Cheney abandons old friend Libby

In the nearly six weeks since his close friend and former chief of staff was convicted of lying and obstructing an investigation, Vice President Dick Cheney has not once spoken to I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.


“Well, there hasn’t been occasion to do so,” Cheney said in an interview broadcast Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Libby is the highest-ranking White House official convicted in a government scandal since the Iran-Contra affair two decades ago. He was found guilty last month of perjury and obstruction in the investigation into the 2003 leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity.

The episode undercut the Bush administration’s credibility, one of a string of a bad-news stories that have hurt the president’s standing.

President Bush and Cheney have expressed sadness for Libby and his family, but largely refrained from comment because the matter is an active legal case. Libby plans to appeal.

In the interview, Cheney said he believes deeply in Libby.

“He’s one of the most dedicated public servants I’ve ever worked with, and I think this is a great tragedy,” Cheney said.

Yet Cheney has not spoken with Libby to tell him so directly.

Cheney’s interviewer, Bob Schieffer, was so surprised to hear that news that he asked the vice president about it again.

Why not calls to express your regrets?

“I just — I haven’t had occasion to do that,” was all that Cheney would say.

Libby faces a likely sentencing range of one to three years in prison when he is sentenced June 5.

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  1. SEAL

    Why would anyone be surprised that Cheney and Bush have cut off communication with Libby? I think everyone knows there is some sort of “deal” arranged to take care of Libby and keep him from serving time in prison. The appearance must be they have nothing to do with it.

    Libby is appealing the verdict and regardless of the sentence he receives I’m sure the judge will allow him to remain free during his appeal. That is a fairly common practice in cases of wealthy defendents appealing non-violent convictions. The lawyers are just using the legal system to drag the thing out until everyone forgets about it. Then, when the time comes he will be given a suspended sentence, probation, or a Bush pardon, or whatever it takes to keep him free. Libby will be taken care of – money, job, whatever a good soldier deserves.

  2. Bill Robinson

    Everyone knows that rats desert a sinking ship. Cheney, the slime of slimey rats, is simply showing his true character and jumping ship before he gets pulled under.
    Don’t worry, Libby won’t serve a day in the clink. Bush will be told when and how to pardon him and that will be that. Money talks and bullshit walks, and this administration goes marching on like the good christian soldiers that they profess to be–onward unto war. Killing as never before. Slaying friend and foe alike, caring not who falls before their pike as long as they exact their gold and treasure alike.
    They make me ill, and I am

    Captain Bill