel available that discussed and reported the news 24/7. I thought we had it in Fox News but the personalities who reported this stuff made me sick. News reporting should not bring with it arrogance. CNN is very slanted and tends to go off subject at every chance. I thought we had it when MSNBC opened and I found a good variation of news and entertainment. Now it is all tabloid with those awful Anna Nichol and Paris Hilton stories and since they fired Imus, I have no reason to go there.

    Talk radio bores me to tears and I pretty much stay on satellite classical music stations. What is sad is that I received 300 television channels and not one decent news channel. I get more news here from the home page than from anywhere. I love it when we all reply to the commentaries and news stories. This is what the internet should be.

  2. Access Of Evil

    Major news channels now are becoming little more than drivel designed to barely hold the endless string of ads together.

    Ironically, most Americans are getting their news from John Stewart’s “Daily Show.” The real irony is that it’s probably more news in 30 minutes than CNN and Faux News combined put out in 24 hrs.

  3. April-May

    The premise here is that if the media broadcasts “news” that the US audience will watch it.

    I’m not so sure . . .

    NRA Distinguished Life Member

  4. JerZGirl

    Perhaps it is time for us to refuse to patronize the current media. Readership of newspapers is down already, but we need to stop buying them completely. We also need to reduce our watching of television news to the point where it is apparent in the Nelson ratings. Hit them where it hurts – in the pocket. They don’t want to present facts. We don’t want read or hear fiction.

    There was a time when unbiased news actually existed in the MSM. Now they kowtow and submit to higher authority (Federal) and revel in their complacency. It is time to put a stop to it.

    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.

    Wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad.

  5. gene

    If you want to see where this nation/world is and how close we are to total control or major changes, take a look at (911files.net).

    This Bush/Cheney gain are among some of the major players controlled by satan himself.

  6. Paolo

    When Iraq-Nam began, right-wing talk radio wiped the drool from its collective mouth, and asked a single question of the “mainstream” media:

    “Are you a patriot first, or a journalist?”

    Translation: are you going to be good little lap-dogs, and uncritically repeat, as news, whatever the administration spokesman tells you?

    Observe that, in the question, “patriot” and “journalist” are mutually exclusive concepts. True enough, from the administration’s point of view. A journalist, after all, does bad things, like reporting both sides of a story.

    Unfortunately, most of the “mainstream” media have decided it’s too scary to be labelled “unpatriotic.” They are good little stenographers for the Bush administration, with a few timid exceptions.

    No one, but no one, asks the really important questions, such as:

    “Why do Iraqis want to kill Americans?” Oh, yeah. It’s because they “hate our freedom” and are jealous of our material prosperity.

    “Why not just pull out of Iraq (and every other foreign country in which we station troops), and let the locals figure it all out?” Or, put another way, is Iraq their country, or ours?

    “Why does the Administration want only good news reported? Will ignoring the facts make them go away?”

    Nice article, Rob….


  7. long_rider

    There are very few real journalists any more. The news media that we are forced to live with is nothing more than a government propaganda machine.

    Since our news media is owned by large corporations, who are supportive of the chimp, little real news gets out.

    Real news:

    If we had a real news network they would have started investigative reporting on 9/11 – Pentagon. They would have shown the 757 (ha ha) hitting the Pentagon. Three-quarters of the worlds population believe 9/11 was a lie, but our media continues to ignore it.

    If there were a Democrat in office he would have been impeached by now. Our propaganda machine covers what the corporate owners want them to.

    We read about tainted dog food for two weeks, while the chimp continued to support a lying AG. The press never delt with the AG situation in an unbiased way.

    Under the chimps new constitution we still have freedom of the press, to report what the corporate owners want them to.

  8. SEAL

    Remember the impact of Fahrenheit 911? But it petered out because nothing followed it.

    We will never be able to get the truth out through the MSM. I think the best bet would be to find someway to finance a series of documentries. Enough to run for two years at least. Keep hammering the truth instead of letting the one shot run and die. You have to keep the pressure on if you want the public to get involved. They have the attention span of a knat. And all they know is what they see on television. They need to be shown the truth and I can’t think of any other way to do it.

    The democrats would be better served to pour their campaign funds into documentries of this type instead of the crap they spew forth on the MSM.

  9. kent shaw

    “The democrats would be better served to pour their campaign funds into documentries of this type instead of the crap they spew forth on the MSM.”

    Thinking outside the box again, I see. Of course these documentaries, even if totally true and not “spun” in any way to favor the democrats, would still be denounced as propaganda by the republicans and the government controlled press. Actually, its not so much government control as unabashed support, the MSM being owned lock, stock and barrel by big business. Big business owns big government, big business owns the press.