To explain my emotions over losing simple civil rights is not a new emotion for me. I was raised in a culture of classical music in general and grand opera in particular.
From the time I saw evil government run by evil inquisitions found in many Italian and French operas I feared those minor chords and sad voices of pain more than I could explain having only a vocabulary based on the sun and tide on the California beaches.
I remember clearly listening to the magnificent music of Mendelssohn and cried when I realized Hitler had banned his music from being played in Germany. I read opera librettos before I read the books from the library. The pure evil that came from movements of slavery over the people in so many Nations that sent me into crying fits made me more than aware of American freedoms.
I remember visiting the home of an old comic actor named Edward Everett Horton when he turned a large portion of his home over to musical salons enjoyed by many musicians in the Los Angeles/Hollywood. He gave us more than recitals as the performers and sometimes composers would mingle with the guests to discuss what we heard and the political background of the music. His home still stands and overlooks the Ventura Freeway in Tarzana.
Most other kids of my age were just discovering television and the art of marketing. I was sobbing over the death of Aida and her lover and Mario’s death at the hands of the evil Scarpia that caused Tosca to jump to her death with music so magnificent to be impossible to explain. The Composer knew better than to castigate the evil religion and police power behind the opera and gave us the end of act One with a Catholic Procession that wiped out the evil of the church. It did not wipe out that evil in my mind.
I cannot think of anything that explains individual freedoms any clearer than experiencing 70 years of Grand Opera. I learned much of Hebrew history from Verdi’s “Nabuko” and Saint Saens “Samson and Delilah.” The stories remain the same with freedom losing the battle in every case.
So when we talk about our Constitution; I see it in a different world. Why would any nation try to rewrite any part of this Document and the Bill of Rights? Will we see the same inclusion of terror from the combination of churches that are built on and around the terrorism of conformity?
I am not in the least sane and had no television in my world to dumb down my emotions and force me to accept the mass of the majority over any individual freedom.
There are times I feel quite mad. I tried Country music and ended up so thoroughly pissed off at the lack of emotions that I began to see what the problems in America were and how I would never be able to understand even this site. Losing love is what Country music is based on and I feel much more driven to not accept losing a freedom.

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