Of all the partisan pukes that put party above country and dominate the political scene these days, none are more offensive than those who push the rights-robbing, morally hypocritical, rabid right-wing agenda of George W. Bush and what used to be the Republican Party.

These brain-dead lemmings blindly follow the extremist viewpoints of their party leaders, promoting, among other things, censorship, allowing the Constitution and the rights it used to protect to be ripped to shreds and supporting, without question, Bush’s illegal war in Iraq.

The goons that control Bush and the GOP have destroyed a once-great nation, turning it into a global bully that disrespects allies, ignores human rights and runs roughshod over anyone who dares question the government’s dictatorial actions.

Even more frightening are the mentally-challenged morons who continue to support Bush’s slaughter of both Americans and Iraqis in his war based on lies and political expediency.

How anyone with an IQ above that of a two-minute egg can support this madman’s policies escapes most people with a brain. Polls show a majority of Americans are fed up with his war, with his lies and with his half-assed economic and social policies. Too bad they didn’t feel that way last November.

As far as I’m concerned, anyone who follows Bush or the GOP is a traitor to the United States, someone who sold out his or her country in the name of politics. Anytime you put your party above your country, you no longer deserve to be called an American.

Not that I expect anything better from the Democrats. In 2004, hey had a golden opportunity to send Bush back to obscurity in Texas and they blew it by nominating an idiot like John Kerry. When it came time to vote in last year’s Presidential election, any sane person could only shake their head and think: “Christ, is the best this country has to offer?”

Sadly, that may be so. Look deep into the ranks of both the Republican and Democratic cesspools and you find only a crop of second-rate potential candidates to run for the top job in 2008.

On the Democratic side we have Senators Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden, along with Virginia Governor Mark Warner making noises about a run.

Big fucking deal. A choice of Bill Clinton’s sometimes wife, a Senator whose last run for President stalled when he got caught plagiarizing speeches and books and another lackluster Southern state governor.

The Republican side may dish up John McCain for another run but he’s too moderate and unpredictable for the extreme right-wing that controls the party even though he spent most of the 2004 campaign kissing Dubya’s ass and trying to act like he was one of the boys.

But who else do the Republicans have? Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist? Not after his despicable role in the Terry Schiavo debacle. Dick Cheney? Not even an American electorate dumb enough to give Bush two terms could be that stupid. At least we hope not.

Take a hard look at both of the nations’ two dominant political parties right now and see if you can find a single man or woman that you would trust running this country.

Couldn’t, could you? Thought so.

Hell of a way to run a country.