Hey Dick! Have we got a gun for you!

    You might want to take a look at this little baby, Mr. Vice
    President. It’s lightweight, air-cooled, magazine-fed and designed for
    shoulder or hip firing on automatic or semiautomatic.

    If you’re wondering about those cold weather shoots in Wyoming,
    you’ll be interested to know that the bottom of the trigger guard opens
    to provide access to the trigger while wearing winter mittens.

    Considering your most recent little shoot-’em-up, you’ll also be
    interested to know that the upper receiver/barrel assembly on this
    firearm has a fully adjustable rear sight and a compensator which helps
    keep the muzzle down during firing.

    Just let that stock drop into your palm, Mr. Vice President. It just
    makes you want to track down some feathered little critter and blast
    away, doesn’t it? Is there a sweeter sight than a patch of quail
    feathers floating in the cool Texas air?

    Actually, Mr. Vice President, you might be somewhat familiar with this rifle.

    It’s the M16A2. It’s an updated version of the M16, which, of
    course, hundreds of thousands of your generation carried in Vietnam. It
    was quite the pack of firepower as long as you didn’t let a couple
    grains of sand spill down the barrel. It might bring back some memories.

    What’s that, Mr. Vice President? You didn’t serve in Vietnam? Gosh,
    I just figured you being a guy who likes to pick up the gun and pull on
    those camouflage duds that you might have had some military experience
    at some point.

    You know, like DeNiro and those guys in The Deer Hunter.

    So what happened, Mr. Vice President? Did you have that Rush
    Limbaugh problem _ a little discomfort on the backside? Did you feel
    the draft and fall victim to that right-wing flu?

    What’s that, Mr. Vice President? You prefer to fight a war in a coat and tie?

    Oh, that’s a good one, Mr. Vice President. I’ll bet that gets some giggles when you and the president get together.

    But seriously, what did keep you out of that war? You didn’t join the National Guard, did you?

    You got deferments? You got five deferments? That sure is a lot of
    deferments for one person. It might be some kind of record. You sure
    must have had a lot of strange and horrible things going on in your
    life to get five deferments.

    But there must be times, like this week for example, when you know all that dodging is going to come back at you.

    You might even find yourself wishing that you’d lost out on that
    fifth deferment and actually had to answer the call. Heck, you might
    have developed some lasting skills and instincts that would have served
    you well when settling in with close friends and your security detail
    to pepper the Texas sky with birdshot.

    Because now you have this hunting accident in Texas to deal with.
    You shot an elderly Republican instead of a bird. The poor guy has
    since suffered a heart attack. And you are woefully slow in getting the
    news out even though you are the vice president and people might want
    to know that you’d shot someone and personal responsibility seems to
    get mentioned a lot at the White House. So you find yourself in the
    middle of an endless Saturday Night Live skit _ a smoking shotgun in
    your hand and an older person lying on the ground next to you.

    A hunting accident gets blown out of all proportion because you are who you are.

    It will go on and on. That slobbering liberal media will point out
    far too gleefully that you did something in Texas that you never did in

    You saw some real action with a gun in your hand.