Houston TV stations don’t like ads that tell truth about DeLay

    At least three Houston television stations have declined to air ads
    targeting Republican Rep. Tom DeLay, who is facing trial in Texas on
    charges of laundering campaign funds.

    Two liberal groups paid for
    the 30-second ads, which address alleged links between DeLay and a
    widespread congressional corruption probe of disgraced lobbyist Jack

    The ads were to start Wednesday and run for one week.
    But the DeLay campaign sent letters to the stations threatening legal
    action, saying the spots are deliberately misleading.

    “The ad is
    reckless, malicious, and false, casting Mr. DeLay in a false light by
    accusing him of unsubstantiated criminal conduct,” DeLay campaign
    lawyer Don McGahn wrote the stations. “We demand that you refuse or
    otherwise cease airing the advertisement.”

    KHOU-TV, a CBS
    affiliate, announced on its 5 p.m. broadcast that it was skipping the
    ads because “not all the claims in the ad could be clearly
    substantiated from the source material.”

    ABC affiliate KTRK-TV
    and Fox affiliate KRIV-TV also declined to air the spot, which was paid
    for by Campaign for America’s Future and Public Campaign Action Fund.

    Chaudhuri _ a spokesman for Campaign for America’s Future, one of the
    groups that paid for the ad _ said in a statement that “threatening to
    sue the media and desperately throwing dust in the eyes of his
    constituents rather than answering the charges against him won’t help
    Rep. DeLay’s defense.”

    The ad lists money and travel that DeLay
    allegedly received from Abramoff, who pleaded guilty this month to
    corruption charges in connection with congressional wining and dining.

    stepped down as House majority leader earlier this month. He had been
    forced to temporarily relinquish the Republican leadership post after
    he was indicted in September.