Binge Thinking

    It’s no secret that I don’t care much for the actions, misdeeds and outright criminal activity of George W. Bush. I’m also not too fond of the brain-dead minions who follow and defend him.

    From the many lies told to push this country into an ill-conceived war with Iraq to his puppetmaster Karl Rove’s leaking of a covert CIA operative’s identity as political revenge, the Bush administration’s record is a shameful mockery of the foundations of freedom, justice and fairness that are supposed to define this country.

    Bush’s reckless actions have, to date, sent more than 1,700 Americans to their death in Iraq along with more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians. His vice president, former CEO of a gang of thieves called Halliburton, is the most foul and corrupt veep since Spiro Agnew and they lead a Republican party defined by criminals like scandal-ridden House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who never met a bribe he couldn’t take or a special interest he couldn’t serve.

    The foul stench these traitors to America have left in Washington could well destroy our way of life. They are the people who gave us the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act and created a police state with the Department of Homeland Security, the largest, most-intrusive, most mismanaged bureaucracy in American history.

    You cannot look anywhere to find a single, redeeming role that this group of scoundrels, con-artists and criminals has played in modern American history. The Republican Party has become a bloated, free-spending elephant, expanding the federal bureaucracy into massive proportions, driving the federal deficit to record levels and stripping Americans of the freedoms once thought protected by the Constitution.

    Once considered the party of states’ rights, the GOP has rammed increasing federal regulations down the throats of local and state governments and padded the deficit with shameless pork barrel projects.

    They’ve tried to play God, attempting to force the courts to intervene in the private tragedy of the Terri Schiavo case, a blatant move of political excess that, thankfully, did not pass legal muster with any court in the land.

    And standing behind this destruction of America have been the GOP loyalists, the muddled half-wits who follow their party and their President no matter what because they don’t care one god-damned bit about their country. They care only about power and political control and pandering to the fat cats with the big political action committees.

    Not that the Democrats are any better. They lined up like a Greek Chorus behind Bill Clinton and his lies and his philandering and his abuse of power during his eight shameful years in the White House. The Republicans who decried such political stonewalling then are now doing the same thing to back their shameless and corrupt President.

    America has gone astray, driven by a political system run amuck, confused by misplaced priorities that abandon duty to country and replaced by a misguided allegiance to a political party.

    We are a country out of control, led by a suicidal government hell-bent on dragging what is left of America into a sewer of corruption, decadence and outright criminal behavior while defending all that happens in the name of political expediency.

    George W. Bush may no longer drink but he is still a drunk, a power-mad despot intoxicated by power, out on one-last binge, dragging an equally-drunk party of brain-damaged loons into hell with him. And, like any drunk behind the wheel of a speeding automobile called the government of the United States, the crash that follows will kill too many innocent people.