Doug Thompson, founder of <em>Capitol Hill Blue</em>, announced today he is returning to the web site he created in 1994 and which is currently the oldest political news site on the Internet, ending a three-day retirement that, he said, was both a mistake and made for the wrong reasons.

Thompson said his sudden decision to retire last week was spurred, in part, by heatlh problems that were thought to be long-term but, after tests, were traced to an undocumented side effect of medication he was taken to control cholesterol.

“What I thought were problems that would need time for recovery turned out to be ones that could be dealt with quickly,” Thompson said. “My decision to retire was premature and unnecessary.”

Thompson will resume writing <em>The Rant</em>, his popular daily column, on Wednesday. He will be assisted in the day-to-day production by editor Theresa Hampton and a consortium of Washington-based journalists who will contribute to the publication.

“I’m recovered, rested and back,” Thompson said. “Sorry for the confusion.”

Thompson said he will continue to work in local journalism in his hometown of Floyd, VA, as well as his column for <em>Capitol Hill Blue</em>.