George Bush and Queen Elizabeth: What this tells us about the presidential psyche

I can understand why our cowboy in chief doesn't grasp the nuances of middle eastern cultural norms and mores, but you'd think he'd get the hoity-toity groveling expected in the presence of a British monarch. Maybe adhering to the strict rules of royal etiquette threatens his need to feel kingly himself. If British reaction can be judged by two clips shown on BBC television, the Brits are a bit miffed by George W. Bush's not quite getting the rules of engagement when hosting their Queen Elizabeth. The BBC had a go at our George noting his 1776 almost-slip and, in my professional opinion, his Oedipally inspired winking follow-up about the queen giving him a cutting Barbara Bush look. To see video click "Bush winks at the Queen" link in upper right.

. . . "She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child." .

It sounds to me like George was on the receiving end of a number of those withering Babs Bush looks. I wonder how often, growing up, he felt diminished by his mother. The more unguarded comments this man makes the more I think he's less a pathological narcissist than a classic Freudian momma's boy with an unresolved Oedipus Complex (for Freud, the unconscious male's childhood desire to sleep with the mother and to kill the father) who is still trying unsuccessfully to eliminate his castration anxiety and symbolically replace daddy in his mother's affection. In healthy psychological development the boy child realizes he can never replace his father by competing with his father for her sexual interest, so instead he identifies with him and devlops as a secure and confident man. Junior may have never reached that point. This would explain why he surrounds himself with doting women who worship him. Of course he could be a pathological narcissist:

    • Grandiose sense of one's own abilities or achievements • Fantasies about having exceptional power, attractiveness or success • Sense of belonging to an exclusive group of people who truly understand each other • Need for constant praise • Expectations of special treatment • Exploitation of other people • Lack of empathy for other people • Envy of other people or a belief that you are the subject of other people's envy • Haughty or arrogant behaviors Reference

Of course, looking at the criteria for narcissistic personality disorder, above, he could be both. Here's more of what the sober voice on the BBC had to say.

"Then there was the inevitable Bushism when the president tried to recall the date of a previous visit of the queen" and after he made his slip by starting to say 1776 instead of 1976 he winked at the queen." The BBC commentator went on to say "not many people wink at the queen. George Bush is the exception."

Knowing George as we do, we can be thankful he didn't give his trademarked idiot's chuckle, hee hee hee â„¢, and tell Queen Elizabeth how we've come a long way from kicking their sorry Redcoat butts out of our country with our ragtag army. Psychologically that would show this maternal figure who the real manly man was. The BBC commentator made a droll, somewhat superior reference to Bush's white tie attire as he described him entering the state dinner, saying he was

"… still winking, mind, looking like a small boy on his first day at school in an unfamiliar uniform, although at least he'd swapped his cowboy boots for patent evening shoes."

Conveniently, the camera zoomed in on a close-up of his shiny patent leather shoes; but the telling remark is that he looked like a small boy. Perhaps thinking that the United States has a president who is like a small boy with dangerous toys, he noted that our two countries were engaged in a controversial war, the BBC commentator said that "this is a day when the word Iraq is being spoken oh so softly if it's being spoken at all." He went on to say "in such polite society it seems unlikely that issues such as Iraq will take up much time." It's too bad that one of our closest allies is sympathizing with us to the extent that they say:

.. "Tonight they'll be sitting down to what the Americans hope will be a gaff-free state dinner." .

Thanks to reader "By Jove" for this reminder.

For those who forgot: At the G-8 Conference, President Bush grabed German Chancellor Angela Merkel from behind and gave her a quick massage before rushing off. Chancellor Merkel was not amused. Here's the prepubescent moment on You Tube (LINK) We rest our case!


  1. MomCat

    O. M. G! What else could our fearless leader do, to embarrass us? Surely, there is someone in charge of protocol at the White House who could take this fool by the hand, and keep him from tripping over his own tongue. I guess we can be grateful that he didn’t moon Her Majesty in an attempt at levity. It probably didn’t occur to him at that moment, thankfully.

  2. LurkingFromTheLeft

    …since Kkkarl’s hand is usually up his behind –

    …protocol? At THIS White House?? Surely you jest!

    …his handlers aren’t equipped and sharp enough to deal with this boy puppet on Cheney’s string –


  3. Cashel Boylo

    At least he didn’t fart.
    Paul Bedard of U.S. News & World Report has done the world a big favor in publicizing Bush’s farting and his infantile glee in his performance of this simple body function in front of female interns. This snippet of info may explain a great deal
    Many, maybe most psychologists will tell you that compulsive farting is an indicator of deep-seated mental illness, a less severe form of the compulsive defecation, anywhere and everywhere, that delights many lunatics.
    The behavior is commonly believed to stem from an emotionally deprived childhood.
    An emotionally starved child soon learns that he can get attention from his cold, negligent or perhaps cruel parents by filling his diaper. The worse the smell, the sooner and greater the attention.
    The resultant attention might include a beating, which often reinforces the aberrant behavior. It might hurt, but it is attention and the child is content to pay the price.
    Of course there is a much higher price unknown to the unfortunate infant.
    The behavior becomes ingrained, as does the emotional and intellectual confusion. The child fails to develop both emotionally and intellectually and the result is often a drastically immature and stupid adult who will do just about anything for attention and gratification — torture frogs, snort coke, drive drunk, dodge duty, lie, invade non-hostile countries, pose as a “mission accomplished” war hero, torture prisoners.
    Joe Scarborough has famously posed the question: “Is Bush an idiot?”
    Maybe the real question should be: “Is Bush an idiot lunatic?”
    Is it possible that the people really to blame for the multiple disasters of this administration are George H. W. and Barbara?
    David Letterman highlighted Bush’s “inapproporiate smile” as Lehrer referred to Iraq as a “broken egg.” Bush continued to smile as he insisted that the egg was only “cracked.”
    “Inappropriate smile” is overly polite.
    “Idiot Grin” is more accurate.

    Cashel Boylo

  4. yarply

    Bow and scrape or grovel to “the queen”? Give me a break. Her country can kiss her arse, but I don’t give a rats behind on who she thinks she is. Bush bowed enough as it was to that sow to make me sick, and besides, according to some they are even related. So really,,, who cares.

  5. KayInMaine

    Wasn’t it interesting that George Bush saved the ‘white tie dinner’ at the White House for the Queen of England? Maybe he did that because he believes he’s the King of America and it just made sense to give royalty the attention it deserved…

    Spit. DUMBASS is a good summation of who he is.

  6. Hal Brown

    Here’s what Judith Warner has to say in today’s New York Times — ” A white-tie kind of guy ” (LINK)

    She notes that:


    He didn’t slobber, chug-a-lug from an Evian bottle, spew bits of buttered roll or engage in any impromptu shoulder massages.

    Bully for him.


    She adds this insight, in all seriousness:

     Bush talks with his mouth full because he can. He drinks mineral water straight from the bottle at a formal function because he doesn’t have to prove his good breeding to anyone. His “black sheep” exchange with the queen wasn’t a “gaffe”; it was a tribal handshake. He has the arrogance of the long-established.

    So how about we retire the notion that the president’s comportmental shortcomings – his dubious straight talk and selectively bad table manners – make him “normal” or in any way one of “us”? And why don’t we acknowledge instead that he’s much less some kind of phantasmagorical Average Joe than cut from the same cloth as Prince Philip, another naughty and haughty verbal prankster, known throughout the world for his faux pas and bons mots?


  7. LurkingFromTheLeft

    …sadly, I think you’ve nailed him –

    …and you did such a fine job with your analysis, I’d love to tell you about my ex – they MIGHT make Crown Prince GII look ‘normal’ –

    …once again, we are made to look like the fools on the world stage – it’s sad the French elections turned out the way it did – I had visions of a three way between France, Germany, and USA – I mean, who’ll ever forget Georges conduct with Angela –


  8. April-May

    *sigh* . . .

    I don’t care what’s wrong with him. I just wish he would stop pretending to be President.

    NRA Distinguished Life Member

  9. SEAL

    I have just enough book learnin’ in psych to understand what you said. There is one other thing that, for me, is a tip off to Bush’s insecurity and the need to surround himself with adoring lessers. His wife. Over the years I have learned that I have a way above average ability to read people. Laura Bush has the eyes of an airhead. I don’t have the knowledge to explain or even desribe it. But I see it. There is absolutely nothing behind her eyes but empty space. The popular phrase,”the light is on but nobodys home,” fits her perfectly.

    GWB would have to have her or one exactly like her for a wife. There was a story circulating some time back about her threatening to leave him over his drinking. But She gives him blind following and worship no matter the rumors of what she has said or will ever say. In spite of the fact that he has proven to her that he has serious shortcomings. Her role is to support him. She is constantly on guard, watching him, whenever they are in a spontaneous public setting. However, she does not possess the ability to interject and bail him out when he screws up. What I have seen her do is steer him away a few times after one of his dumb remarks so that it doesn’t get any worse.

    Laura is a nice lady but dumber than a box of rocks. That’s why George loves having her for his wife. But he does not love her. George W. bush is incapable of loving anyone. Not even himself. He is so damned insecure he probably despises himself. But you would know more about that than me.

    All of this analysis explaining what is wrong with Bush does not solve the problem. It does help in anticipating what he may do in a given situation. But the solution is removing him from having access to the football. We all know that. The members of congress know that. Most of them, anyway. Everyone with a brain knows that, even if we could have really good leaders of the government, it would take a minimum of 20 years to correct the damage he and his cabal have done to our nation. Some of it can never be undone. Yet he is allowed to continue. There is no explanation for that.

  10. Hal Brown

    → → SEAL,

    I don’t think Laura is dumber than a bunch of rocks. Bush surrounds himself with bright women who none-the-less respond to him with unquestioning adoration. Laura is a Stepford wife.

    Here’s a piece from an interview that gives some insight into Laura’s personality and what attractedthe couple to each other:

    MARGARET WARNER: Now, when you met George Bush, from meeting to marriage, it was three months. Was that out of character for you?

    LAURA BUSH: I don’t think so, not really. I mean it wa- in many ways, it was like we’d known each other all our lives. We’d grown up in the same town and lived in Houston at the same time, we had many of the same friends and we had the same values … so I don’t think it was as impulsive as it sounds like.

    ANN GERHART (a friend): She was quieter, and he was a big talker. She was a good listener. She liked his feistiness and his sense of adventure and his sense of fun. In some ways, I think he was kind of the bad boy you weren’t supposed to really climb into the car beside and go tearing through the Texas night with, but he was exciting. And he liked her because she settled him down. She was calm, and she was solid. She was certainly not high-maintenance in any way at all, and they were a good fit. And they remain a good fit.

    LAURA BUSH: You know, it felt very natural — really — to be with him on that campaign trail, and it was also a wonderful way for us to really get to know each other after our short courtship.

    (Click here, scroll down, for an early picture of the couple.)

    Another interesting psychological fact is that the couple choose to name their twin girls after their own parents. Of course George was named after his father, but it may tell us something that he reciprocated by naming one of his daughters after his mother. Of course this may just be a commonality of their rich people’s subculture.

  11. Sandy Price

    back in the 1940s, my generation learned all kinds of the protocols of etiquette. It might have been that we attended a private school in Beverly Hills but we learned how to address royalty and even serve them tea. America was pushing for a world position and it was not that difficult to learn how to show our manners in public.

    One does not massage the body of any head of state. One does not wink at any King or Queen. Is there no one at the white house who understands this kind of worldly etiquette?

    George and Laura Bush are ignorant, uncultured fools and seem to brag about their lack of manners. The White House has no interest in any part of the planet that does not produce oil or any souce of money. They are the ugly Americans. They take pride in being ugly and insulting any heads of state from any nation. The exception was the Arab Prince/King.

    Looking at the candidates running for President, I see no future for America to be a free nation as we are hillbillies playing like the elite. All we have to do is look at the television shows that are so popular with the American people to see our lack of taste. We are quite vulgar.

    The last first lady who cared enough to pick up a book on etiquette was Jackie Kennedy and she may have been trained as a young woman for the job she undertook with grace. She also did not kiss the behinds of any head of state but stood proudly as an equal. George and Laura could do that only at a rodeo.

  12. Steve Horn

    Lets see – Daddy was an aviator who flew in combat, GW attemtped to be a fighter pilot but was hampered by a strong desire to drink rather than risk death. Daddy was a hell of a business man – GW failed at every thing he tried until Rove took him by the hand. Daddy married a strong woman, GW married a mouse.

    By golly – you’re spot on!

    Sad that his last attempt to one-up Daddy – the invasion and domination of Iraq – has made the United States responsible for so much death and destruction – but hey – if it allows Georgie to get an erection without taking Viagra (like his buddy Rush) – I suppose – in his warped little mind – that it’s justifiable.


  13. Hal Brown

    → → Link, pictures and more

    Suggested Slogan:
    “If “Less is More” then
    Even Less is Even More.”

    Loving County Seat, West Texas
    State Hwy 302 (off 285)
    21 miles NE of Pecos
    38 miles W of Kermit
    94 miles W of Odessa
    2 miles NE of ghost town Porterville
    Population: Estimated 50 (National Geographic in their article -LINK- says 15)
    County population:150

    Mentone has become famous for its lack of people. Besides no newspaper, no grocery, no doctor and no school children (they do have a school, but its been closed since the 70s), they also have to haul in drinking water. They even rely on nearby Kermit or Pecos for the use of their cemeteries. People have been buried in Loving County, but their graves are only of interest to archeologists.

  14. Sonorous Pest

    Sonorous pest

    When our brillant leader sat down at his table before the Queen told me more about Bush than I already knew he is a dumbass subhuman.