Murtha: Bush could face impeachment over Iraq

Rep. John Murtha

President George W. Bush could face impeachment if he continues to refuse to deal with Congress on setting a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, Democratic Congressman John Murtha said Sunday.

Appearing on CBS News’s Face the Nation, Murtha said impeachment is “one of the options” for dealing with Bush’s refusal to accept a timetable for withdrawal of troops from the President’s failed war in Iraq.

Murtha’s comments came after Secretary of State Condi Rice told host Bob Schieffer that Bush will not only veto any Iraq funding bill that sets a timetable for withdrawal but would also reject any bill that sets “benchmarks” for the Iraqi qovernment.

Rice said the president would not agree to a plan that penalizes Baghdad if the Iraqi government fall shorts. To do so, she said, would remove the ability of Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq, and other leaders to do their jobs.

“What we don’t want to do is to tie our own hands so that we cannot act creatively and flexibly to support the very policies in Iraq that we’re trying to enforce,” Rice said.

Rather, Rice said, it makes sense to give Iraq’s leaders time to meet the goals they have set. She said Bush has made clear to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that people in the United States have limited patience.

“The United States is paying in blood and treasure,” Rice said. “The Iraqi leadership is being told — and I think they understand — that the kind of Iraq there is going to be is up to them. We can’t give them a united Iraq.”


  1. Bill Jonke

    Made a pact with the Devil. That’s the only logical explanation for him to be undead.

    I guess you could say that Cheney sucks too!

  2. CheckerboardStrangler

    If anyone thinks that Dick Cheney will fire off a terse one line resignation a la Spiro Agnew they have another think coming.
    We might be very much in Nixon Territory but this is one aspect of the story that wont be repeated. Darth Cheney is already planning the next false flag op and practicing his best snarl in the mirror.

    I’m just sayin….;-)

  3. SEAL

    I was wondering? When was the last time anyone saw Cheney out in the sunlight? Everytime I see him he’s in the dark enclaves of power somewhere.

    We talk about impeachment all the time for these two but that is way too little and at least 4 years too late. Considering the enormity of all they have done, impeach would be like giving a serial killer a 6 month probation. The most horrendous thing they have done is the least talked about or pointed out. We constantly express great sorrow and blame them for the 3200+ American soldiers they have killed but almost never the astronomical number of Iraqi deaths they are directly responsible for. The last time anyone made a legitimate effort to ascertain the number was almost two years ago and they found that the minimum figure was 600,000, possibly as high as 800,000.

    Today, I think the number of Iraqis that have died since we invaded must be close to a million. I guess the fact that we did not shoot or blow up each one ourselves is what makes the difference to the media and the polititions or the public. Besides, they are just arabs who are killing each other, right? It’s a civil war, right? We want them to stop don’t we?

    The lack of any consideration for what would happen following our deposing Saddam and his government clearly demonstrates the true heart of these two despicable excuses for humans. I don’t believe for an instant they were not warned. There are too many people who understand the history of the people involved. I knew. I spent several years in that region. It’s religion and a feud that goes back thousands of years. And, what makes their lack of consideration so stupid is that it is the very thing that will prevent the Bush/Cheney plan from working. It had no chance from the beginning.

    The majority of the people in Iraq would like to see the country unified under one government. But that government would have to be a theocracy and that means war. Neither side will live under the religion of the other. So, one side has to win. The war will not stop until one side wins and rules. This is what Bush/Cheney created. They alone are responsible for every single death due to this civil war. And, there is nothing they can do to prevent it, then, now, or ever.

    Bush and Cheney are mass murderers. Two of the worst war criminals in history. They should be held up before the world in international court and judged by the world, not just us. In fact, it is the Iraqis who have the right to try them just as they did Saddam.

  4. anthny

    Of course if AIPAC is in the corner of Bush, Cheney and Polosi. The Impeachment will look like it’s on the table again.
    Murtha flipped out and is going for the jugglar.
    And the next senario is another 9/11 type attack which will put the Military Commissions Act in full force and we will be facing a complete dictatorship with you know who as decider.

  5. justanothercoverup

    When you look at the situation, and the actual fear that many express in regard an impeachment attempt at the Bush administration – it stands clear and obvious that impeachment – right now – is the only way of saving this country.

    The Bush administration will do whatever it may, and then we will have to deal with it, but to fail in bringing these traitors up on charges and running them out of our government will result in the total loss of Democracy in this country! Each day, through political appointments, etc., this administration grows stronger by infiltrating the government with their cronies and gathering information on all of those that vigorously oppose them; We hang on the precipice, and the abyss of dictatorship awaits us if we do not act – and Now!

    It is imperative that the MSM get involved, and that will only happen through public outrage and a grassroots effort at turning them back into real journalists – rather than the patsies they are today.

    There is little doubt that our national leaders in Journalism, N.Y. Times, Washington Post, etc., and ALL of the national broadcasting channels, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and FAUX News have betrayed the American people! They are all corporate owned, and unfortunately, seem to be in support of the Bush administration – or support them through silence and cowardice, which describes 95% of the MSM.

    Isn’t it a conspiracy when ALL of the news sources refuse to report the truth?

    How has this happened – and what can be done to change it? I have no doubt that all of these so-called “news outlets” have supported the Bush administration by their cowardice and downright complicity in going-along with whatever Bush and his corporate handlers’ want; they should all face the wrath of the American people for their utter betrayal of America – and in my opinion, should be jailed for printing and going on the air with bullshit they know is not true, and in fact is a gigantic fraud being perpetrated upon the people of the United States!

    Hey, all of you corrupt MSM TV broadcasters that refuse to report on the many impeachment rallies, refuse to conduct meaningful polls that represent the “people’s will” in wanting this entire administration impeached, and instead choose to publish “sensational” stories rather than those that could save our Democratic Republic – YOU along with the Bush administration are cowards and in all honesty, are the real danger to the safety, welfare, and general health of our Democracy!

    Traitors – each and every one of them!

  6. Boots

    Bush could face impeachment if he continues to refuse to deal with Congress…YADDA,YADDA,YADDA.


  7. jamesp130

    There are a lot of angry people represented in the previous comments, but they are right. I am a lifelong democrat and this democratic congress is pissing me off. There are so many reasons to impeach these criminals that it takes a laundry list just to name them.
    Get Cheney first is my motto. Meanwhile let’s send Karl Rove to jail. After that Bush might wake up and smell the acrid fumes of 60 or 70 percent of the voters breathing down his cowardly neck. Oh yeah and lets get Condi too.


  8. Ardie

    The House needs to conduct hearings for the possible impeachment of Bush, Cheney, etc. House members, if they are looking for “high crimes and misdemeanors”, could start with possible violations of Title 18, U.S. Code sec. 371, which prohibits conspiracies to defraud the United States.

  9. April-May

    White House Robber Barons need to be impeached, and meantime the Demos can’t seem to find their ass with both hands.

  10. Bill Jonke

    If impeachment is put on the table, there will definitely be progress, PERIOD!

    Bush said “Bring it on,” and it’s time that we did. He’s not going to listen to anybody, no matter what Harry Reid says about any promise of Bush relenting on anything. All the chimp is going to say to congress is “SUCKERS!”

    GO GO GO!

  11. bluesgirl

    The thought of impeaching Bush first is just too scary to me. The only one possibly worse than Bush would be Cheney. I’m with Dennis. Let’s get rid of Cheney first! Then Bush

  12. Razor

    Condasleeze Rice makes me want to vomit whenever she opens her mouth and the BS spews out. It appears that the Government Bush has placed in power cannot or will not govern in a progressive manner. They can’t even come to the basic agreements of how to perform. It seems that americans treasure and blood do little to inspire them. These bunch of criminals live in the green zone where life is good. What hurry should they have to get thier stuff together and perform. I can’t help but see the whole sick mess nothing more than an horrific tragic plunder of a country soley for enrichment of a few and acted out to satisfy Israels demand to assist them in expansion and domination of Arabs. Illuminati Zionists have an agenda and it is becoming more and more visible as the truth becomes more and more evident.

    If you had a desire of global government under one doctrine, what would be the first tool needed? The mightiest Military of course, and leaders willing to sell thier souls to the devil for wealth and power. Once you have infiltrated and occupy all key positions in government and media, all it takes is false flag events and propaganda scripted to place blame on mock enities ( war on terrorism ) so you can remove civil liberty in name of security while slipping in laws that enslave the population, and the apathetic populace is entertained with a false picture of reality.

    When a person searches out the truth of events and why, one will notice the evil that is behind the curtain. That evil has infected our own government and is no longer of the people for the people by the people. The truth of what actually happened on 9/11/2001 has to be investigated in an honest and thorough manner by a non-government group of experts. The main reason this is needed is that when americans realize that thier own government is not above acts of treason, will they listen to the truth and they will see behind the curtain. Then and only then will meaningful change occur for the better.

    There is a reason why the media savagely attacks anyone who questions the official 911 commission report. That report is so obviously skewed and incomplete, only a fool could believe its contents. The report is bogus. A major coverup was engineered and the media told america who dunnit and even provided photos of 19 arabs all within hours. Seven of the nineteen are alive and well today. And the FBI has stated that they do not have sufficient evidence to even issue a warrant for Bin Laudin. Yet, most americans believe that he dunnit from his cave in afganistan. Pure Bullshit.

  13. Sandy Price

    Let’s see how much spine the Democrats can find! It won’t help the funding of Iraq or the bringing home of our troops but it would show D.C. that Americans are not sheep!

  14. Carl Nemo

    Murtha et. al. have been mouthing-off for a long time about ending this war based on “cooked” intelligence courtesy of the the Wolfowitz/Feith/Cheney rogue intelligence pipeline. Saddam has been neutralized, brought to justice and we have no further purpose in Iraq other than to impose our Disney Theme Park/Mega Shopping Mall, McChicken outlet on every corner “businessocracy” upon them. These people are theocratically oriented and are bound and determined to slug it out until they resolve their age old internecine issues of Sunni vs. Shia as to who’s going to control Iraq. They’ve gotten alot of mileage out of this age old conflict for sure. But it’s “their” business not ours!
    Bush “AND” Cheney both need to be impeached immediately if not sooner and brought to justice. Bush cannot be impeached with the possibility of success leaving Cheney to rule…?! Better to impeach Cheney first; i.e., Bush’s controller and defacto brain then focus on Bush next. In summation Murtha, Kucinich, and others best get crackin’ otherwise they may end up in the “black van” roundups if Bushco goes martial law and does a “Night of the Long Knives” on them. Time is running out for Congess to do what’s necessary and it’s long overdue.

  15. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    If anyone is worried about impeaching bush which would put
    Cheney in the center seat, then impeach both the bastards, and I believe Kucinich has said just that.

  16. SEAL

    I don’t see how it would be possible to impeach either one of them seperately. No matter which you started with the other would be called to testify as a witness or to fill in the informational blanks. In the process of doing that they would incriminate themselves or they would lie. If they lie, the one on trial would have to call them a liar and prove it or be guilty. Defendants always pass the blame on to someone else to save their own ass.

    How could you seperate them? They are in it together. If an impeachment trial were held as one is supposed to be held, the information coming forth would undoubtably result in charges being levied against Rice, Gonzales, and others. It’s the entire administration that is involved in everything they have done.