It was a heckuva thing to say

    George W. Bush has a history of mangling the English language as much as he mangles the law of the land. Call it the wrong phrase at the wrong time but “Brownie, you’re
    doing a heckuva job” was named on Thursday as U.S. President George W.
    Bush’s most memorable phrase of 2005.

    The ill-timed praise of a
    now disgraced agency head became a national punch line for countless
    jokes and pointed comments about the administration’s handling of the
    Hurricane Katrina disaster and added to the president’s reputation for
    verbal gaffes and clumsy turns of phrase.

    Paul JJ Payack,
    president of Global Language Monitor, a nonprofit group that monitors
    language use, says Bush’s statement in support of the then-director of
    the Federal Emergency Management Agency may be remembered for years to

    “The ‘Brownie’ quote leads our 2005 list of Bushisms —
    memorable phrases or new words coined by the president,” Payack said,
    adding that Bush may be the foremost White House creator of new words,
    citing such past efforts as “misunderestimate” (to seriously
    underestimate) and “embetter” (to make emotionally better).

    days after Bush verbally patted Michael Brown on the back before the TV
    cameras, Brown resigned amid a public uproar over his qualifications
    and the administration’s failure to get aid to New Orleans after the
    devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

    Although the president did not
    originate any new words this year, he had several notable statements,
    Payack said, citing the following:

    — “See, in my line of work
    you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the
    truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda,” Bush said in
    explaining his communications strategy last May.

    — “I think I
    may need a bathroom break. Is this possible?” Bush asked in a note to
    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a U.N. Security Council
    meeting in September.

    — “This notion that the United States is
    getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous. And having said
    that, all options are on the table,” Bush said in Brussels last

    — “In terms of timetables, as quickly as possible –
    whatever that means,” the president said of his timeframe for passing
    Social Security legislation in March.

    — “Those who enter the
    country illegally violate the law,” Bush said in describing illegal
    immigrants in Tucson, Arizona, last month.

    Global Language
    Monitor uses an algorithm to track words and phrases in print,
    electronic media and the Internet. The words and phrases are tracked in
    relation to their frequency, contextual usage and appearance in global
    media outlets.