At every stage of the Terri Schiavo case Jeb Bush has been wrong and the husband of the comatose woman and the local, state and federal courts, who supported Michael Schiavo, right.

The Florida governor and his allies in trashing the courts and the poor woman’s right to privacy, the Senate and House Republican leaders, Bill Frist and Tom DeLay, were conclusively and, one could only hope, for the last time proved wrong again last month when the medical examiner released the results of his autopsy.

Terri Schiavo, who 15 years ago had passed out from causes still unknown, was not, as the meddlers had diagnosed from afar, aware of her surroundings, capable of response and even rehabilitation. The autopsy showed that her brain was over half gone and, moreover, she was blind. And, in flat rebuttal of allegations that her husband had harmed her, the autopsy found no evidence of strangulation, abuse or drugs.

There, you would have thought, the matter would rest.

But the implacable governor had one more shot at Michael Schiavo in his arsenal. Still unwilling to let go, he asked a state’s attorney to launch a criminal investigation into alleged discrepancies in the time of her collapse and the time her husband summoned help, the implication being that Schiavo, if not directly responsible for her passing out, was criminally negligent in calling the emergency medics.

The state attorney assigned two experienced prosecutors to the probe and their findings were released Friday. (They can be found on the St. Petersburg Times Web site, They re-plowed – they had investigated this case before – all evidence and found no justification “to use our investigative powers to perpetuate suspicion where, despite extended litigation and a detailed autopsy, we have no proof to suggest that a crime has occurred.”

The governor was once again wrong. Maybe now he’ll let Michael Schiavo live in peace and Terri Schiavo rest in peace.

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