Ed Schultz to Robert Gibbs: You’re full of (expletive deleted)!

Among MSNBC’s collection of liberal loudmouths, Ed Schultz is easily the most bombastic.

Schultz has unleashed taunting tirades against guests who don’t share his liberal view of the world but has proven think skinned when he comers under attack. 

Schultz, for example, stormed off the set of a Fox News show when he came under the same kind of attack he unleashes on others.

Now Shultz brags that he told White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs: “You’re full of shit” and then accuses Gibbs of obscenity when the White House Spokesman told Schultz to go fuck himself.

Interesting double standard.

Some lefties want Schultz to run for the Senate. Schultz, never short on self-confidence, brags that he’d “kick their ass” if he ran:


  1. Sandra Price

    There was some talk that Schultz would run for office. He is the left’s answer to Rush Limbaugh. I am sorry he takes up so much time from MSNBC as he is more mouth than brains. I don’t watch him and in my past history of television viewing I watch a lot of news and at 9 pm I hit the button for MSNBC just to catch up. This kind of news media is not my choice at any time. I prefer the Maddow presentation even if I disagree with most of her comments.

    Being addicted to Imus I still watch MSNBC in the morning until the background music forces me to turn it off. My greatest hope is for the man who plays this awful sound be removed and the lovely sound of silence can give emphasis to the guests.

    I just finished Mika’s book and found it utterly charming. I too had to balance work with 2 kids and a full schedule of trying to do costumes when I got home in the evening. The house was freezing cold and many nights we burned the dining room chairs. Moving was out of the question as we also had a couple of horses and no decent home would accept them plus our donkey and chickens. We survived. Any working mother should read Mika’s book. Her political opinions are not mine.

    Schultz is a jerk and is MSNBC’s answer to Rush, No one wins this…..

  2. sjorgenson78

    Sounds like someoneis lacking charisma!! I listened and watched the video above! Sounded like about 10 people cheering? Who’s ass does Schultz think he kick if he ran for Senate?