What’s wrong with politicians?

Is there something fundamentally wrong with politicians? Do they start out life with a deficiency of ethics or does that come along as they rise in the ranks? Should voters simply not vote for anyone willing to run?

With public approval of politicians in general and Congress and the President specifically at such abysmally low levels, it appears that collectively we regard professional politicians as a suspect class, morally deficient and ethically challenged.

But are they really any different from the rest of us? Do they deserve the ridicule and contempt we heap upon them except, of course, when we vote for them? Is there something about those who choose to make politics their job that sets them apart from other citizens?

Being a committed individualist – I stand for the proposition that each person deserves to be regarded and respected individually and not as a member of a group – I am reluctant to even broach the questions asked at the top of this commentary. Yet the question gnaws at me as I read diatribe after diatribe against one politician after another.

Having participated in political matters recently at the local level I have met men and women of varying degrees of honesty, balance and sense of public service. For the most part, even those who initially I had suspected of being evil, corrupt or simply incompetent (the gold standard for which criteria seems to be the Bush administration) turned out to be more, well ordinarily human.

Yet there does seem to be at least one characteristic common to most if not all politicians, at least those who run for elective office, and that is they seek power. Most, if not all, say they seek that power in order to do some declared “good” for the rest of us, or at least a segment of the rest of us. There is a strong strain of altruism in the American political tradition going back to our founding. Politicians seemingly believe themselves when they claim this as the underlying reason for their candidacy.

The public apparently wants to believe in altruism and all political campaigns are shaped around this concept in one way or another. Soon after the election, the public soon reverts to suspecting less lofty goals of its elected officials and characteristics such as greed, corruption and ethical malfeasance are attributed to those holding office.

So one could ask whether the office corrupts the candidate or whether we are routinely and willingly hoodwinked every election, wanting to believe there is a candidate who holds our interests dear and will faithfully serve them while in office. The answer is probably some complex mixture of the two.

To be elected, a politician must go through the hazing that is now part of elections – every aspect of one’s past will be attacked, dissected and held up to view. That alone would scare off anyone who has any claim to normality at all. Few among us have even wanted to lead pure lives much less done so. We do not expect that kind of perfection of deed and thought from ourselves since we know it would render our lives devoid of the fun and serendipity most treasure.

So many of those who run for the higher offices – Congress, President, Governor, etc. – have started their political ambitions early in life, sometimes in high school. I cannot imagine having governed my life in such a way as to avoid anything controversial, anything contrary to conventional wisdom, morality or practices so that I would be “electable” in the future. Yet that is what someone who aims for a career in politics must do from the moment such a career path is selected.

As a part of this pathway, a politician in the making must learn how to speak in such a way to please as many listeners as possible while simultaneously sounding principled and resolute. The habit of thinking about what one says with a view to how others will hear it can be an admirable one. But when it results in learning to speak without saying anything, as is now so common in the world of politics, it becomes a means of hiding and feigning rather than discussing and considering. Politicians must master the art of deception and dissembling to a level most people would find frightening if practiced in their own life.

Therein may life the answer to the question I started with. What is wrong with politicians is likely what is wrong with you and I, it may be a disease that those who make a career of it have more acutely than us, but a familiar disease it is. Have we not all shaded a comment to a loved one, a boss or someone else to make ourselves look better? Has each of us not acted in some way to contravene our notions of law, ethics or morality? Are politicians simply better at it than we are?

Does this explain as well our hot and cold relationship with politicians? We recognize the pull toward altruism that expresses the highest of human aspirations and want very much that someone take that on and make it real in the world. Since we are too (take your pick) busy, weak, poor, rich, smart, dumb, lazy, or whatever other excuse you have, to act altruistically, we want to vote for someone to carry that burden.

On the other hand, we know that deep down within ourselves there are not only pulls toward altruism but deeply selfish motives and questionable ethics governing our acts, we use these same elected foils to scapegoat in them that which we find offensive in ourselves. Since politicians seem to amplify our own personal struggle by virtue of the larger stage upon which they act, we have the perfect morality play at our command.

So the final answer, deal or no deal, is that there is much wrong with politicians, but none of it is so foreign to ourselves that it is not endemic to being human. What is wrong with politicians is that we expect them to be different from the rest of us and they keep being the same, with amplification.

This is not, however, a reason to give politicians a free pass or to ignore their transgressions. Rather it is a call for each of us to simultaneously expct more from our politicians and more from ouselves . It is the expectation that each of us conform at the minimum to our own standards and also to the higher aspirations of humans that helps bring those into actuality. If we expect politicians to be knaves liars and cheats what we get is what we now have.

Expect better and vote your expectations.


  1. Razor

    Sandy, you confuse me. You speak of Ross Perot as the man we should have elected back when. He had ideas that were different. But then when it comes to Ron Paul, first you say you’ll check him out, then after Doug offers his opinion you say Paul is no good based on that, and now you say that you supported him for years. You say the media will destroy him because he has no one in the senate or house for support.

    Maybe I missed something in social studies class but I think there was a time when voters chose the candidate that promised reform and gave him the support he needed. If the senate or congress can’t work with a president who follows his oath and promises to the voters for a better nation, then they are the ones who will be looking for work. My point in all this is simple. Out of all the political players there is one who is different in the sense of truth and honor in political service. One that will work for the people and for the nations best interest. The rest are unmistakebly liars, crooks, cheaters, and never will have the citizens best interests as a priority. So it only seems reasonable to support this one man strongly if in fact we want to salvage this country. So what if he is not accepted by the scum bag elitists Carl mentions, if the majority of americans ban together in support of Ron Paul it won’t matter. This is still America and the people can still overcome treachery if they just rally and stand firm. No other candidate will change a dam thing and this nation will stay the course, just like Bush and his sick war. Not one of them is worth making the trip to vote. This man Ron Paul is our hope and if he can get all the people who want a better country behind him, he can win and we the people will win. Would you vote for more of the same government that we now have? Paul is the only one offering something different. And he is not known for lying or decieving anyone. Can’t say that for any of the others. This nation must change radically away from police state tactics and direction. Who is gonna do that besides Ron Paul?

  2. Steve Horn

    What’s wrong with politicians? From birth we’re informed that politics is a “dirty business” – that to win you need to cheat – so whom do you expect to step into the competition?

    We qualify our praise for politicans – “JFK was a great man except for ….”, “Clinton was a good leader except for …..”, “Bush would be a decent leader if he had ethics and balls” – those sorts of things – it’s rare that you don’t hear qualification with praise for a politician.

    So again – who do you expect to dive into a “dirty business”? I expect someone who’s going to lie, cheat, steal and attempt to screw me every chance they get. I’ve yet to be disappointed. (but I really wish someone would disappoint me ….).



  3. Sandy Price

    I have been a Republican since 1953 when I reached the age of 21. It was easy to choose a party as they were very different at that time. Both were focused on winning the war and celebrated the victory as Americans.

    I saw a terrible change in 1989 when President Bush 41 came up with a new platform that would make America part of the new world order. In 1992 he changed even that into an American Empire going after all nations who were not Democracies. There was no loud disapproval from the GOP until Perot presented his ideals for America. They were much closer to the GOP that I had understood, and after meeting with him in Santa Barbara our district joined with other state-wide districts and we began our campaign.

    During the Clinton years, I began looking more deeply into the GOP and found the religious right running the show. I joined GOPAC (Gingrich’s) group and found that they too wanted the prohibitions that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell had added to the Platform. To me, that was the most dangerous change any political party could make.

    Now in the election of 2008, we are faced with the most corrupt Republican Party ever since it’s inception. Ron Paul spent his years in the Congress working for the same limited government and individual rights that spoke to and for me.

    In 1999 Ron Paul spoke on the subject of abortions and other social issues and wanted them out from under the authority of the federal government.

    I am reading at this time that he wants to repeal Roe v Wade. Legally the only way to do this is through an Amendment to the Constitution and as far as I’m concerned that would open the Constitution to all the prohibitions wanted by the religious right.

    The only secure vote I can make in November 2008 is for a Democrat.

    It is imperative that the voters restore trust in the White House. I’m still searching for a leader who will stop this nonsense of trying to make America into a Christian world leader. The American people are speaking out against this movement and the percentage of Bush approvals can be seen all over America. Even the very religious Utah is showing signs of being disgusted with Bush’s lies and manipulations.

    I want equal freedoms for all Americans. This will include equal rights/marriages for same sex couples. I want equal rights for women giving them the choice of how many children they can raise. I want stem cell research (embryonic even) so that when our soldiers return home, every possible cure will be at their disposal. I want equal rights for all terminally ill Americans who feel they have had enough agony and they want to pull their own plug when the time comes.

    Can any Republican allow this amount of individual freedoms at this time? No! They will always bow to the religious right and make people pay for what many Christians believe are self-inflicted sins.

    Every other point that Ron Paul stands for would make him the ideal candidate but he is limited by his own religious convictions.

    Before jumping into the fiscal conservative agenda of Ron Paul, we are going to have to clean up all the issues that Bush managed to destroy.

    We need to reinstate the separation of church and state before we even start discussing the prohibitions that are straight from the Christian Coalition.

    I fear my days as a Republican are gone forever. But before I venture into the Democratic Party I want to know how they plan to keep those freedoms clear from the Federal Government. I want to know, in detail, if socialized medicine is in their agenda as well as a redistribution of wealth.

    The two parties are now in a rage war with insults and anger at an all time high. The problem is there is no clear and distinct agenda from either side that would draw in any voters, new or old.

    I remember this being the case in 1992 when suddenly a man showed up with his charts and his ideals and we saw what had been missing in Bush 41. We also saw no promise from the Democrats with their Bubba from Arkansas wanting to be President.

    Anyone interested in restoring respect back into the White House should be able to analyze the mess that Bush/Clinton/Bush have made in their bad judgments.

    Those men who debated as Republicans have no clue what a Republican is. They are simply speaking out against the actions of Bush 43. But none of them has the courage to stand up for what they believe is right. One man presented the correct answers to the questions but does he have the ability to allow the freedoms of choice that may contradict the bible? Would he, as a Christian Doctor allow a terminally ill American to pull their own plug? Would he allow our doctors to prescribe the magic pill that would remove the agony they have to live with? Would he allow two men/two women to marry legally?

    These are critical decisions that any man/woman who is elected to the White House has to make. I do not want another man like Bush to ever have the authority to decided my own personal and private choices. The bible should be put away while our nation is fighting for freedoms from other religions as well as our own.

    In my world, 2008 will decide whether we want socialism or freedom. It will decide whether we want the government to direct our personal lives. It is terrible that we have allowed the GOP to get into this position and watch them fail to sell it.

    When this happens we will see the religious right step down or continue their assault on our individual freedoms. They never gave up in Europe and the wars continue between the Catholics and Protestants. I’ve had enough of this nonsense and in viewing the wars in the Middle East, I do not think we should ever get involved in any religious war. America does not have the stability to start one here.

  4. Joe Sedlak

    Joe Sedlak

    The majority of national politicians gradually suffer a deteriorating mental illness. Some call it Potomac Fever. I call it a deterioration of the backbone and brain. No one plans to get the disease – but it happens gradually and can be fatal to the individual and the country.

    Symptoms are: increasing inability to speak in language that people can understand, inability to accept different cultures and peoples, avoidance of contact with constituents, secret meetings and deals with corporate lobbyists and taking small gifts from them (it starts with lunch and ends with golf trips in Scotland), and gradual loss of logical thinking. The two sad “debates” of 2008 presidential candidates revealed that the disease was pretty widespread among the participants.

    Taken separately these symptoms can be treated, but taken all together – disaster! That’s what’s wrong with politicians.

    Some come to Washington with altruistic motives,others come for prestige and power, others come because they want to make money and get the perks that the public doesn’t even know about, others come for religious purposes. Regardless of the motive it doesn’t take long before a neo-politician begins to think that he knows better than folks outside the beltline what is best for them and for the nation. This could go on and on.

    I should know, I lived and worked in the Washington area for more than twenty years, worked for a US senator,was chief executive of several nonprofit organizations and lobbied for various social causes.

    I had friends who helped me return to normal – that’s when I moved out of the area. Whew, that was a real close call!

  5. adamrussell

    When I was young I thought that all politicians were alike and the parties the same. With the years Ive come to realize thats not exactly so. While both parties do comprise of fallible human beings, they are not the same. Each party has developed its own ‘culture’. One side is (imo) overly-idealistic, and the other side is a culture of corruption. I encourage you to observe the two parties and decide for yourself if my analysis is correct, and which is the which.

  6. bryan mcclellan

    You have omitted the real reason they seek office. It’s the penchant they have for wanting to stick their big noses in everyones business.Politicians act/, thats right ACT/ ,it’s the grand stage of lookie ,here I am ,and I’ll tell you whats good for you or else. I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Demmille. What should we expect ? As you pointed out we are all human,some, just a little less than others..and some, with so much EGO,that they have the balls to tell us that it takes a village, or they are the only ones who can protect us from ourselves and the evil doers.From the playground to the capitol they exercise their bullying tactics on the misinformed and dumbed down. Held up to the light of day we are all failing in some capacity. Why doth yon light not shine on our leaders? And how in the world can they sleep at night, knowing we see their transparency…?

  7. Sandy Price

    I have found that in the last 10 years we have a religous element entering into our campaigns. The churches are now marking ballots and pushing candidates who want to legislate the missing morals in our citizens. I remember in Clinton’s terms, men like Robertson and Weyrich began screaming that there are no morals left in America.

    I stepped back and looked around and found a load of moral values even in my state of California. Moms and Dads were concerned that their kids were failing to learn anything in school and our government was playing with the laws and not protecting our security. I began writing to Mr. Weyrich and Mr. Gingrich and told them their failed morals were within themselves.

    The internet was filled with frightened people who returned to church to help them deal with their reality. The answer was that homosexuals and promiscuity was taking us to hell!

    The answer was to elect social conservatives to protect us from ourselves. It was a way to win. Win they did! We saw a level of corruption never seen before and it has screwed up our Constitution, Our Supreme Court and our education system.

    It still goes on and every disussion is how to keep Giuliani from winning the primary. Until we return to the separation of church and state we will continue to elect men based only on how much control they have over the lives of the voters.

  8. Razor

    The religious right was brought into play simply for the numbers. Churches have the membership and organized structure to make the vote go which ever way they want, and have. That, I feel was the reason that the founders demanded separation of church and state. To discourage endorsment on a massive scale because a candidate declares to be a man of God, thus has to be the choice of the religious voters.

    Not all politicians seek office for selfish reasons, power and money. There are exceptions like Ron Paul. He is obviously different than the typical talking head liar that media pushes in our faces. He is not a player and therefore not given equal plubicity or attention. He won that debate so concisively in every aspect but the major media ignored the fact and did not even mention him being there. If you watched it, you know what I am saying. He had the answers we need in this country. He is against the national ID Card and against government involvement in our daily lives. He is against trade agreements that have sent jobs overseas. He is against foriegn intervention and believes troops should guard our borders, not some country half way around the globe. He believes in dismantaling the IRS and revising the tax code so that the working person does’nt carry the load for the corporations. These are doeable changes that this nation must make if we expect to break the chains of enslavement currently the status quo.

    Things are the way they are because corporate money decides government actions or non-actions.
    We need a leader who is totally different than the examples we have had the past 50 years, and the only one that offers a way out of this decline of america is Ron Paul. Give him your support or contribute to the same evil bunch that has given us what we now have. Do we want change, seriously? Or do we want to succumb to the same liars who promise everything but deliver nothing but more government, more taxes, more inflation, more corruption?

    One man stated his ideals and has the workable plans to save this great nation. The media is conspiring to ignore him because he is honest and non-corruptible and not a member of the bought players that have lied to us for a very long time now. We must wake up and truly see that media and corporations work hand in hand to control our government in directions not favorable to us. Not one of the candidates other than Ron Paul, is any different than the ones we have had. You really want to help your nation be great again? Support Ron Paul because he will work for americans and do so abiding by the constitution and the bill of rights to the letter. What more can you ask for from the president? He will bring fairness back to the working class. Think about where you want this nation to be in six years. This coming election is the most crucial point in our nations history. We will recover or we will slide unstopably down, beyond recovery. It will be the most important decision the voters have ever had to make. Make the right choice or start apologizing to your children and grandchildren for the world they inherit.

  9. Carl Nemo

    In response to Razor and others that might be interested in the the concept of write-in candidacy I thought I’d post a link concerning this issue.

    Interestingly there have been some success stories with write-in candidates in the history of this nation, not many, but on occasion. No Independent has ever won the office of the presidency. Write-in candidacy is totally valid in all jurisdictions although some have a requirement that any candidate running must at least register with the state board of elections, party affiliated or not, which sounds a little hokey to me and possibly never challenged in the courts.

    Ron Paul will not get the nomination because he’s flawed relative to the needs of the shadowy national controllers and their agenda. The entire selection process is crooked to the core. Shadowy rich oligarchs pick the basic field of candidates, then their media cohorts proceed the push their favored sons and single daughter (Hillary) finally allowing the primary election process to thin them out. Once “their” choices are finally enfranchised by the primary process they then allow the voters to indeminify one or the other of “their” selected two front runners in November elections. Bingo we have another pair duty “republicrats”, President and V.P. sitting in the Whitehouse who are nothing but “running dogs” for these same shadowy oligarchs. Think not, then you do so at your own hazard.

    So it’s my hope that Ron Paul after not getting selected via the primary process decides to dump the Republicans and do a Joe Lieberman move to register as as Independent or create his own off-shoot wing of the Republican Party similar to Teddy Roosevelt’s “Bullmoose Party” movement in the early part of the 20th century; i.e., if he has enough support. He’s very resource shy though in terms of funding.

    Here’s the link for “Write-in” candidacy voting. Anyone could have located the same information but possibly would have simply dissed the idea as unworkable. My suggestions are not necessarily an endorsement of Ron Paul but to simply to show their are possibilities concerning a write-in candidacy.

    Ross Perot’ once gave Americans a third choice and they rejected him. Everything that Ross predicted as happening to this nation with the implementation of NAFTA, now CAFTA and eventually other nation-destroying trade agreements has come to pass. He offered to turn this around and to hold office for a single term and to not even accept a paycheck for doing so. Americans are so brainwashed and falsely confortable with their two-party system that unequivocally I see it as our national undoing in the end. We are finished as a nation unless we break out of this two-party paradigm.


    Carl Nemo **==

  10. Sandy Price

    The books on the truth of their movement are coming out every day. It stems from Evangelicals who want us all to die when the time comes that is laid out in the bible. Israeli tribes to be return to their holy land and then Jesus will return and take all believers off to heaven. There have been many books written called “Left Behind” written to shape up all of us to change our ways and be saved. It is the most dangerous movement on this planet. It makes the Islamic terrorists look like beginners.

    I don’t want it stamped out but simply ignored by those of us who cannot believe that God went to all this trouble to cause the big bang and all the disasters just to lead us into heaven or hell. The mental image is one of mental illness.

    Many of these people are looking at Bush as the anti-christ and there is no limit that they would go to destroy him and us.

    We can change America if we all take the time to make certain our children and grandchildren understand American freedoms and the possible bad influence of these insane Evangelicals.

    They tore apart Great Britain and most of Europe including Spain, France and Italy. They came to America to clear out all the natives so the Puritan Christians could have the land. They raped and pillaged Central and South America and have renewed their efforts under this last Administration.

    I do not believe Ron Paul is strong enough to hold off the Evangelicals and I am waiting for his comments on individual freedoms that he spoke about in 1999 in Atlanta Georgia as a Libertarian.

  11. Razor

    Sandy, You may have some valid points about the evangelists and thier end of times fable. But let me ask you this. Is there any other candidate that stands on the constitutional aspects of how government is to treat the citizens and our world neighbors? What other candidate is against the rights robbing acts that have been shoved at us? What other candidate has a spotless voting record that has never shifted from lobby money? What other candidate voted against the Iraq War or against the rights robbing patriot acts I&II? What other candidate has a plan to eliminate the IRS and reform the tax code more fairly? The answer is none. Your fear of his strength is not justified because his strength will come from the voters who believe in him and support his cause. Candidates who go in with power in hand have historically proven to be pawns and not what they claimed. It is time for a change, not more of the same rhetoric bullshit that has been the norm in DC. Ron Paul is what this country wants and just because he doesn’t hang out with the liars and thieves that are in the headlines, doesn’t mean he is weak. He is unknown because media is controlled by the same cabal that most politicians cower to. He doesn’t even participate in the congress retitement plan scam like the rest do. He is HONEST and PATRIOTIC without challenge. Why would you not support his platform if you are a patriot and are sick of how government has been corrupted? The others have no plans to effect this country in any positive manner, but Ron Paul does. Is there any other choice? NO.

  12. Ardie

    If we gave a prize for the greatest, most ethical American politician, how many would be find? Darn few, I am guessing. And if we gave a prize for the most vile and evil politician we might get one or two (Bush?). The sad fact is this: the majority of politicians fall in between these two ends. They ain’t that good and they ain’t that downright evil–just banal. Dante put it another way (this is from memory so bear with me): “The vast majority are odious to God and to his enemy.”

  13. tomblunt

    I worked with elected politicians for over thirty years as a member of a state agency. My observation is that there is a culture found in the elected officials club that gradually corrupts them. I have seen many new members show up with strong ethics and a commitment to the idea of public service that are rapidly corrupted by the expectations of their new culture. The most important goal becomes to get reelected and everything is viewed through a political lens. Partisanship is rewarded by party leaders and the access to power sought by big money lobbiests soon finds the weaknesses in these people. It only takes a few years for the vulnerable in this crowd to become servile to special interests and the culture of corruption rewards their bad behavior. Both parties are equally to blame although I thought the Dems might have learned their lesson in the last election. Alas, they could not force free market competition on big Pharma. We need to concentrate on defining new cultural values for the whole mob. It isn’t just the religious ones that are to blame.

  14. Sandy Price

    we must give him some support in the House and Senate. The media will kill him if we don’t. The point is that he will have no political group behind him and he will reach out for the Robertson group and that will corrupt him. I’ve been pushing Ron Paul for many years and had hoped that by now some members of Congress would be ready for the kind government he would present.

    I still think we have to fix the academics in the schools before we head back to a Constitutional Republic. We need to have a voter base that wants the Constitution and all the freedoms that goes with it. Right now we have a group of Conservatives who want prohibitions and Liberals who want handouts like health care. I shrug.

    This is why so many new blogs are starting so we can get a dialog going for what we want for our government and even how much government we want.

  15. long_rider

    What is wrong with politicians? The answer is nothing! They are operating under a system that we have allowed them to create.

    We, the American people, elect officials and then forget them. We allow them to take money from any one in order to get elected, or to take bribes from anyone.

    We let them pass legislation without fully understanding the ramifications of their actions. Case in point – the Patriot Act, only a hand full of our Representatives read this act before they voted on it. This piece of legislation has, and will continue to cause the American people problems.

    Our Representatives supported the CAFTA treaty, giving away our jobs. No one has began a formal proceeding, or request to rescind CAFTA. Wait until the latest portion of CAFTA is put into effect, Mexican trucks and drivers allowed to go any where in the US. Well folks we just opened up the biggest pipe line for drugs in the world.

    The bottom line is the American people don’t care, and if they do care, the avenue for recourse is a political one, and hard to maneuver.

    We pay our politicians to represent us, we give them the best benefits in the world, their retirement is second to none. And, they can do what ever their major contributers want them to, because Americans don’t care.

    We need to make a few changes in our political system, in order to regain our government from big corporations, and politicians with little or no ethics. We can make a difference by firing those Representatives who choose to ignore the needs of the American people. We need to change the way they receive pay raises. We need to let them retire on Medicare, and social security, the way we do.

    We need an independent over site group that has the power to issue warrants, investigate, and hold hearings – all without political interference, and separate from the three branches of our corrupt government. We have to come up with something, what freedoms we have won’t last much longer.