Probably a lot of hangovers at the Pentagon this morning. Bet a lot of high-ranking brass went out and got blasted after listening to President George W. Bush’s speech about his veto of the Iraq funding bill.

Or they reached for the anti-depressants after watching Bush claim that all he wants to do is listen to the military experts when it comes to his failed Iraq war.

No kidding. That’s what the man said.

Twelve weeks ago I asked the Congress to pass an emergency war spending bill that would provide our brave young men and women in uniform with the funds and flexibility they need.

Instead, members of the House and the Senate passed a bill that substitutes the opinions of politicians for the judgment of our military commanders. So a few minutes ago, I vetoed the bill.

Yep. Bush now claims the Iraq debacle is the military’s war. He had nothing to do with it. He’s protecting the right of the commanders to determine the war policy of this nation. Damn the politicians, full speed ahead.

Apparently, Bush no longer considers himself or any of his political appointees to be “politicians.”

Or he’s just suffering from one of his many memory lapses.

He forgets that “politicians” got us into this mess in the first place.

Vice President Dick Cheney is a politician. So is former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Both are career politicians who ignored the advice of military commanders and sent American men and women to die in an ill-conceived war based on lies.

The military experts urged caution but the politicians in the White House ignored their advice and launched a war that has now cost America more than 3,500 lives, $500 billion and four years of wasted effort.

Now Bush says we must stop listening to the politicians and let the commanders run the war? Back in 2003 the commanders urged Bush to stick to the battle plan in Afghanistan, capture Osama bin Laden and forget about Iraq.

If he had listened to the military commanders back then we probably wouldn’t be mired in a Iraq civil war that we started, that we can’t win and that is destined to go down in history as America’s most monumental foreign policy blunder.

Back then, Bush had the politicians in his hip pocket and led the country in a rousing chorus of “over there” while sending others to death in his war.

Now that voters turned out his rubber-stamp Congress and elected a new leadership that wants America out of Iraq Bush decides it’s time to stop listening to politicians – or at least any politician who disagrees with him.

And, in doing so, he is setting up Iraq military commander Gen. David Petraeus to be his fall guy when we leave Iraq in defeat sometime in the future.

Like a loyal soldier, Patraeus takes orders from his commander-in-chief.

That’s the problem.

The commander-in-chief is also the President of the United States.

The last time we checked, the President is also a politician.

For once George W. Bush told the truth. He said politicians are the problem.

Case closed.


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  3. Hello Doug,
    There was no way to comment on your article, so I commented on Sandy Price’s comment below you.
    Several men, who comment on this web-site also talk with me on my e-mail. You honestly have some great people, who have good hearts, but haven’t been able to connect anymore with this web-site. I tried for awhile, before getting this really long password. Why the change?
    I do know and have read the weird, obnoxious people, who have sent comments, but most of us, are truly sincere in telling the TRUTH. My name is Wisdomkeeper, it’s always been my name, I earned it!
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