If we need any more proof of just how out of touch conservatives are with reality, consider those on the GOP side of the fence who think of acerbic columnist Ann Coulter as the right-wing’s sex symbol.

Personally, I prefer women with a little meat on their bones and something besides air between their ears. Coulter is the prototype for all blonde jokes – the ones that suggest those with yellow hair are a few beers short of a six pack.

But I come not to praise Annie Coulter but to bury her in her own poison rhetoric. Speaking this week at The University of Connecticut, Coulter cut her speech short when the boos overwhelmed her more manly-than-sexy voice. So, she got even more pissy and told the audience that “I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am.”

Must have been a large crowd. It would take a few thousand to find at least one person who might, possibly, possess a lower level of stupidity than Ann Coulter. By the way, Annie, most dictionaries – and my English teacher from high school – will tell you there is no such word as “stupider.”

Right wingers, of course, love Coulter for her ball-busting rhetoric. Those with an IQ above that of an average plant find her boring, tedious and lacking in either style or substance. She’s a bomb thrower, a babbling blonde bimbo who preaches the outrageous theory that all things conservative are beyond question while all things liberal are beyond shame.

Notes the Norwich (CT) Bulletin in an editorial today:

“However, like a large number of conservative celebrities, and a growing number of liberal ones, she makes her living not on meaningful dialogue but in bullying diatribes on shows such as The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity and Colmes. Her syndicated columns refer to former Democratic presidents as “an aging porn star” (Bill Clinton) and “a nitwit” (Jimmy Carter).”

Coulter is joined in the loony bin by Fox News’ resident phone sex freak, Bill O’Reilly, who refers to the students who dared boo his favorite blonde bimbo as “Nazis” whipped into a frenzy by “left-wing websites” with a goal “to defame, to lie, to do whatever, you know, sleazy thing they can think of to people with whom they disagree.”

We learned long ago that O’Reilly is a few neurons short of a working brain. Someone should hand him a history book so he can learn that the Nazi movement grew out of the right wing in Germany, not the left, and that attempts to silence free speech is a hallmark of his fellow conservatives.

Maybe O’Reilly has Coulter on speed dial so he can ring her up and tell her, in graphic detail, what he’s like to do to her scrawny little body. Or maybe he’s doing her in person. God knows her reputation won’t qualify her for the Virgin Hall of Fame.

The boos started at the university this past week when Coulter referred to former President Bill Clinton as an “executive buffoon.”

I’ve often wondered if Coulter’s anger at former President Bill Clinton is motivated by politics or the fact that she was the only woman in Washington that he didn’t hit on.

Even Clinton wasn’t that desperate.