American casualties mount as Bush’s surge falters

Troops hunt for missing soldiers (AP)
Troops hunt for missing soldiers (AP)

When President George W. Bush first proposed his latest "troop surge" as another ploy to rescue his failed Iraq war strategy, Pentagon planners warned him the plan would increase American casualties in the civil-war torn country.

One estimate said the American death toll could top 10,000 by the end of 2008 and troop deaths have surged in recent weeks — the latest an attack on a military patrol that left five dead and three missing.

Although the "official" line out of both the Pentagon and the White House claims the surge is showing progress, the facts from soldiers on the ground says Baghdad and Iraq are becoming more and more dangerous and American casualties will continue to rise at alarming rates.

As Sudarsan Raghaven and Joshua Partlow report in The Washington Post :

A massive aerial and ground manhunt involving hundreds of American and Iraqi troops was underway Saturday for U.S. soldiers missing after an organized assault on a military patrol south of Baghdad. The convoy was carrying seven U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi army interpreter, and the attack left five dead and three missing.

The pre-dawn attack occurred 12 miles west of Mahmudiyah, a volatile city nestled between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers within a rural region dubbed the Triangle of Death. It is known to be infiltrated by al-Qaeda fighters and other Sunni insurgent groups. As of early Sunday, no group had asserted responsibility for the attack, U.S. military officials said.

In the hours after the assault, and stretching into the night, American combat helicopters, surveillance drones and airplanes scoured surrounding areas, U.S. military officials said. Troops secured a wide perimeter, conducting door-to-door searches and erecting checkpoints to seal off roads and streets to prevent the missing soldiers from being transported out of the area. U.S. military officials also were enlisting local leaders in the search.

"Make no mistake," Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell, the military's top spokesman in Iraq, said in a statement, "We will never stop looking for our soldiers until their status is definitively determined, and we continue to pray for their safe return."

A U.S. military source familiar with the manhunt said the two-vehicle convoy was struck with a roadside bomb, then was apparently ambushed by gunmen. Some of the soldiers had been shot. Flames consumed the vehicles, but it was unclear whether the explosion caused the fire or if it had been set later.

"It was a planned, coordinated attack," the source said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters.


  1. SEAL

    For a long time I have been unable to understand why the neo-con one world order bunch seems intent on financially destroying the US. If they do that, from where would the rule their empire? Have I missed something oram I just not smart enough to see how it would work for them?

    I understand that bankrupting the nation would make it simple for them to do away with the constitution and set up a dictatorship. But power and money are synonymous. In my limited knowledge of how the financial world functions, it seems to me that, if the US goes under, the worlds economy goes with it. It would make sense to me that they would want to destroy the ecomomy of all other nations. That would leave us with the power. But it appears they are doing just the opposite. Of the major powers we would be the one in the worst financial shape.

    Can someone explain this to me?

  2. KayInMaine

    …one soldier missing as it is? Did we find him? Nope! Did the military stop looking for him? Yep. Will Bush’s Pentagon search desperately for the missing three now? Nope. They’ll put on a good show but at some point the Pentagon won’t care. I’m sure the military is teaching their soldiers:

    War is peace,

    Freedom is slavery,

    Ignorance is strength,

    Missing soldiers means we’re winning the occupation.


  3. April-May

    “Dumbass’s Surge Falters”

    — and we’re surprised because . . . ???

    NRA Distinguished Life Member

  4. gene

    Oh really!! I am so surprised that Bush’s brilliant plan (surge) is not working. I mean how could it possibly go wrong and yes we must give this (idiot) a chance to show us what a great president/comander in chief he is.

    How can one idivdual be so stupid and still be considered human. Mabe thats it, this Moron from hell isn’t human. We (well some of us) know what this bastard and his gain of butt sucking, asskissing lovers are up too. Many more will die at the hands of this elected murderer and he will only continue to laugh at congress and the american public.

    We need a rvolt in this nation but its not going to happen. Bush will finally one day have to leave the white house but as I said above, many more will die to keep this insane society motoring alone. What an incrediability sad…horrible world we now live in.

    I know now what kind of surge Bush neeeds. Take an electrical wire with (no insullation), shove it up his presedential ass and flip the switch. Make it about 10,000 volts and I’m quit sure Mr.”mission accomplished” would have a very successful SURGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  5. Razor

    The true mission of Bushco is and always has been the domination of middle east resources and control of puppet governments willing to cower to washington. Iraq remains in ruins and chaos after more time than it took to win world war two. The cost of which has exceeded that of the second war. The neo-zionist plan of one world government is underway and not likely to end anytime soon. This has been in the works for many years and the designers know they must not back up because starting again would not be very easy. The false flag event of 911 was a bold well organized attack on innocent victims conducted not by Osama but by players with high positions in government and military and war tool makers. This cabal is headed by world bankers of the same families that have controlled the banking system for decades. The goal for this evil sick bunch is world dominion.
    A depopulation of the worthless eaters namely third world nations is primary as is gaining control of the oil because oil is the commodity that the world runs on. There are other energy sources that are kept from public view that would eliminate burning fossil fuel but would not be profitable for the cabal. These alternative energy sources will be known when the last drop of oil is sold.

    Many people have no clue of what is really behind the worlds chaos and disharmony and cannot see the obvious because major media constructs the reality that is presented through TV and Newsprint. The control and censorship is so massive that most do not believe that it could be possible, but it is. For example, the republican debate was won by a huge margin yet no major media even mentioned Ron Pauls victory.

    He is not one of thier groomed puppets so they try to pretend he is not even there. This is what goes on in american polotics. It is not about choosing the best person for the right reasons, but about fakery, propaganda, and placing a stacked deck for the voters to think they really decide the best pick. Paul is the only one who is genuine and sincere about placing america back on the right course.

    The powers that be are evil and have a ruinous plan for the future of mankind. How much proof does people need to see where the event of 911 has taken this country and in such a dispicable manner, totally out of character for the US.

    These times are crucial for America and the worlds future. We as a nation of proud patriots must wake the hell up and see the man behind the curtain. We must question the authority that seeks to enslave us. We must pay attention to why these bizar events happen when and where they do. And who it is that is behind them. We are being led down the path of our own end.

    This nation will be just another sad piece of history if there is not a concerted effort by everyone to bring awareness of this demonic force that is in control this very moment. The Bush Family for the past three generations have been major players in this plan. Prescott Bush commited treason by trading with the Nazis in the world war and only paid a fine for the deed.

    Don’t believe what the major media presents as fact, very little is truth, much is total fabrication. The media is not true reporting.
    Turn away from fox news or the new york times, there is no truth there. Use the internet for information and decide for youselves what is true and what is not, you at least can decide and not be told how it is. Deception and spin has been perfected and distributed in control of reletively few elite families who monopolize the information industry. Now Murdoch is trying to buy even more venues to control reality as we see it. The reality is this: Life is what you see and hear and feel and taste with the five senses of human ability. When we rely on information to form our perception of reality, this information becomes the basis we use. If that basis is manipulated our reality is manipulated. It is easy to form any opinion of the masses simply by presenting the basis, true or fabricated, that the masses rely on. Mass mind control has been perfected and is widely in use today in all aspects of normal dailey life.

    Don’t believe that the world is screwed up naturally, it is by design. Nothing by chance.

  6. Sandy Price

    Do they have any homing instruments on them? If they don’t why not? Or does the White House and Pentagon simply feel those guys are expendable? This White House has done enough and should turn the keys over to the Congress to replace the whole damn lot. In England they called it “Interregnum”. Which filled in until the next king was found. Our Constitution no longer has the laws and power that it was designed to have. We Americans are just sheep waiting to see what Bush will do. We must never allow any person to have this much power.

    If Perot were younger he would be in Baghdad at this time. Remember he put together a group of men to save the lives of our soldiers before. That skinny little man had balls.

    We have got to stop losing our men! The longer we stay the more we are hated by the world.

  7. Ardie

    Al-Qaeda has a gold-mine in their hands. This soldier can do to Bush what the Iranian hostage situation did for President Carter. It could be Al-Qaeda’s version of American Idol if they play their cards right. As a consequence, every American will come to know some of the real pain of war.

  8. kent shaw

    a couple things Sandy and Razor mentioned.

    Razor: Mass mind control has been perfected and is widely in use today in all aspects of normal dailey life.

    Yes and it is everywhere from Faux Noise to script content of “entertainment television and movies” to MSM like the New Joke Times.

    Sandy: Do they have any homing instruments on them? If they don’t why not? Or does the White House and Pentagon simply feel those guys are expendable?

    Because this “White House Cabal” does not want them found. As long as they are not found Bush has one more excuse to stay in Iraq. “We will never abandon Iraq while our soldiers are missing.” Well, maybe so, if one considers the at least 4 permanent bases along with the city sized foreign embassy.

    I hope everyone has seen Batiste’s commercial by now telling us Bush would not listen. It would take 500,000 troops minimum to occupy and pacify Iraq. And it would be a long bloody occupation with constant loss of life and violence on all sides. Not to mention cost in dollars. And it would do nothing to stop terrorists from coming here, most likely over the wide open southern or northern borders. Nothing makes any sense unless what Razor posted above really is happening.

    In my humble opinion.


    PS – Ardie, it was just a matter of time wasn’t it. This will become more common. Live American hostages are worth lots more than dead American soldiers. Unless, like Kissinger told us, they are just dumb animals to be used as pawns by politicians. Bush seems to qualify as that kind of abuser.

  9. JudyB

    A lot of Americans have never felt with any amount of certainty that G.W.B was ever elected… he was, after the surpeme court decided not to have another count of the ballot, instead,Bush was appointed. There has been nothing but problems with and because of GWB since that infamous day in Nov. 2000. The most important question that is looming is… HOW CAN WE GET BUSH AND CREW OUT CONTROL AND OUR TRIIPS OUT OF IRAQ ??? It doesn’t seem to me that there is anyway for “We the People” to have our votes and desires acted on no matter how low Bush sinks in the eyes of his nations people or in the ploes that reflect how we feel.

  10. Sandy Price

    I also heard on Chris Matthews Saturday show that many other generals are going to speak out against the Bush war. I didn’t get why the delay but their are going to speak out. When this happens, we are going to have to push our Congressmen and Senators to get snapping and stop this foolish war. This is one reason why I do not want a Republican anywhere near D.C. as they have tried to justify every rotten action from the Bush Administration and they must not do it.

    I think the bullshit about the GOP being pro-life has finally worn down to a meaningless piece of garbage. We might have to put a Mother in charge of our armies and show the guys how we keep tract of our children day and night.

    In a book I’m reading the author spoke of a meeting that Cheney attended where he had over 70 security guards watching over him. I would bet they were unemployable young men whose parents were friends of Cheney. It would have been cheaper had he simply hired the defensive line of the Green Bay Packers. I’m very tired of our leaders.

  11. Razor

    You have lots of company Sandy, Who isn’t tired to the bone, with these clowns in office. The good news is that more and more people are waking or becoming aware of the corruption and want change.

    Support Ron Paul for a return to constitutional government. He has never voted in support of any legislation that didn’t qualify first as being allowed by the constitution. He does what honorable leaders should all do, Govern according to constitutional rules.

    I don’t care if the commander guy thinks its a ( blank) piece of paper, one I doubt he ever read and surely has no understanding of content, I think we are lucky as hell that piece of paper exists, even though its been abused and gutted recently, it can be our rally point to wake people up.

    Here is the man that speaks truth and has the honorable past record clean clean. He is against the very things that we all bitch and complain about. He says foriegn intervention is unconstitutional, especially when fabricated factual lies are used to gain support. He knows that the irs is unconstitutional and will end the illegal confiscation of labor. He has an alternative tax system that is fair and equal. The illegal income tax money was never needed to begin with. It just provided the means for an ever expanding big government that is out of control and has every intention of being your big brother for your security and welfare.

    Votem out, support Ron Paul, he ain’t lie’n.
    And I bet he’s the only one.

  12. SEAL

    You have consistantly presented the truth for months. I know for a fact what you say is true. To those who ask me how I can maintain that it is a “fact” instead of an opinion I tell them to prove it is not a fact. The fact of it is obviated by the existance of it. There can be no other conclusion for those who look at it. The problem is, that very few are looking.

    We, who are aware, are very limited in our ability to inform others. The mind/media control has been so effective that the masses are looking at what the controllers want them to look at. CHB is not included in their favorites. American Idol is. And, if we intrude on their “Idol” searching with our truth they become upset.

    As I have stated many times, the only way to get them to pay attention is by shock. Something has to happen or be created that will shock them into listening. 9/11 was the ultimate example of using shock to focus the attention of the masses for the message the perpetrators wanted to deliver. I’m not suggesting anything of that nature but we do need something that would have a personal affect on the people such as an exposure of the deliberate theft of their constitutional rights that cannot be excused as necessary to “protect” them. It has to be something that will frighten them. It has to be personal.

    Actually, there have already been several actions by this administration that could have been turned into what we need. The elimination of habeas corpus for the prisoners in Cuba for example. But, for whatever reason, the democrats cannot or will not seize upon the opportunities presented to them. We need an organization. Perhaps the one Mr. Thompson is putting together is the answer. As I understand it, one purpose is to inspire elected representatives to use their positions to reach the public with the right messages. In spite of the power the media has to suppress, if a senator makes acusations that are sensational, the media is forced to let it go through.

    However, we do not have much time. Critical stage is already upon us. The only thing available in an immediate sense is the war funding conflict. Congress can solve the problem right now by refusing to fund anything except a withdrawal plan that, by this time next year, leaves only the troops necessary to protect our critical interests in Iraq. The military reality is that any withdrawal must be organized and under controlled conditions, not rushed. But initiating our withdrawal would provide us our only hope of being able to defuse the region and extricate ourselves from an impossible situation. However, it must be done in such a way that we can keep a lid on the neighboring countries that are presently arming themselves and thumping their chests. [Saudia Arabia and Iran are both spending millions on new arms in preparation for war, right now]

    If congress does not do this, I am convinced that the Middle East countries of Iran, Jordan, Saudia Arabia, and certainly one or two others will be involved in some sort of military conflict with us and Iraq right in the middle of it making it impossible for US to leave the region for at least a decade. Of course, Cheney plans to take out the leader of Iran. That’s why he is over there now – setting it up. I find it impossible to believe that most of the members of the senate do not realize this.

  13. gene

    SEAL (above) you are absolutely right, few are listening and it will take an explosion going off in front of their brain dead faces to wake them up. From what I observe daily it is certain that most americans just seemingly don’t know nor do they care about the “big picture”.

    They are almost 100% focused on their “world” and what is happening to them and only them. We live in a very self-centered society now and what is obvious to the few is oblivious to the majority. The truth “big picture”…whats honest and right for everyone is being sacrificed on the alter of the “me and only me generation”.

    You are also extremely accurate in what you said about this being a critical time for action. What (should be happening) is moving like a turtle (if moving at all)..and what should have never happen in the first place is moving at light speed. Hope that makes sense but it would seem we as a nation are almost out of TIME.