Suicide bomb attacks kills nine more soldiers


The surge, President George W. Bush claims, is working in Iraq. This may come as a surprise to the soldiers and Iraqi civilians who die daily from stepped-up attacks from insurgents.

While Bush and Congress posture, each morning brings renewed reports of attacks and death.

Reports The Associated Press:

A suicide car bomb attack on an Iraqi army checkpoint in northern Iraq killed at least nine soldiers Thursday, police said.

The attack occurred at about 9 a.m. in Khalis, 50 miles north of Baghdad, a police officer said on condition of anonymity out of concern for his own safety. Ten Iraqi soldiers and five civilians were wounded, the officer said.

The city is located in Diyala province, which has seen some of the worst violence recently as mostly Sunni militants are believed to have fled to the area since U.S. and Iraqi troops launched a security crackdown in Baghdad on Feb. 14.

On Wednesday, four Iraqi police officers were killed when a suicide bomber struck a police station in the Diyala city of Balad Ruz, 45 miles northeast of Baghdad.

Two days earlier, a double-suicide bombing struck a paratrooper outpost in the province, killing nine U.S. troops. An al-Qaida-linked group claimed responsibility.

In other violence on Thursday, two suicide bombers attacked an office of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Massoud Barzani, leader of the autonomous Kurdish region in Iraq, killing three of its guards and wounding five, police said.

The casualties could have been higher if guards had not opened fire on the two attackers, forcing them to detonate their explosives at least 50 yards from the office, police said.

The attack occurred at about 8 a.m. in Zumar, a town that is 45 miles west of Mosul, the capital of Ninevah province. It was the second suicide attack this week aimed at the KDP in that area.

On Monday, a suicide car bomber attacked a KDP office in another town near Mosul, which is 225 miles northwest of Baghdad, killing at least 10 people and wounding 20.

In a separate attack in Mosul on Monday, suspected insurgents assassinated a local KDP official in a drive-by-shooting, police said.


  1. Bill Robinson

    Bush doesn’t care. Cheney doesn’t care. They each just made another $372,481 in the time it took to blow up those nine noble soldiers. In their minds the money is much more important.
    Many more will die unless we get rid of Bush and Cheney. Impeach them NOW.
    Pull our troops out NOW.
    This unjust and phony war has killed enough of our soldiers. Bring our men and women home NOW.
    If not, we will vote YOU ALL out of office!

  2. gene

    Your wright Mr Bill Robinson above, they don’t care. These are truely evil people with their on agenda and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals of power, money and what ever else you might consider that relates to total control. They are without compassion and care nothing for the death of innocent people no matter the number. One or ten million makes NO difference to them.

    A special place in HELL awaits these bastards.

  3. LurkingFromTheLeft

    …hell that is – they need their own SPECIAL place –

    …after all, many of us are going to be there due to our beliefs – or so we are told –

    …not sure WHERE they belong but it ain’t place on THIS planet –

    …gee, it was ONLY nine more bodies –

    …then again, can W43 even count that high or spell the word?


  4. Razor

    The Bushco thugs use the excuse of telling the bad guys when we plan to leave Iraq in vetoing the dems proposal of funding. Anybody with half a brain can see that we have little effect on the amount of carnage that goes on in that hell hole. It is costing two billion dollars a week for our presence there. Where will the next 100 billion come from next fall? The sad reality is that americans will keep dying untill we bring them home. Iraq will not improve one iota no matter how much money we borrow to send them. The hearts and minds of the Iraqis are not in our favor.

    Bush will break when he is faced with defeat and his vision of his presidency hits him and he realizes that he is truly a piece of shit. He may become totally out of control and do something really stupid, like lobbing a nuke on Iran. That will be the gravest mistake in history. All mankind on earth will suffer for this imbiciles twisted ego. Lets hope not.

  5. Cashel Boylo

    I Won’t Be Rushed
    to the tune of:-
    Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out

    I won’t be rushed, there’s plenty of time
    I’m gonna be here till two thousand an’ nine
    Why should I hurry? Why should I worry?
    I’m War President, Deciden’ th’ best for the c’untry

    I’m doin’ God’s work, spreadin’ Freedom all round
    A better Decider just could not be found
    I unnerstan’ war’s tough, that’s why I dodged ‘Nam
    An’ was wounded by a dentist’s drill in Alabam’

    I reject all ideas that would lead to defeat
    People gotta unnerstan’ victory must be complete
    At th’ ‘propriate time, I’ll say where we’re headed
    I’ll present My New Way Forward with Iraqis embedded

    I’m weighin’ my options for Iraq
    We’re goin’ forward, we’re not goin’ back
    I got a better plan, a bran’ new scam
    I think I just might nuke Iran

    Cashel Boylo

  6. Cashel Boylo

    To the tune of The Streets of Laredo

    My Surge In Baghdad

    The direction of the fighting’s beginning to shift
    The good news is giving me quite a lift
    There are still horrific attacks in Iraq
    But shoot, we’re winnin’, we’re hittin’ ’em back

    Incremental gains day by day in Baghdad
    The news on my surge, it sure ain’t all bad
    The high casualty rates will likely continue
    Our expectations are coming out true

    Winning block by block we are in Baghdad
    Sure the rest of Iraq is looking quite sad
    Terrorists and insurgents mount terrible attacks
    You can trust me to keep giving you all of the facts

    We’re taking Iraq back one street at a time
    And after all I’ve got plenty of time
    You can’t get me out, I’ll keep decidin’ fine
    You can’t replace me till two thousand and nine

    Cashel Boylo

  7. KayInMaine

    The war in Iraq is just like a Mafia pizza shop…it looks like a pizza shop, it acts like a pizza shop, but really, it’s a front to launder money through. See? That’s exactly what Bush & Cheney wanted with Iraq. They wanted to get in there at all costs so their corporate whores could set up shop to pilfer and plunder the American treasury and whatever they could get their hands on in Iraq (oil of course).

    How many CEOs in America have Iraqi ancient artifacts in their offices from when the museums were pilfered in the beginning? I bet a ton do! Thieves!

    So, soldiers dying to them is nothing. They’re getting what they want. Iraq is the windshield that they’ll look through to continue their same game. Our soldiers are pawns and Bush & Cheney are having fun with them.


  8. geyser

    The Surge is working, at least that is what I am told. I have to apologize, I do not remember the name but, in the news someone said, they see little things changing that makes himbelieve the Surge is making headway. Attacks are down, that’s also what he said.
    I have not seen or heard any one contradict these reports. I have heard these things by just this one article. Was it one person’s opinion, probably.
    If that is all it is, why would any news outlet let it be said? It is a dangerous statement to make, just because one person says so. This is careless journalism that can have ugly reprocussions.
    If there were 15 Attacks per day for 6 days then, on the 7th. day only 14 Attacks, it can be said “Attacks are down” but if it was honest, added on would be “For Today” Otherwise it would be very misleading for obvious reasons.
    The media has been on both the high side of the stick and the low. They’re accused of not reporting the “Good” news, just what is the “Good” news? Do the Iraqis have constant Running Water? All Day Electricity, More Jobs to choose, Gasoline for their cars, Sewage Treatment, no to all.
    When no American soldier is killed or wounded, that’s Good news. It’s to bad that can’t be reported on a daily basis.

    Taking One Day at a Time