Government of the few, for the few & by the few

Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized President Bush on Saturday as running a "government of the few, for the few and by the few."

"For six long years the hardworking families of our middle class have been invisible to this president," she said, promising to be a president who again sets goals for the country.

Democrats attending the Ohio state party's annual dinner gave a rousing cheer when the senator from New York asked, "Are you ready to end the war in Iraq and restore America's reputation around the world?"

Only two Democrats since 1900 have won the presidency without carrying Ohio and no Republican has done so.

The state clinched re-election for Bush in 2004, but Democrats have new optimism that they can win the state that Clinton's husband, Bill, carried twice.

Democrats captured the Ohio governor's seat for the first time in 16 years last November and, in a backlash attributed in part to a state government investment scandal, seized three other statewide offices long held by Republicans.

The $150-per-plate dinner drew about 3,000 people and generated $550,000 after expenses for the party, the most money the dinner has ever raised, said Chris Redfern, the Ohio Democratic Party chairman.

Clinton, leading the Democratic field for president in national and Ohio polls, promised universal health care and said she would make college more affordable. She also said she would be more aggressive in developing alternative sources of energy and that her administration would hire more qualified people for government jobs.

Clinton came to Ohio from South Carolina where she gave the commencement address at historically black Claflin University earlier on Saturday.

She spoke of making college more affordable and gave a nod to Barack Obama, her Senate colleague and Democratic primary opponent, while drawing on the university's 1960s-era demonstrations.

"Think about the students from this university who braved tear gas and water hoses and beatings and bullets to protest the injustice of segregation and usher in a new era of equality and never lived to see the day of an African-American man running for president," Clinton told the crowd of around 4,000 at the college.

She said the class of 320 graduating students represented a minority who are able to afford and complete the college degrees they began pursuing.

"But what I'm finding is that so many students and their hardworking parents and families are balking at the cost of higher education," Clinton said. "When they see the price tag their hearts sink."

With fewer than half of the nation's students completing the degrees their start, government must play a larger role, Clinton said.

"We need to begin by making college more affordable and accessible," she said. "I think we need to take on the student loan industry and send a clear message they will be held accountable for the way they treat and mistreat students and families."

She is pushing a "student borrower bill of rights" that sets payments as a percentage of income and keeps fees and interest rates reasonable. "I don't believe that you should be subjected to bait-and-switch programs where they tell you what it's going to be and then they change it on you," she said.


Associated Press Writer Jim Davenport in Orangeburg, S.C., contributed to this report.


  1. April-May

    Dumbass is a dumbass, and Hillary is a pandering whore.

    We’re fucked . . .

    NRA Distinguished Life Member

  2. Bill Robinson

    President to be Hillary Clinton! Sounds great to me. Maybe after she gives us Universal Health Care she will do something about all these nuts running around mis-quoting the Constitution about the right to bear arms. Don’t those fools realize that the provision they are mis-quoting was meant to allow people to wear short sleeved shirts while serving in hot areas.
    NRA=no rational activity. Take those guns and use them for melted sculptures. Ban weapons now Hillary, and end the war sez I.
    Oh, all you gun nuts, if you want to comment on my comment, please use your real names and stop hiding. I know you are ashamed of being a member of Murder Inc 2007 (NRA), but have the gumption to show yourselves rather than hiding behind pseudonyms. Next we will see you wearing those sheets with the eye holes. You are in the same class as the KKK–your organization even rhymes with it: KKK and the NRA, the look of today if you want to follow the most bloody way.
    Oh yes, one more thing–stop castigating Mrs Clinton. She at least has the nerve to use her real name and to work for the health of the American People. You goofs in NRA only want to keep strutting around with your penile extensions. Too bad you got shorted at birth, but a gun is not going to replace a real penis. Bet they didn’t tell you that when they took your money for membership in the No Rational Activity organization.
    Did you know that Senator Clinton will remove all the guns from the public? She has a secret plan to do this, so you better start answering those internet ads for extenders.

    Captain Bill Robinson

  3. Razor

    Well we now can feel secure in our homes knowing that all we need is to whip out our penis when that intruder comes unannounced to rob and rape us. My wife will be happy to exchange her 38 for a dildo that she can beat the intruder with. I’m sure it would be effective in self defense against any criminal with loaded gun or knife.

    Yes Captain Bill all we need is our penis. Was it all girls that were killed at virginia tech?
    And Hillary plans to take away more than guns, but you don’t care about freedom anyway, do you? You’ll have your penis to protect you anyway. I’m sure glad that I was informed of having a secret weapon. Never thought about it that way!

  4. Carl Nemo

    Hillary being a U.S. Senator “is” one of the few, governing for the benefit of the few, to the detriment of the many. She’s a snake-in-the grass, a real ankle-biter I must say! Rather than blather on concerning her track record in the U.S. Senate I thought I’d provide one-stop shopping for those that are interested in Hillary and everything they might want to know about her political m.o., voting record record etc. while in the U.S. Senate.

    She voted for the Patiot Act and it’s recent renewal. Are there any questions folks…?! I won’t blame her for voting for the war because legistlators were sucked in by the Wolfowitz-Feith-Cheney rogue intelligence pipeline that involved this nation in a war based on cooked intelligence. But knowing this, she and her 99 brethren need to get crackin’ and urge their contacts in the lower body to start impeachment proceedings against Cheney for starters, immediately if not sooner!

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. attobuoy

    I stumbled across this in a Digg article. Best approach to good government I’ve heard of in decades.
    “The National Initiative includes a constitutional amendment and a federal statute that equips the people with the central power of government, lawmaking. As lawmakers, the people in every government jurisdiction of the United States become a new Check in our system of Checks and Balances designed to control the abuses of government. Representative government remains unaltered except for the partnership established between the people and their elected legislators.”

  6. SEAL

    One of the main reasons we have such a poor representation in our government is because more than half of the citizens don’t vote. Most of them don’t vote because they are lazy. They don’t want to stand in line for two hours. They excuse it by saying it doesn’t make any difference who gets elected and I don’t want any of them anyway.

    Make voting mandatory and add the category alowing the voter to reject all candidates. You would be amazed how many times “none of the above” would win because a hell of a lot of those who do vote are only selecting the least objectionable candidate. Require winners to capture over 50% of the vote. It would not solve everything but it would make a hell of a difference.

  7. SEAL

    Those who think the right to bear any kind of arms you want should be abolished better wake up and look around at what is happening in this nation. There is a very good chance this country will be at war with itself before 2008. If they declare Martial Law across the nation, that is exactly what will be the outcome. I will not be ruled by my government’s military force. Will you?