Rove and Gonzales tortured the Constitution. Like the eight fired prosecutors, they serve at the pleasure of the president. Bush doesn’t need due process to fire them. They don’t have to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of a crime.

In fact, they don’t have to be found guilty by a predominance of the evidence, the standard in a civil suit.

Bush can fire them because he believes they are unethical slimeballs.

Both Alberto Gonzales and Karl Rove zealously and rather effectively subverted the Constitution by trying to make our republic into a monarchy.

I doubt Bush as the wannabe king thinks they are guilty of ethicial transgressions for helping to craft the crown he wanted to wear, that is, when not stuffing his ballistic balls into a flight suit. In fact, I doubt Bush even thinks about ethics. Whoever heard of a truly ethical emperor?

Devout Bushieness is his criteria for who stays and goes among White House appointees and those whose employment he can control. Witness how it appears that Monica Goodling broke the law by vetting the hiring of all career prosecutors to assure even entry level lawyers were Republicans.

The only way to pressure Bush to bounce his buddies Alberto and Turd Blossum is for Republicans in Congress to demand it.

Perhaps they could do this by joining with Democrats in a non-binding resolution of no confidence in these toxic twins. It probably won’t work, but if Republicans take their own oath to the Contsitution seriously, they should try.

While they’re at it, I think they should add Dick Cheney to the vote and turn thumbs down on the toxic triplets of the White House.


Sunday New York Times editorial: “A scandal that keeps growing” (5/6/07)

Their conclusion, like mine:

It is long past time for President Bush to fire Mr. Gonzales. But Congress, especially the Republicans who have dared confront the White House on this issue, should not be satisfied with that. There are strong indications that the purge was ordered out of the White House, involving at the very least the former counsel, Harriet Miers, and Karl Rove.

It is the duty of Congress to compel them and other officials to finally tell the truth to the American people.

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