Bashing Bush no longer working for Democrats

For a while, bashing former President George W. Bush seemed the best strategy for any Democrat who wanted to win an election.

No more.

Bush bashing no longer works. Voters have tired of the constant liberal mantra that all the problems facing American today are Bush’s fault.

Time to find someone new to blame.

The problem, of course, is that after three years in controls of Congress and one year in the White House, the Democrats may have no one to blame but themselves.

Failure to address the problems now belongs to the failed Democratic leaders of Congress and President Barack Obama.

Polls show voters no longer buy the premise that Bush is solely to blame for the nation’s economic ills

Question is: Will Democrats accept responsibility for their failures?

Reports Politico:

After three consecutive losses in statewide races, some top Democrats are questioning a tactic aimed at boosting the party’s candidates in each of those contests: Bush-bashing.

Running as much against the Bush White House as he was running against Sen. John McCain, Barack Obama easily carried Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts in 2008.

Yet when Democratic nominees for governor in Virginia and New Jersey and for Senate in Massachusetts sought to tie their GOP opponents to the still-unpopular former president, the strategy didn’t resonate. Voters were more focused on the current administration or local political issues — and the onetime Democratic magic formula seemed yesterday’s news.

“Voters are pretty tired of the blame game,” said longtime Democratic strategist Steve Hildebrand, a top aide on Obama’s presidential campaign. “What a stupid strategy that was.”


  1. keith

    When, oh when, will the American people FINALLY wake up to the fact that, for the past several decades, all they’ve REALLY been doing has been to exchange one set of self-serving, crooked politicians for another?

    The Republicans and Democrats are simply two factions of the same, horrifically corrupt “country club”.

  2. Sandra Price

    President Bush 41 and 43 leveled the moral values of the entire nation. Each had an agenda that was according to the Constitution against the law.
    Sadly the voters were unconcerned with the building of a one world Empire to be headed by the America. Sadly the voters could have cared less of actions that brought on 9/11 and the wars in the Middle East. These two men loosened the control of the Federal government and unless the voters realize the damage done, President Obama can do any damn thing he wants with the power invested in him as President. President Clinton did a job on personal morals of people in power. The Impeachment should have made the voters realize that morals are never a consideration in power. “C” Street is a perfect example of the lack of moral fiber in the Republican Senate. Blackwater has abused, cheated and lied to the American People….but because they represent Pat Robertson’s University, they are given a pass.

    Again did the American people really trust Obama to act morally and with integrity or was the election all that mattered? It always comes back to the voters who don’t really care about anything other than the handouts. I have never seen such a movement behind torture than that which comes from the religious right.

  3. Kent.Shaw

    Blackwater has abused, cheated and lied to the American People….but because they represent Pat Robertson’s University, they are given a pass.

    I don’t even know how to respond to that.

  4. MightyMo

    It amazes me that there are 300 million Americans in this country, yet all we are able to elect are individuals who are either Republican or Democrat, effectively turning a blind eye towards anyone else.
    As Bush Jr demonstrates so well, idiots and buffoons are completely capable of being elected more than once by Americans. So why can’t the American people experiment and hire someone outside of the two prevalent parties to be President. If it turns out to be a bad choice then let them go after the first term and not give them the honor of serving twice.

  5. griff

    Because the television tells us that our current Political Class is the only game in town. There would be utter gridlock and doom if some wild-eyed third party candidate were to win. Kinda funny, considering that’s what we have any way.

    Besides, wasn’t Obama the “outsider” that was supposed to stride into Washington and clear out the corruption and waste?

  6. AustinRanter


    Just heard a poll talked about on a local Austin radio station.

    The poll basically claims that 90% of all who were polled believes that politicians are unethical.

    Alright…cool enough. With all that’s going on, seems like it’s a possible percentage.

    But the kicker was that the poller then compares political campaign incumbent re-election percentages and it appears that voters places 90% of those who seek another term back into office.

    It is mind defying. Okay, I’ll go back to sleep.

  7. griff

    Yep. No need to say any thing else. It’s the classic lesser-of-two-evils mentality that keeps this circus going. Just try figuring out which one is less unethical.

    “Politicians should open their eyes upon the empty illusions by which they have been cheated by soldiers, by priests, by merchants, by mechanics, and even by husbandsmen and shepherds. Politicians are cheated as often as they cheat, and the way to improve society and reform the world is to enlighten men, spread knowledge, and convince the mulititude that they have, or may have, sense, knowledge, and virtue.” – John Adams, 1778

  8. woody188

    I keep telling people, even if you vote the lesser of two evils you are still voting for evil. It’s time to give good a chance and regain our balance or we’ll all sink together.

  9. bogofree

    Let me see how the merry-go-round is functioning. Looks like the party with the D has grabbed the brass ring but it looks like the party with the R is about to grab it back. My I do get so dizzy following all this. But that merry-go-round just goes round and round playing the same tune with some different words.