Bush still looking for a war czar

Now that the White House is searching for a "war czar," it begs the question of who has been coordinating U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan the past four years.

A team of West Wing players led by national security adviser Stephen Hadley has tried to keep turf-conscious agencies marching in the same direction on military, political and reconstruction fronts. A few Bush aides say privately, however, that the White House probably should have recruited someone to oversee the war effort a year ago.

Critics say the administration’s job of coordinating the war has never gone smooth enough or fast enough. And now two key members of the White House team focused on the war are leaving.

"The problem is not broad strategy and policy, it’s that the bureaucracy is so inefficient and there’s been so little follow-up that the machine doesn’t work," former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said.

The new job comes as Bush’s combat troop buildup is trying to bring a degree of calm in Iraq so political reconciliation and rebuilding can take root.

Hadley said he wants to make sure that if any request from the war zone bogs down among agencies, there is someone who can speak for the president to get it solved quickly.

Anthony Cordesman, an Iraq expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, wonders why anyone would want a job in an administration nearing lame-duck status.

"We’ve had czars before," Cordesman said. "It doesn’t do any good to have a czar unless they have a clear focus and can override members of the Cabinet."


  1. SEAL

    Bush just wants someone to refer everyone to when the questions come up so he doesn’t have to deal with it. One who can serve as the scapegoat in the end. The “czar” would have no authority. Bush would still make all decisions.

    Tenet’s name came up today in conversation about his admission the both he and Powell knew they were lying to the UN when making the case for invading Iraq. Powell had previously admitted as much. What I don’t understand is why arrest warrants have not been issued for both of them plus Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. The only way those two could lie to the UN is on the authority of the White House.

    If some low level government employees lied about his work he would be gone in a heartbeat and prosecuted. Why are these people held to a different standard? Actually, their crime is much greater causing the deaths of almost a million people. What the hell is the matter with this country?

  2. bwynhasn

    Why would anyone want that job? I’m with Cordesman. The person delirious enough to take it shouldn’t be allowed near sharp objects, much less important decisions.

  3. gene

    Bush still looking for a war czar, thats because the idiot can’t manage his own life much less a war based on fabricated lies from this SOB bastard.
    I guess its obvious I hate the son of a bitch. Skining his ass alive would not be enough punishment for this worthless piece of shit.

  4. Razor

    Where there is no cause there can be no glory. Bush wants a clone. He will need one as there are no other mental midgets quite like GW to make the war czar. God forbid two of the deciders.

  5. Sandy Price

    Bush needs a patsy to blame and I doubt anyone alive would want that job. We have no moral standards in the white house and I fear it may filter down on all of us.

  6. Razor

    “What the hell is the matter with this country”?

    The ones who can issue arrest warrants won’t. They are all alike no matter if a dem or a repub.
    They play the game of politics but never for the good of the people, only for thier corporate sponsors. Representation in the halls of congress is not for the people, only special interest groups who funnel money to the pockets of the actors. Lobby practice is ruination of honest government. Who ever thought that allowing influence peddlers into the halls of congress would not corrupt the system? Sheesh, bribery and blackmail are older than dirt. There is no money to compete for good decisions, only for issues of evil control or corporate rape.

    Government can never function honestly as long as lobbyists pass around money and favors to buy decisions favorable to special interest groups.

  7. Joe Sedlak

    Joe Sedlak

    Why not just publicly acknowledge that VP Cheney is the war czar? Why let this goat ‘scape?

    He has been the war czar from day one, calling most of the shots and firing the generals who disagree with his plans and are concerned about the lives of our troops and the Iraqi civilians.

    The president has been his puppet in the whole process. That doesn’t exonerate him, of course, but, gee willikers, as dummy rummy would say, why one more layer of irresponsiblility?