Hell of a job Alberto and the rest of a dreadful week

If this week showed us anything other than horror, frustration and despair, it might be the hope that things can only get better. Violent acts spanned the globe as humans prove over and over just how dangerous we are to ourselves and others.

Incompetence has once again proven to be the motto of the Bush Administration as Attorney General Gonzales affirmed that he has followed the lead of the rest of the Bush gang and formulated a plan without knowing what he was doing.

I watched the hearings with shock that he actually thinks the fact that he had no information about the fired US Attorneys before he fired them is an exoneration. He explained that he had not examined their performance records as a means of proving he did not give them the axe wrongfully.

I can only imagine how that explanation would have been received had I given it to my superiors at the Department of Justice during my years there. More compelling is the image that popped into my mind of me telling then Sen. Robert Kennedy that my memo to him on requested research was wrong but my defense is that I just didn’t look at any laws or cases.

Anyone who knew Kennedy would immediately have their own image of the rage that claim would be met with.

So now we have an Attorney General who proves his chops as the head of our justice system by showing how little he knows. Makes one wonder who is running the show at DOJ until you remember that the entire government is now run by Karl Rove and VP Cheney as a permanent act of partisan politics.

The appearance of partisanship in our justice system is the logical follow through to the pollution of each other branch of the Executive branch wherein nearly every aspect has been bent to the doctrines of the rabid right.

Following close on the heels of this disturbing spectacle was the first clear indication of how politicized the Supreme Court has now become. The approval of the nebulous “partial birth abortion” ban was made entirely on political grounds. The majority even conceded that science did not support the conclusions of Congress cited as the reasons for the law which banned a seldom used and controversial procedure without an exclusion for the health of the woman. The cost of the Supreme Court revolution of 2000 finally is apparent — under the false flag of “conservativism” this Court has acted as just another partisan institution enforcing the bidding of the Administration.

Only Justice Ginsberg got the issue right – it is a question of equality, not privacy. Do women have the same right to determine the medical procedures used on their bodies as men or not? Are women equal or will St. Paul’s view of women as subservient to men prevail? The only woman left on the Court sees the threat to women’s equality where the ideologues of the right are blind. One could have expected “Long John” Thomas to assault women in this fashion, but I had hoped Justice Kennedy would have resisted the partisanship of this decision.

The Incompetence Bowl called the War on Iraq showed just how flexible the English language can be as massacre after massacre was painted as “small steps of progress” by President Bush. One wonders what a disaster might look like if this is success.

Finally, we were reminded once again just how unstable reality can be as 33 were murdered in Virginia. No matter how much gun control appears to be a viable response to this slaughter, the reality is we cannot ever get safe enough to avoid something as insane as this. We may be able to reduce the risk, prevent some of the mentally imbalanced out there, but every day our inhumanity shows itself to be all too human. Life is just plain risky, and all indications are that it is getting more so every day.

This week I was lucky enough to see the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra-Peter Sellars production of Richard Wagner’s opera Tristan and Isolde in full. In addition to being one of the most thrilling musical performance I have ever enjoyed, I came away with my thought for the times. Paraphrased, Tristan asks that he “be granted forgetfulness that he may live.”

There is so much to forget.


  1. ngoldstien

    In the astounding decision by the Supreme Court to overturn the nearly unanimous ruling by the Florida Supreme Court which mandated a state-wide recount, Justice John Paul Stevens said, in the minority opinion, that while we would never know for sure who won the election in Florida, one thing was certain — that the loser was our judicial system, now forever tainted by partisan politics.

    That travesty — I will never be able to forgive Justice Sandra Day O’Connor for betraying her principles — has led inevitably to the lifetime appointments of over 200 rabid right-wing partisans to our federal judiciary, as well as the debasing of the Supreme Court by the appointment of malicious right-wing radicals.

    The effects of these lifetime appointments will affect us all, many for the rest of our lifetimes. That is why we are now faced with atrocities like the dismantling of the right of habeas corpus, dating from the Magna Carta almost a thousand years ago. That was a right won by bloodshed. Sad to say, it may take bloodshed to win it back.

    So the Karl Rove-driven political purging of the Department of Justice, horrendous as it may be, is not the most grievous injury that George Bush has been able to perpetrate against our Constitution. His malicious lifetime appointees are syphilitic termites who have many years to gnaw away at what remains of our United States of America.

  2. Sandy Price

    We must keep this exposure of what I discovered to be called the “Theocons” found in our government and voters.

    To strip us of our obvious and hidden freedoms seems to be the program laid out by Bush 43 and his minions. I’m just horrified that the American voters are so eager to hand over our rights that we learned are our by way of the Constitution that was written to protect us from government.

    How can we remain individuals when the majority of voters want us to be owned by the government? Since the end of WW2, we seem to wait around to see what is next for our society and culture where as before we defined it ourselves.

    The Department of Justice is now the arm of the Theocons and the Supreme Court is as well. Our Senate approved of the new Justices and possbily this makes them a member of the Theocon movement.

    Is this our future? I know their agenda and free thinkers, women and gays are not within their associations. I saw this coming under Bush but never for a minute did I think the American voters would buy it. They did and twice put the Theocons back in power.

    A movement against them would only make them martyrs. We can only plan for freedoms and point out the theocons are against them. We have 20 plus months to do it and I don’t personally believe it is possible. Our voters want the security of a strong government to guide them daily and that will destroy America. It has destroyed our academics and our armed services.

    ngoldstein, Bush warned us that he would appoint only Justices who would vote against individual freedoms and would instead bring Christian doctrines into our Justice Department. We knew this and yet he won the 2000 and 2004 elections.

    Sadly the Democrats did not run against this intrusive plan of Bush’s and sat on their hands. We have no freedom movement in America.

  3. Razor

    Does anyone honestly believe that the next president will rescind all the rights robbing actions that Bush implemented? Will the Patriot Acts I & II be abolished? Or the Possee Commitatis ( sic ) be restored? I would be very surprised if any of the actions that Bush has undermined the constitution with are abolished with the next election.

    In other words, unless Ron Paul is recognized and elected, no change for the better will occur. The voters in this country go with whoever spends the most money and gets the most press, never the best choice. That is why the country is well on its way to hell in a handbag

  4. SEAL

    On Monday, Bush said Gonzales “went up and gave a very candid assessment, and answered every question he could possibly answer, honestly answer, in a way that increased my confidence in his ability to do the job.”

    That statement clearly demostrates the monumental arrogance of George W. Bush. He couldn’t possibly be that stupid. He just doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks or says. He has been like this his whole life. Until he became president he has gotten away with it because of the power of his family. Have you noticed that you have never heard of those who grew up with him or were involved with him as a young man or went to school with him as you would with any normal person? No testimonials from former teachers or friends. I’ve never heard of anyone who claimed to be his “friend.” Only a few who were pressed into admitting they knew him or were associated with him.

    Karl Rove will go down in history as one of the great genius’ that have masterminded installing an incompetent, obnoxious, mentally deranged person in the position of ultimate power. Bush was camoflaged just like Hitler was and packaged to the people as something totally different than what he is. Rove did such a great job that one third of those people still believe it.

    I believe it is this absolute arrogance that frightens the democrats. They know they can ram a war funding bill with mandates to withdraw the troops down his throat because if he does not sign it his so-called war in Iraq will be over, immediately. No money – no war, the troops have to come home – now! But they cannot predict what Bush will do if they do that. It could be anything from a complete mental breakdown and withdrawal to Marshall Law or nuclear bombs. I think they are afraid to find out and possibly subject the nation to a war with our own president. This may be why they refuse to impeach Bush. Instead, they choose to try and control him as much as they can until his term ends.

    Bush has never been denied or had to take responsibility for anything. None of his “accomplishments” have been acquired honestly. Twice he was “made” the president – not elected by fair and honest elections. He knows that but considers that as it should be. That is the way things are done. As president he has continually demonstrated a total disregard for right or wrong or what is best for the country and its people which is a presidents job. He has lied every single time he has opened his mouth and done whatever the hell he wants to do. Congress canpas all the laws they want but he will attach statements to them that he will not obey them. That is who he is and he believes he has the omnipotence to do it. He doesn’t believe in god he believes he is god. He doesn’t consider himself the president. He always refers to himself as the “commander in chief.”

    George W. Bush is the most arrogant person on this planet and that makes him the most dangerous because of his position as the president of the United States of America.