Bush to Congress: Go ahead, make my veto

A defiant President George W. Bush said Friday he will veto any and all Iraq funding bills that include a timetable for withdrawal.

Bush knows he holds the cards on the issue because the slim Democratic majority in Congress does not have the votes to override a veto even though polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans want our troops out of Iraq.

Reports The Associated Press:

Speaking a day after the Democratic-controlled Congress approved legislation that requires that a troop drawdown begin by Oct. 1, Bush said — as he has before — he will veto it because of that demand. He invited congressional leaders to come to the White House to discuss a new piece of legislation that would not include a timetable, and expressed hope a deal could be reached.

But he made clear that if Democrats insist on including timetables again, he will not hesitate to bring out his veto pen.

“If they want to try again that which I’ve said is unacceptable, of course I won’t accept it,” the president said during a news conference here with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. “I hope it won’t come to that.”

Passage of the Iraq spending legislation in both houses was not by big enough margins to override a presidential veto. So lawmakers and the White House immediately began talking about a follow-up bill.

Democratic leaders said they hoped to have one ready by June 1. Several Democratic officials have said the next measure likely will jettison the withdrawal timetable, but may include consequences if the Iraqi government does not meet certain benchmarks, such as expanding democratic participation and allocating oil resources.

Bush has set benchmarks for the Iraqi government, but has steadfastly opposed attaching any timeframe to them or requiring any actions if they are not met.

Senate leaders said Friday that the bill approved Thursday should go to Bush early next week. The White House has not said whether Bush plans a quiet veto or a public ceremony. Spokeswoman Dana Perino said it was unlikely that Bush would use a Tuesday trip to the Tampa, Fla.-based headquarters of Central Command, which oversees military operations in the Middle East, including Iraq, for the veto.

“I invited the leaders of the House and the Senate to come down soon after my veto so we can discuss a way forward,” the president said. “I’m optimistic we can get a bill, a good bill and a bill that satisfies all our objectives.”


  1. KayInMaine

    …end George Bush’s favorite illegal occupation in the whole world! He loves this occupation. He’s proud of it. It’s his nation and he’s the king of it. Why would he want to end it and take responsibility for it? It’s making him and his friends mucho bucks! Hey, it’s one of those occupations that makes life worth living, huh George? Who cares what the soldiers and their families think!, huh George?



  2. Razor

    Impeach the son of a bitch. A overwhelming number of Americans call for an end to the war, yet Bush in his arrogance remains defiant while lives and dollars are continually wasted in a hopeless effort at an unknown plan of something no one is sure of. Objective? Its surely not for the improvement of life in Iraq. Bush has killed Hussien, what more does he want? With nine new military bases and the worlds largest embassy, I would guess he wants forever occupation and eventual domination of the middle east to satisfy Israels demands for US Troops to do thier dirty work. I say throw Bush out along with AIPAC and any other Jewish Lobby and give back america to americans

  3. Steve Horn

    “Bush has killed Hussien, what more does he want?” – true – he’s killed someone who was the leader of a soverign nation – which never took direct action against the United States and which was no real threat to our lives or territory.
    However – where’s Bin Laden, our #1 priority (according to Bush WAAAYYYY back in late 2001)??

  4. Bill Jonke

    Does seem to be slithering its way onto the table.

    Come on Americans, start taking an interest. Print out those petitions and gather signatures.

    Kucinich stands for a good cause, but we as citizens must gain enthusiasm and momentum.

    Put away your television sets, your American Idol, your Dancing With the Stars, your Deal or No Deal. It’s only temporary. The nation around you is falling apart, and it needs you now. The only other thing worse than the Bush presidency is your apathy.

    Let’s MOVE it!

  5. Steve Horn

    “The only other thing worse than the Bush presidency is your apathy.” – in fact apathy is the reason for the Bush presidency – TWICE.

  6. adamrussell

    Go ahead and pass the law, accept the veto, and then write down the names of all the lawmakers that vote against bringing our boys home. When it comes time for re-election they can explain why they voted against it.

  7. Razor

    Is there any doubt about what this sorry president is doing in Iraq? It wasn’t enough that Bush 1 beat the shit out of them and then enacted sanctions that caused the highest infant mortality rate and general poor health for the people that went on untill Bush 2 fabricates wmd and launches a media blitz about what a bad man saddam is and that he was helping Alquida. So off we go to illegaly invade and occupy a country of no threat, disban its army and police force and government, destroy all infrastructure, utilities, services, and steal its priceless artifacts while destroying ancient and holy places. WTF!

    Now after 3200 american solders, a couple hundred brits and aussies and tens of thousands iraqis have died. The american people are screaming for an end, Iraqis want us gone, and nothing is going anywhere as far as Iraq getting it together.

    The only thing that keeps the troops dying and the money wasted is George Bush jr. The sorryest excuse for a human being ever. Money and ego is taking down america. Helped by the media repeaters and general corruption of the whole dam system.

  8. Steve Horn

    We’re pretty much “all in” at this point – what congress should do (in my opinion) is present GW with the exact same bill – in a week – and let him know in no uncertain terms that he’s not going to get a bill without a timetable.

    I see that the whitehouse has also announced that they won’t accept a bill that holds the Iraqi government accountable to making progress. So if I was to make any changes to the current bill, it’d be to add that requirement as well.

    It seems that GW would like to eliminate the legislative branch of government, now that they’re no longer a rubber stamp, and just have things done between the executive and judiciary (which, having stacked the deck on the Supreme court, he’s got in his back pocket) to deal with.

    Well – to hell with what George wants – come on congress – show some guts – stand up to this little idiot – let ’em know the people have spoken.