Let’s get into sex for a change

My family bred horses and dogs and to us sex meant breeding babies. Apparently things have changed in the last 40 years and now we seem to be fixated on either learning how to have sex; learning how to have sex without pregnancies and how not to have sex. Where does one even begin?

I was sent an article written by Laura Sessions Stepp from the Washington Post that government mandated abstinence-only programs are not working. Okay, let’s talk about it.

During the Clinton Administration we had his Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders, talk about mutual masturbation to keep the kids satisfied without the fear of pregnancy. She was booted immediately whether her information was valid or simply inappropriate.

When President Bush was elected, his social issues were focused against abortions. Okay, but instead of preventing abortions his plan was for eliminating sex completely. Did he really believe his word would be enough to stop our hormone driven teens surrounded with sexual content in the television and music videos to just stop when asked?

Apparently it didn’t work as studies are coming back saying “no dice” and many of the children who were already sexually active were left to their devices on how, where and when they could have sex. Apparently the parents were seldom home and the kids bored, and so it goes.

Abstinence means putting off sex until marriage. Doing this may have worked but the kids soon caught up with the social climate and it simply did not work. Birth control pills may be the only way to stop unwanted pregnancies but it did not stop the spreading of various Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Sadly oral sex became the practice of the young kids and was available anywhere but did spread herpes and other contagious diseases. Only condoms worked but we all know they are unpopular and often forgotten in the throes of passion.

I sent my girls off to college with prescriptions for birth control pills but my fear was that AIDs virus was just starting and the girls were no longer living at home but both convinced me they were knowledgeable of the situation.

I often read my adopted home town paper and this morning they covered the shots available at their schools for preventing the virus linked to cancer, and its vaccine. The name of this new drug is “Cardasil” and 3 shots will protect the girls against cervical cancer. Many women my age (mid 70s) have lost their cervixes to cancer along with their ovaries and uterus. It’s a nasty surgery often leaving us without hormone production and prone to hot flashes and temper tantrums.

I do not believe these shots should be mandated by the federal or state governments but made available to the girls who want this protection. The Bush people feel it will encourage promiscuity. Yeah sure! They will all head down to Florida and want to be one of the girls in those awful videos, “having fun” “on the loose” or whatever they call it. The educators, within the schools furnishing these shots, are finding that the coeds are more aware of STDs than those who are not taking the shots. I do not know the cost of these shots but they could not be as expensive as the latest fad in shoes.

HPV (human papillomavirus) is the most common STD infecting about 25 million women and girls ages 14 to 59. The last numbers coming from the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” are that 50% of all sexually active men and women acquire HPV in their lifetime.

Where does it leave us as parents and grandparents except to do everything in our power to protect our kids no matter what their age or sex. If we leave it to the schools it will never work. We must all discuss these pros and cons of careful hygiene and the many chances they take in their private lives. Personally I think the federal government has no authority or answers to any of these problems.

The parents hold the winning hand and if they can’t handle this, the churches might want to take a chance. The last resort should be found in the classrooms and we should never forget Planned Parenthood has many programs available on the health of the girls.


  1. Sandy Price

    If I misspelled the product, I’m sorry. I had hoped the action was more important than the drug. Thank you for the correction.

  2. SammyG

    Absolutely not Sandy, simply including both, nor do I think that conservatives are basically Christians who feel sex is a sin. As a matter of fact there are Christians who are not conservative and conservatives who are not Christian.

    My wife and I have never been told by Christians that since we had that piece of paper we had to make babies.

    I never suggested that a city could or should find it necessary to vaccinate against cervix cancer; in fact Gardacil does not specifically do this. It vaccinates against two cancer causing strains of HPV. If one does the math, one will find that the maximum possible benefit against cervix cancer is to spare less than one percent of approximately one half of the population of a virus that generally is spread by way of a personal choice. Contrast this with vaccines currently required by states for school children such as polio, MMR etc; diseases which can spread by inadvertent contact through the general population.

    Again however I agree that government needs to keep out of this and should stay within the confines of its rules, in the case of our federal government, the Constitution.

  3. Carl Nemo

    My apologies Sandy if the spelling correction possibly stung, but that was not my intention. I misspell in my commentaries quite frequently and so do others. I only did so because the discussion was about a pharmaceutical product. Even I continued to misspell the product which is “Gardasil” not Gardisil which I continued to misspell even in my correction post. #-o

  4. Sandy Price

    I, however, had them done but my own way. I did not like all that stuff being given in one shot and had them spread out with at least a month between each shot. I also raised very small chihuahuas and had their rabies shots divided up into 3 shots given a month a part.

    I was raised in the Mormon church and was encouraged to have many babies. I had my share but stopped at one adopted son and 2 girls. I then adopted a badly abused teenager girl. Her grandfather finally showed up and took her away.

    Many Christian churches are against birth control and of course against abortion. This has added millions of unwanted children in America. I feel all babies should be wanted and loved.

  5. SammyG

    Unfortunately the federal government does have the authority and not the answers. I believe the government misused the powers given it to acquire the authority, but that’s for another discussion.

    There are no government mandated abstinence-only programs, there are however what are referred to as Title V abstinence education programs. These are block grant programs available to states wanting to participate. Forty two states participate with several hundred programs, of which the study reviewed four. Basically I see thes block grants as another case of the federal government throwing our money at the states and the states catching it with their ever growing money grubbing hands.

    The vaccine “Gardacil” is a vaccine against only four of over a hundred types of HPV (30+ transmitted sexually), of which only two are high risk (Cancer causing) strains of HPV.

    I agree with you that the winning hand is held by parents, but it is of no value to those who do not play it.

  6. jarrodlombardo

    The Gardasil vaccination series costs up to $360 depending on insurance coverage. I had read the cost on Merck’s website a few months ago, but I can’t find the link for it now.

  7. Carl Nemo

    With the type of government we have in place, I wouldn’t advise any parent accepting vaccines from a public or a federally funded clinic or source. For all we know they are giving future generations “value-added” with some mind or physically altering, geneticly engineered vaccine that will turn them into perfect slaves to the state! If you think I’m wacked out then you best think again.

    I’m one of the few that still feels that AIDS was engineered and thrown upon world society through intentionally tainted Smallpox vaccine sent to Africa by the World Health Organisation in the 70’s. At the rate AIDS is spreading in Africa it will be uninhabited by 2050! That means alot of minerals, timber and land will be available for the superpowers to exploit in the latter half of the 21st century and beyond. Africa is screwed-up with too many tin-horn dictators and millions of disenfranchised blacks, so using Henry Kissinger’s term for them;i.e., they are nothing “useless eaters”, meaning what’s theirs should belong to the West you’ll get the idea…no?!

    I’ve been reading lately about how Chinese Americans and Chinese in general are coming down with serious vision maladies. Many folks have heard of mysterious chemtrails that have been spotted in the skies world-wide. Anomalous dispersion equipment has been discovered on commercial airliners that shouldn’t be there. When one airline mechanic spotted the equipment and asked questions he was suspended and summarily shut down and told not to ever ask any questions again by the government visitors in the presence of his supervisor.

    People have heard of cattle mutilations and their alleged connections to aliens, but moreso to black helicopters with military personnel being involved and scientist/technician types in jumpsuits etc. I came across a terrifying tidbit the that said the government was developing “genetic bioweapons” and were testing their efficacy on both animal and human populations. Orientals evidently have a
    gene unique to their vision that is being tampered with that could possibly render large populations with failing vision to blindness conditions! Based on what I’ve read cattle have the same ocular related gene. The most terrifying weapon of all shy of death itself would be to render an entire race of people vision impaired or worse. Think about it. Truly monstrous and scary…no?!
    Our government developed a combat laser who’s sole purpose is to blind enemy combatants. We spent five billion developing the weapon; i.e., 5000 million bucks. It was supposedly outlawed by an agreement among “civilized”nations, they deciding not to employ it on the battlefield;i.e, elitist monsters thinking what’s appropriate or not in warfare! Guess what folks, our government “gave” the technology to Israel and Israel in turn “sells” the technology to the Red Chinese. Does this sound familiar?

    I’ll provide some links so folks can read a bit about some of these subjects. So in summation do not let anyone from the government stick a needle in either your arm or your kids. We live in times that the best motto is “trust no one”…!
    Just look at the crowd in D.C. now. We entrust our lives with them and witness what they are doing to us and this once great Republic?! Rest assured they are elitists to the core and we are expendable. Most of them have “their” place in the end-times bunker along with Bushco.

    My favorite government quote: “We’re from the government and we’re here to help you”…! :))


  8. geyser

    Taking One Day at a Time

    Conservatives do not want the schools teaching their children about Sex. The parents don’t want to do it so, where does Adam and Eve go to learn? Either one of their friends or they get a good enough idea from a movie. Of course there are those that never know and end up learning on the job.
    I will never understand that logic. Our children learn in school about Wars, Death, Racial Bias, Torture and how to kill. Learn about Sex, no way, never. There is something wrong with that picture. How is it okay to learn about man’s inhumanity to man and teaching Love is taboo? Going to Church is no better, there they are taught to Love Jesus and God but not about Homosexuality, are Jesus and God really Female, to Love? I’d be very confused so, I ask Mom or Dad. They tell me to ask the other one. A child could get very frustrated and end up in a xxx movie house getting picked up by Brad.
    The Ignorance of some people never cease to amaze me. But it is understandable as we are being led by the most Ignorant of all.

  9. SammyG

    Recent surveys by “liberal” groups such as a study the glbtq quotes, show that approximately 79% of parents want sex education taught in schools and approximately 67% of parents want homosexuality education included as well. Would it stand to reason that some of these “parents” are “conservative” or has the “liberal” population increased? I guess another option is that these “liberal” groups are not being exactly honest.

    As an example, I would be considered “conservative” by most, and I have absolutely no problem with rational, scientific and age appropriate sex ed classes being taught in schools, with content being decided at a state or local level without federal involvement.

    Additionally we are not being led by the most ignorant of all, there are after all those who voted for him. :)

  10. Sandy Price

    Or do you think that Conservatives are basically Christians who feel sex is a sin? I can understand that as the mysterious act that makes babies, terrifys many people.

    I’ve spent many years as a Christian and learning that abstinence is necessary for the soul. We learned that many people refrain from sex their entire lives. I never understood why. Christians then try to get us all to make babies to increase the church memberships. If one has a piece of paper stating they are married they are required to have babies.

    I gave this some serious thought when I was about 10 and shrugged it off. Our kids are innundated with sexual images and music and then told to stay pure in their souls.

    I do not have the answer to any of this but I took the honest step and explained sex to my kids and simply told them they would reproduce if they did it. That seemed to work.

    The government has no place to do this and I trust them not to mandate anything. If a city feels it is necessary for girls to be given this innoculation against Cervix cancer then it should be a fund raiser done by the school and city to cover part of the cost. That is what we do in private school.

  11. AustinRanter


    Killer article and one that needs to run 24/7 on every site across the Internet. I’m not exaggerating either. It’s that serious.

    I have nothing to contribute other than Americans in particular are living in the Dark Age of Sex. America’s seem to spend a lot of curiosity time on issue with sex…they are trying to be more progressive…but we as a nation is way behind and generation after generation of parents, churches and government repeatedly let children down in every aspect of sex education.

    The human behavior of sex is as real as it gets since there are billions of humans and we all got here by somebody having sex. Yet…to even utter the word, especially when around children….Oh My God!

    Kids are way ahead of adults…they’ve always had to learn the hard way. Usually via on-the-job-training. But unfortunately, their ability to problem solve, cope in stressful situations…isn’t in the biological makeup for most. Then comes the crash of social skills when their experiences go amuck.

    Bottom line is kids can’t depend on most adults, churches or government to offer much in the way of anything related.

    WONDERFUL ARTICLE and thanks…


  12. Carl Nemo

    Re: Lets go into sex for a change…
    Hi Sandy,
    For some reason the name Cardisil didn’t set quite right in my mind because I had heard some gals discussing yeast infections etc and they had used an over the counter non-prescription product named Cardisil that evidently works great. So I went to my favorite prescription drug site http://www.drugs.com and found out that sure enough Cardisil is an over the counter product. The new pharmaceutical that is being prescribed via injection is “Gardisil” simply change the C to G. I’m not trying to be petty with my correction but we are talking about a prescription drug verses non-prescription. I tried see what side effects long term or otherwise might be associated with the drug at the drugs.com site but it’s too new to have that information available. The over the counter product sounds like a dynamite product for curing yeast infections permanently without the need for injections. I’ll provide links so folks that are interested in this product can do some research. I enjoyed your article. My apologies concerning my earlier article about tainted/altered prescription drugs, but that’s how I feel about our government and it’s agencies such as the FDA etc. The licensed name for these drugs is an example. The difference between the presciption version and an over the counter product should not be so close in my opinion. I’ve lost all trust and faith in our government which is reflected through our absolutely corrupt-to-the-core leadership.


    In closing, I highly recommend the Drugs.com site as the absolute best on the web if you are looking for all the details on drugs, their effects, contra-indications, and conflicts with other drugs, something that folks should pay attention to nowadays. Medical doctors have a tendency to over-prescribe and cause prescription conflicts on a fairly regular basis. Before you pop newly prescibed pills in your mouth, or get an injection I advise folks to do some research. It’s your body, your life. Carl Nemo

  13. Carl Nemo

    Correction the over the counter product is “Candisil” which is for yeast infections not “Cardisil” as in my previous post. The prescription, injectable version for the STD preventative prescription product is “Gardisil” as mentioned in my aforementioned post. Maybe I now know why the prescription drug business is so tough; it’s hard to come up with easy to remember, non-conflicting product names… :))