Dems mull options as Iraq veto looms

042207dems.jpgDemocrats are considering their next step after President Bush’s inevitable veto of their war spending proposal, including a possible short-term funding bill that would force Congress to revisit the issue this summer.

Another alternative is providing the Pentagon the money it needs for the war but insisting that the Iraqi government live up to certain political promises. Or, sending Bush what he wants for now and setting their sights on 2008 spending legislation.

The options are being weighed as Bush and Congress head toward a showdown this week on his Iraq policy. House and Senate appropriations meet Monday to negotiate a final bill that, if approved by both chambers, could reach the president’s desk as early as the end of the week.

Army Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the Iraq war, is expected to brief lawmakers behind closed doors as they cast their final vote.

The legislation is expected to fund the Iraq war but call for combat troops to leave, probably by March 31, 2008. Bush has promised to reject it and Republicans say they will back him, leaving Democrats short of the two-thirds majority support needed to override the veto.

Setting an end date to the war before it’s won “would be a death blow to forces of moderation throughout the Middle East,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

Democratic leaders have been reluctant to discuss their next step, focusing instead on their ability to send Bush legislation rebuking his Iraq policy. But other lawmakers say there is no denying that Democrats do not have the two-thirds majority needed to override Bush’s veto. And soon enough, everyone will be asking what happens next.

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  1. KayInMaine

    …to end this freaking illegal occupation! Americans who voted the democrats into power are waiting for the democrats to do just that. We’re getting tired of all the lally-gagging and pussyfooting around! We want action and we want the democrats to buck up and do what is right for our nation and for the soldiers and their families.

    How the heck do you win an occupation? You can’t!

  2. gene

    I hope these Dems don’t loose their nerve because if they do more americans will die so our SUVs can stay on the roads and we all can cool our hugh homes this summer. Those homes that are full of shit from china and else where we don’t need.

    Brain dead americans are like a bacteria infection with no antibiotic to treat the infection, so the patient is dead.

    This nation is now much like terminal cancer and as the end approaches the patient suffers more each day.

    We live a lifestytle that is unsustainable and which has become selfish and all about the self to the point where very few (if any) have any compassion left much less concern for others.

  3. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    The pattern with the Democrats is they get brave for a while but inevitably fold in and do a strategic retreat.
    But, of course, that’s all the Democrats do is strategic retreats.

  4. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    I will call my Congresspeople and Senators for all the good it will do to tell them to stop cowering in their own shadows and get our troops the flock out of Iraq.

    But, the fact that the largest ever US Embassy in Baghdad is being built & nearing completion now as we speak makes me really doubt the Dems will do anything.

    Even with polls overwhelmingly showing the US public supports getting the #$%# out of Iraq, the Dems are still afraid.

    I have heard Senator Carl Levin almost every damn day saying the Dems will let Bush veto their bill, and then give in and give Bush everything.

    The power of the AIPAC lobby is indisputable, and remember, Pelosi cowered down to them and took out
    the provision in the Iraq funding bill that Bush would have to get permission from Congress to Bomb

    I am not anti-Semitic, but Israel is certainly a factor in the US being in Iraq: Wolfowitz, Pearle, Cheney, and all the neo-cons are signatories for the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) and are all tangled up with AIPAC.

  5. SEAL

    I have been doing a lot of research lately. Based upon what I have learned, I think it’s time for us to consider that neither party has any intention of putting an end to our occupation of Iraq, now or ever. This just may be the first in a series of wars for oil.

    We have known all along that the war on terror was only a front for the real objective – the Iraqi oil. But maybe there is a great deal more to it than oil company profits and the plan is for the MIC to “save” the lifestyle America is addicted to. To do that, they must acquire and control for us the last major oil reserves in the world – the Middle East.

    There is no feasable alternative fuel to support us or the rest of the world. Wind, bio-desiel, hybrids, fuels from grains, etc. would have only a minimal impact on the needs. Nuclear would require 10,000 plants around the world and the known uranium reserves would only sustain those for 10-20 years. Plus the waste would be an enormous, perhaps impossible, problem. Solar is the only one that has a chance of solving the problem with what we know today. But we know next to nothing about harnessing it on a scale this size.

    By the end of the century there will be at least 9 billion people on the planet. Without fosil fuel the world will only support one to one and a half billion. The world’s oil production has already peaked and very soon it will not be able to keep up with demand. So, we must consider that our MIC/goverment has already launched the first of the coming wars for oil that are a certainty.

    Perhaps the disguises used for the Iraq war are not for us, but the rest of the world. And they will be used again for Iran. However, I suspect the world will catch on when or before we go after Saudia Arabia and the shit will hit the fan.. Of course, by that time we will have built a much larger military force.

    If this is true, the world is in for drastic changes over the next 20 years with death on a scale never imagined.

  6. jarrodlombardo

    12 years ago, some scientists came up with a grand plan to move the entire world completely into solar energy:
    Technology is better now, so it should be even easier to do.

    The people in charge are shortsighted and don’t want us to have easy access to energy because they would lose some of their power over us.


  7. Bill Jonke

    Let’s hope Pelosi doesn’t yet again fall into the California Turnip Trap.

    I have other ideas to stop this war, like committing Bush and Cheney to Bellevue and clinically render them incompetent and insane, but nobody listens to me.

    Impeachment and conviction are the only way we will see true justice and any means of getting rid of this horrible and insane administration.