Readers of Capitol Hill Blue in September gave $16,745 to relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Katrina and the web site matched those contributions for combined donations of $33,490.

Blue, the oldest political news web site on the Internet, also plans to contribute 100 percent of its ad revenue for the month of September. Preliminary figures from the web site’s ad representatives show the September ad revenue to be more than $20,000, which will bring the total conations to over $50,000.

“The response by our readers has been tremendous and heartwarming,” says Capitol Hill Blue publisher Doug Thompson. “At a time when local, state and federal governments were floundering and unable to respond in a timely fashion, our readers stepped up. We can never thank them enough.”

Thompson said a full report would be issued to readers when the final accounting is complete.

“We were overwhelmed by both the size and number of contributions and are still getting receipts out to all who donated,” he said.

Contributions were matched and fowarded on as they were received and all donations were made on “behalf of the readers of Capitol Hill Blue.”

“In about half the cases, readers asked that their donations be earmarked to specific agencies and we complied with each of those earmarked requests,” Thompson said.

The web site also matched donations from several fund raisers held in Southwestern Virginia, the home of Capitol Hill Blue.

Agencies receiving donations included:

• American Kennel Club
• American Red Cross
• Audubon Nature Institute
• AmeriCares
• American Refugee Committee
• America’s Second Harvest
• Brother’s Brother Foundation
• Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund
• Catholic Charities USA
• Catholic Relief Services
• CDC Foundation
• Christian Children’s Fund
• Farm Share
• Feed the Children
• Food for the Hungry
• Habitat for Humanity
• Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation
• Lutheran Disaster Response
• Mennonite Disaster Service
• Mercy (M-USA)
• MercyCorps
• Mission to the World
• Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund
• Hurricane housing
• National Organization for Victims Assistance
• National Trust for Historic Preservation
• Network for Good
• Noah’s Wish
• Operation Get-in-Touch
• Operation USA
• Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
• Project HOPE
• Salvation Army
• Save the Children
• Southern Baptist Convention
• The Children’s Health Fund
• The Baton Rouge Area Foundation
• The US Coast Guard Foundation
• The Humane Society of the United States
• The United Way
• World Health Organization 

“Although the Capitol Hill Blue matching program has ended, we urge our readers and all Americans to continue to give what they can to help those in need,” Thompson said. “We intend to continue looking for other ways to help.”