“What,” a reader wanted to know, “turned you into such a Bush-hater?”


I’m not a Bush-hater. I don’t know the man well enough to hate him. Hate is a personal emotion. I don’t get personal.

I am, however, very angry over what Bush and his minions have done to the country I love.

I’m angry over his disregard for the more than 1,500 Americans he has sent to their death in his lies-based war.

I’m angry about the lies he told to try and justify that senseless war, a war that allowed al Qaeda to regroup in Afghanistan and that has — as a direct result of Bush’s reckless actions — put America in more danger than it faced on the day before September 11, 2001.

I’m angry at the Republican Party’s sellout of its soul to maintain power in Congress, allowing corruption to replace philosophy and ignoring the law to protect crooks like Tom DeLay.

I’m angry at the Bush administration’s all-out assault on the Constitution, a process started by former attorney general John Ashcroft, a Bible-thumping zealot who put his misguided religious fanaticism above the law. It will continue under new attorney general Alberto Gonzales, a Bush ass-kisser who says the Constitution is “an outdated document.”

I’m angry at the Republican partisans who follow this madman blindly because they put allegiance to party above love of country. Republicans have padded their numbers with the ignorant, the racist and the bigoted because their basic policies appeal to such biases.

Putting a political party above country is not limited to Republicans. Democrats do the same thing. Neither party cares one goddamn bit about America. The only thing that matters to either party is advancing their own agenda and seizing power. Republicans, at the moment, can do the most damage because they control the White House and Congress but I don’t, for a second, think anything would improve under a Democratic regime. If the Democrats ever pull their head out of their collective asses and manage to win an election I’ll go after them with the same vengeance because both sides long ago sold out their country in the name of political power.

I’m angry that this country has become a bitter, partisan nation where patriotism is a political ploy, where dissent is attacked as anti-patriotic and the sacrifice of American soldiers becomes part of a party agenda.

Those who disagree call it hate. That’s their problem and their ignorance. Their own allegiance to a political philosophy only proves their lack of love for country. Partisans aren’t patriots. They’re traitors. And they’re the ones who hate.

I don’t have time to hate. I’m too busy trying to see if there is any way to save this country I love.

I don’t have time to play by Robert’s Rules of Order or use nice language that makes people feel good while missing the point.

If that makes a partisan squirm then that’s just too fucking bad. It’s about time somebody made them nervous.