Shame takes a holiday

    Of all the nutcase activist groups littering the landscape of America, few are more hypocritical than the so-called “right-to-life” movement, run by fanatics who tried to turn the private family tragedy of brain-damaged Floridian Terri Schiavo into their latest political ploy.

    Normally, these fruitcakes stick to abortion as their issue of choice, bombarding us with images of bloody fetuses and arguing that life begins whenever a sperm encounters an egg.

    For years now they have tried – and failed – to get the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn their Roe vs. Wade decision, the one that legalized abortion in this country. Abortion, they claim, is murder and they want nothing to do with murder.

    These claims are, of course, a hypocritical crock of bullshit and these same “humanitarians” stand by and cheer when some of their flock bomb abortion clinics or kill doctors who perform the legal operations.

    They advocate murder to advance their cause, urge citizens to break the law to protest a legal act, and have no qualms about turning the Schiavo case into a shameful circus of photo ops.

    The right-to-lifers form the core of the social conservative movement that has taken over the Republican Party like a flesh-eating cancer. Social conservatives comprise a frightening collection of hypocrites, bigots, racists and homophobes who fear what they cannot understand and want the government to outlaw anything they hate.

    And they hate a lot. Spend a few minutes – if you can stomach it – reviewing some of their propaganda and you find hate-filled bile that avoids fact and plays on emotions and gullibility. Like so much of the GOP agenda, their appeal is aimed at the ignorant, conspiracy-driven masses.

    Right-to-lifers would rather see a poor woman carry a child to term so it can be born into a cycle of poverty and crime. They don’t care if a pregnancy occurs from rape or incest. All life, they claim, is precious – except, of course, the lives of anyone who supports abortion, works in an abortion clinic or performs the act. Those lives are expendable in the name of their so-called “humanity.”

    Take a close look at the heart of the “right-to-life” movement and you will find these same “humanitarians” often support the death penalty or politicians who send young men and women to die in senseless wars.

    Their hypocrisy knows no bounds and they have no shame when it comes to supporting their cause – which includes illegal acts to try and stop something that they claim is murder but which the courts and, according to most polls, the majority of American people, say is not.

    Soon, Terry Schiavo will die and bring long-overdue peace to a poor woman who has been nothing but a political pawn for too long.

    Sadly, the right-to-life movement will not die with her. It will simply search, without shame, for another tragedy to exploit. Hypocrisies never die.