It always happens. We publish a column by someone who expresses a
point-of-view that runs counter to someone’s political leanings and the
emails flow over the electronic transom like diarrhea: Most of them
saying something like “boy, if (insert name of politician here) were President or (insert name of political party here) were running Congress this wouldn’t have happened.”

That’s the way life is for partisans. They just can’t think outside the political box.

soon as someone starts a conversation with “I’m a Republican” or “I’m a
Democrat,” I usually stop listening. If they say “I’m an American,”
then my ears stay open.
Trying to reason with partisans is a waste of time.
They, as a rule, see things from a limited perspective and that
perspective is seldom their own. It is a party-fed line of bullshit
tailored by a political hack in Washington whose only goal is further
the agenda of an organization whose selfish interests only undermine
the American system of government.

Democrats blame Republicans for the mess we’re in these days. 
Republicans blame Democrats. In fact, both sides share the blame and
neither side presents any real solutions because they can’t get beyond
their own partisan agendas that are more about control than what’s good
for the country.

Republicans are corrupt. So are Democrats.
Republicans abuse power. So do Democrats. Republicans put their own
narrow-focus, special-interest fed agenda ahead of the welfare of
America. Got a newsflash for you. So do Democrats.

It is not
one party or another that is destroying America. It’s the political
system itself – a self-perpetuating monster that feeds on money, lust
for power and self-interest.  Republicans tolerate a crook like Tom
DeLay in their midst. Democrats have Corrine Brown.
Republicans had Duke Cunningham. Democrats had Jim Trafficant. Both
parties have their crooks, their cheats, their swindlers and their
con-artists. And both parties try and protect them.

George W.
Bush uses the power of the White House to go after his enemies. So did
Bill Clinton. Abuse of power by a President, Democrat or Republican, is
nothing new.

Democrats and Republicans voted to authorize the
war in Iraq. Democrats now say they were misled by Bush. They were. We
expect our elected officials to ask the hard questions before voting to
send young American men and women to die in a war based on lies but the
sad truth is no one on Capitol Hill – Republican or Democrat – raised a
serious objection before giving Bush permission to wage war.

Both Democrats and Republicans voted for the right-robbing USA Patriot
Act, a single piece of legislation that gutted the Constitution and
destroyed the American way of life. And Democrats alongside Republicans
in the Senate this week and voted to reauthorize that act.

On Meet the Press
last week, Jane Harman, the ranking Democratic member of the House
Intelligence Committee, said she and other Democrats supported using
the National Security Agency to spy on Americans but did not like the
fact that the President didn’t fully brief Congress about it.

“I support the program,” she said.  “I’ve never flinched from that.”

In other words, she and her fellow Democrats are not upset that the
United States government is using all its technology to eavesdrop on
Americans.  She’s just mad that she wasn’t in the loop.

all this tells me is that neither party gives a damn about the
Constitution or the freedoms that used to define this country.

It tells me that both have sold out their country in the name of politics.

It tells me Republicans and Democrats have one thing in common: They are all traitors to the United States of America.