Bush urges action on new war funding bill

President Bush, urging Congress to craft a war spending bill quickly, offered no clues Saturday about whether he’ll compromise over linking U.S. support to stability in Iraq.

Bush and Congress have been talking about how to agree on a bill to finance combat operations through September. The president demands the money without strings attached, but Democrats say Bush eventually must accept some conditions on the U.S. commitment to the unpopular war.

Earlier this week, Bush vetoed a $124 billion bill that would have provided money for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan while requiring troops to begin returning home by Oct. 1.

"I vetoed the bill Congress sent me because it set a fixed date to begin to pull out of Iraq, imposed unworkable conditions on our military commanders and included billions of dollars in spending unrelated to the war," Bush said in his weekly radio address.

After vetoing the bill, Bush dispatched three of his top aides to Capitol Hill to negotiate with Democrats. Those talks are to resume early next week.

Bush said that while Republicans and Democrats will not always agree on the war, the consequences of failure in Iraq are clear.

"If we were to leave Iraq before the government can defend itself, there would be a security vacuum in the country," Bush warned. "Extremists from all factions could compete to fill that vacuum, causing sectarian killing to multiply on a horrific scale."

The president also urged Congress to give the new war strategy he announced in January a chance to work.

Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, is leading the military buildup of 21,500 more U.S. troops in Iraq. The administration hopes the extra security provided by the troops in Baghdad and Anbar Province will give the Iraqis time to mend sectarian fractures within the government and resolve other reconciliation issues.

"This strategy is still in its early stages, and Congress needs to give Gen. Petraeus’ plan a chance to work," Bush said.

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  1. Ardie

    Mr. El Presidenté, if you the need the money—really need it that bad—why not sell Iraq’s oil and use the money to pay our troops? I bet they would make a lot more money than the nickle & dime wages you are currently paying them to be Halliburton Energy Services stooge army.

    Just imagine how happy our troops would be if they got some of that oil money. Heck, they could buy vehicles that don’t kill everyone inside the way those cheap HUMVEEs do. They could buy a Cougar or one of those fancy M1117 Armored Security Vehicles. I mean, it was your Adminstration that said the oil would pay for the war. So pay for it.
    I understand there is a lot of Basrah light crude going to Saudi Arabia and being mixed with Arabian light so it can’t be detected. By the way, El Presidenté, is this the reason our bases in Iraq are all right next to Iraq’s huge oil reserves (some 526 years worth)? Gosh, who would have guessed that we invaded Iraq just for the oil?
  2. gene

    Does anyone beside me get sick of seeing this guy/moron and listening to the bullshit coming out of his mouth that is certainly connect to NO brain. They could use the space between Bush’s ears as a wind tunnel at NASA.

    But who gives a shit in this country of plenty……plenty of brain dead idiots happily driving their road tanks to jobs that will soon not be their. So how will they pay for their castles in suburbia. Does the word forclosure ring any bells.

    Americans (most) have become spoil consuming idiots that expect help to arrive when the need occurs but listen up (you idiots) those days are fading fast. We are led by a group of greedy, evil, power hungry bastards (above photo) who care nothing but for the desires of their on bellies. I live for the day when Mr. stupid (bushidiot) has to watch soldiers pull out of Iraq. That part of the world is and never will be compatible with this part of the world, why would they want to be? This nation has long lost any moral honesty decades ago.

  3. Carl Nemo

    sick of the b.s. coming out of his mouth. No Gene, and I can assure you that many millions of Americans are sick too of his jive turkey nonsense. The reason we are still having to suffer his presence and continual public screed is because our “republcrat” reps evidently like playing this endless silly game with Bushco. This war and his impeachment should have been settled some time ago. To me they are all suspect at this time. If they give him any concessions concerning a timetable for us to exit Iraq etc., it means we are stuck with the status quo until the end of his term. We will have to settle our accounts with them in November 2008.

    All Bush/Cheney cares about at this point is to excape in January 2009 allowing them enough time to call their account trustees to liquidate their huge holdings in defense stocks, oil stocks and options all at plumped prices. If this war ends prematurely all their efforts to enrich themselves will have been for naught. Of course those not constrained by having to put their holdings in trust while in office will have already made their ill-gotten lucre’ off this engineered debacle. So Bushco must insure that they too get their share of the loot.

    It’s simple as that, and if anyone tries to cut them some slack, concerning their alleged claims of nation-building and insuring Iraq’s security are as little children and no doubt can be sold some future bag of geo-political, feelgood crap as to why we might need to go to war in some other place that has oil reserves, discovered or otherwise.

  4. gene

    Thanks Carl!! Nicely detailed response and I could not agree more. What ever happen to honest (caring) behavior that would help others live a life of concern with some degree of compassion and appreciation. Don’t want to sound too “better than everyone else”…I have my own faults for sure but (dam) this human nature thing has surely turn into a very ugly monster.

    I know life was better in so many ways during the late 50s and 60s (not perfect for sure) but camparing these times…well lets just say some days I take an extra ativan along with a very stiff drink. Cheers!!!!!

  5. SEAL

    The thing that makes this all so ridiculous is the fact that there is no member of congress that does not know that Bush and Cheney should have been removed from office long ago. They all know it is their sworn duty to remove them.

    The blame belongs to all of them.

  6. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    The Democrats are just shit, with Joe Biden already conceding that Bush will get funding with little or no

    To the Dems: send Bushwacker the same goddamn bill back his way again and quit acting like Bush is someone you can negotiate with -you can not!

    There are a few Dems that are uncompromising like John Conyers & Henry Waxman, but 99.5% of the rest are

    You give Bush an inch, He’ll take TEN MILES.
    And echoing some fine comments from other posters on this page, BushCo is just trying to drag things out so when their pink asses are out of office, they can throw the Iraq Albatross on the Backs of the next Democratic president, and both houses of congress which will more then certain pick up more seats.

    But I don’t care about Dems getting the more seats in 2008, since they are just playing it safe even when they have the power to do something more then they are now. They just revert to Jellyfish Mode Rolling over at the slightest hint of how it could hurt there strategic standing in 2008.

    I just don’t understand, how much more does it take the
    Dems to realize they got the public solidly behind them in the polls which overwhelmingly support mandatory withdrawl date of US troops tied to the spending bill.

    The one thing BushCo learned is that without a draft, by stretching the voluntary military to the limit, by
    using the National Guard, by having a mercenary army to fight in Iraq, the Hummer crowd will just tolerate any military adventure since there kids blood won’t be spilled.

    And in my State, California, our Governator, Arnie Schwartzeneggar is pushing to have Blackwater mercenaries do the job of the California National Guard which gives me the willies of potentially being under their dreadfull mercy in the event of a bad earthquake here.

    One of the signs that the Roman empire was decaying was they hired mercenaries to fight their wars, and all the
    gags that BushCo is doing fits that paradigm.