At least 35,000 more troops headed for Iraq

  Defense Secretary Robert Gates (AP)

The Pentagon has notified more than 35,000 Army soldiers to be prepared to deploy to Iraq beginning this fall, a move that would allow commanders to maintain the ongoing buildup of troops through the end of the year if needed.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said Tuesday the deployment orders, which have been signed by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, do not mean that the military has made a decision to keep the increased level of 20 brigades in Iraq through December. A brigade is roughly 3,500 soldiers.

Instead, he said the decision gives the Pentagon the "capability" to carry the buildup to the end of the year. The replacement forces, Whitman said, would give commanders in Iraq the flexibility they need to complete the mission there.


The announcement, said Whitman, has "nothing to do" with a decision to extend the troop buildup. He said the Pentagon "has been very clear that a decision about the duration of the surge will depend on conditions on the ground."

Early this year, President Bush ordered close to 30,000 additional troops to Iraq to quell the spiking violence particularly in and around Baghdad. Gates and his military leaders have said that commanders in Iraq will make recommendations in September on whether the buildup has been successful, and whether it should continue or if troops can begin coming home.

There has been increasing pressure from Congress and the American public to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq. Bush vetoed the $124.2 billion legislation that would have funded the war but which called for troops to start coming home this fall, and lawmakers are currently crafting a compromise bill.

According to the Army, the combat brigades would deploy for up to 15 months. The Army also said that close to 1,000 additional support troops from the U.S. Army Reserves would also deploy in August. Those would come from two units, an engineer battalion from Fort Thomas, Ky., and a signal battalion from Fort Huachuca, Az.

The 10 brigades are: the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment in Germany; the 4th Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division from Fort Stewart, Ga.; the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Brigades of the 101st Airborne Division from Fort Campbell, Ky.; the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment from Fort Hood, Texas; the 2nd Brigade, 1st Armored from Germany; 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division from Fort Polk, La.; 2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division from Hawaii; and the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division from Fort Hood, Tx.


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  1. Joe Sedlak

    Joe Sedlak

    The president didn’t invade Iraq, the republicans did! The republicans started the war, support it even now by allowing the president to continue it with no good end posible, and must end it! The 91 democrats who voted to support it and the new democratic congress can’t stop it.

    It’s time for republican leadership to go the the president and say “Enough is enough. We gave you a free hand and endorsed every bad move you made. We can’t give you carte blanche anymore. You are the decider – decide now to support our troops by bringing them home.”

    Allowing the president to dismiss every plan congress proposes means that republicans are complicit in the continuing slaughter and destruction in Iraq.

  2. Ardie

    It takes a special kind of cowardice not to stand up to this president and his phony war, a kind of which the Republicans are not in short supply. This cowardice is also responsible for the deaths of our troops. After all, it recklessly put them in harms way. I hope the Democrats are not going to turn into fawning little cowards, giving this tyrant what he demands.

  3. Sandy Price

    last night Chris Matthews really put Tenet through the wringer on why this war was allowed to go on even after the truth about the lies. I can hardly get through Tenet’s book as it is simply a justification of his own actions and those of the White House. None of those people have any feeling of guilt about the soldiers lost or the many innocent Iraqis also lost.

    On CSPAN this morning they discussed a news article claiming that it is amazing if any child can live beyond the age of 5 in Iraq. I don’t want to hear another word about Republicans being pro-life…..

    Ardie, in my opinion the Democrats are already fawning little cowards!

  4. gene

    The article above talks about pressure from congress to withdraw our troops but I sense the Dems may try to compromise to much there by allowing more GIs to die in this conflict that Bushidiot started with nothing but fabricated lies.

    How can we stop these f**king idiots in the white house from killing more humans. These are truely evil individuals and if the dems don’t tell Bush to “go to hell” then they are as guilty as he is. Again, brain dead sorry ass americans for the most part don’t give a shit, unless of course your husband, son, or daughter is serving under Mr “mission acccomplished”.

    I am a retired Army Officer and I received what I consider “horse shit” in the mail asking me to refer someone (other that family members) to a Army recruiter, even got a nice looking pin to wear. God how incrediable, I’m the last person on this God forsaken planet that would encourage anyone to serve under this idiot commander in chief. What a joke!!!!!!

  5. Carl Nemo

    Are they cowards or simply, greedy, evil bastards? Rest assured folks they are “all” of the aforementioned! I wholly suspect that most members of Congress and the Senate have their portfolios plumped with defense contract related and oil patch stocks. They have to be held in trust without them being able to sell or manipulate the contents while in office. So if they legislate to end this debacle that was started based on “cooked” intelligence courtesy of the Wolfowitz-Feith-Cheney pipeline it would be same as sticking a pin in a balloon as the price of oil retreats back into the mid-40’s and defense stocks crater as contracts are cancelled etc.

    V.P. Cheney is sitting on 250,000 Halliburton stock options, gifted to him by Halliburton’s board prior to he entering office with strike prices from the low 20’s to the low 30’s. Is this a conflict of interest or what…?!
    Halliburton no doubt knew about the plans to stir up the Middle East while Dick and George were in office. When dubya first entered office oil was at $12 per barrel an all time low, and grossly undervalued.

    All these aforementioned stock options are now “deep in the money”. This does not include any defense stocks and other oil patch stocks that he and Bush may have “loaded-the-boat” prior to entering office. They had a mission just the same as H.W. Bush; i.e., to resurrect the “straw-man-of-war” Saddam, then proceed to mine some more MIC bucks out of an engineered crisis.

    They have done so in spades! It’s all about money, and the evil that men and women will do to get more of it. No one seems to have enough of it in these times. As “Rush” says concerning money…”the poor have too much, and the rich do not have enough”…?! : |

    Here’s a link showing how Pappy Bush suckered the U.S. and coalition forces into attacking Saddam for Gulf War I. James Baker “green-lighted” Saddam to annex Kuwait through our Ambassador April Glaspie. Very few people realize that even GW I was a rigged fight, just the same as “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, truly an Orwellian tag for this current crooked debacle I might add.

    I’ll also provide the duty link so concerned citizen/patriots can contact their elected “republicrats” and tell them to set a deadline for our extrication from this war that was initiated based on “cooked” intelligence. I’m truly surprised that all Americans haven’t simply gone ballistic by now. I guess because there’s no “thong-underwear” involved or “well-seasoned” cigars wafted under a President’s nose that waging illegal wars and going broke as a nation has no “tabloid appeal” therefore is a non-event… ?!
    Carl Nemo **==

  6. KayInMaine

    I wonder how our soldiers would feel if they knew their vice president’s company Halliburton is setting up shop in Dubai (where all the terrorists funnel their money through), so they can continue to do business with America’s “enemy” (according to Georgie & Dickey), Iran, even though they were in Iran for years until Dickey took them out a couple years ago because of the “conflict of interest”? Huh. I wonder.

    Well, one thing is for sure: having 125,000 American soldiers along with 125,000 US contractors has not made Iraq any safer, so adding another 35,000 will be helpful? Bah hahahahahaha. Oh no silly, it will just be the anchor ole Georgie & Dickey have been looking for. And guess what? The republicans in the House & Senate will continue to obstruct the democrats from changing any of this! They love the pilfering, the plundering, and the killing.


  7. Razor

    Logic 101. Send more troops=more troops die.
    Why send more troops?
    A= Good for business profits.
    B= To fight evil Alquida and win.
    C= To liberate Iraqis help rebuild.
    D= Because Bush is Nuts.
    E= Troop build-up for Iran attack.
    F= Israeli leaders told us to.
    G= Majority of Americans said No War.
    H= Just carrying out the pnac plan
    designed ten years ago.
    I= All of the above
    J= None of the above

    And Why….Are we spending billions in oil rich
    country while paying $350.00 at pump?

  8. Razor

    Meant to say $3.50. $350.00 is next summer. They just easing us into the big hike coming. Hyper Inflation sooner or later will likely validate that big number. Yes Sir, That will be $7,000 please. I’ll just scan your face sir and you’ll debit your account. Drive carefully now!

  9. SEAL

    I was sent the same kind of crap about helping the navy recruit quite a while back and threw it in the trash just like, I suppose, you did. But a couple of months after that I received a request from some naval office I’d never heard of for a meeting with them. They wanted to come to my home. The title of the department made no sense to me but, what the hell, I said sure, come on down.

    They arrived in force, six of them, lead by a Lt. Commander. So many we had to break out the extra chairs. After about five minutes of blowing smoke up my ass they finally got to the reason they were there. They wanted me to do a recruiting commercial. And get this – if I would agree they would fly me to Washington and film President Bush awarding me a special medal for all my years of blah blah service. The film would end with me delivering a prepared call for enlistment.

    I was always a good sailor and still believe in the navy as the service that makes America the dominant force on the planet. During all of my years I continue to marvel at what the navy can do. They really do have their act together. Actually, I would not be adverse to recommending to any young man or woman interested in joining the service to choose the navy. But it was the bribe that pissed me off. Instead of just asking me to do the commercial they had to offer me the bribe of another medal. A special one created in the Pentagon. I forget exactly what they called it. I wasn’t listening real close by that time. Something with “freedom” in it. I was just plain mad. Considering what has happened the past 6 years, anything with freedom in it would be a bald faced lie. They were bribing me to lie for them.

    I don’t know if those guys had ever had one of their own threaten to kill them before but I must have been pretty convincing because they left in one hell of a hurry. I never got to meet the president or receive the medal.

    Later, when we tried to contact the department they claimed to be, we were told no such thing existed. My son said we should have made our own film and taped the meeting. I wish we had thought of that.

    My dad was navy during WWII and that influenced me when it came time for me to enlist. In those days military service was essentially mandatory. I have three sons and taught all of them how to take care of themselves “SEAL style” and, of course, they all heard many SEAL stories while growing up. But none of them has ever expressed any interest in enlisting and I never asked them why. I do find it odd though that not even one would go for it. A SEAL is a really neat thing to be.

  10. SEAL

    That’s what they do. The thing that invokes the anger in myself is how simple it would be for the democrats to shut Bush down. Just don’t fund his war unless he agrees to obey the wishes of the vast majority of the people he serves. He refused the money under the conditions congess approved so, that’s it. Why all this talk about “compromise?” What is there to compromise about?

    Bush will never approve any bill that mandates an end to the war. The only thing we ever get out of him or his lacky generals is blah blah blah about completing the mission. But they never define the mission is. If you listen to the rhetoric, their mission changes every few months. From what they have said lately the mission must be stability in Iraq, whatever that means.

    A lot of things are necessary to stability. More that a reduction [forget an end] to the violence and killing. They claim that sending more troops will reduce that. But that’s nonsense. An army is all about violence and killing. More troops is only pouring fuel on the fire. Peace in Iraq has to come from within the Iraqi people themselves. We can’t force it on them.

    All Bush has done is establish a shiite government that scares the hell out of the sunnis. The shiites refuse to give the sunnis any hope of being treated fairly in the new Iraq. The sunnis see that the US supports that. They are fighting for their life right now. They have no choice. Shiite death squards are killing sunnis just as fast as they can. US troops are targeting sunnis. So, what is the mission? To kill or capure and imprison all the sunnis? If you’re a sunni, you believe that. This is what Bush wants us to give him money to do? It’s simple – no money for that.