It is like lifting a bandage and finding out that not only is the scab missing, but the wound has turned puss-filled, even gangrenous. The AttorneyGate scandal has mushroomed into something big enough to eclipse the entire administration. Here's why:

Just a quick overview:

8 lawyers canned

Had it not been for the bloggers and the internet tubes, no one would have noticed this incredible attack on independent DOJ attorneys. 

Monica Goodling pleads the 5th

Proof positive that Regent University is pumping out idiots and morons, with 150 of them probably as bad, or worse. Had she kept quiet, it would have blown over. instead, she raised eyebrows, and therefore interest.

White House e-mails turned over, many missing

Oh wow, 3,000 DOCUMENTS turned over! except they weren't. Edited, selectively chosen, this news dump is turning out to be a problem for the DOJ and Karl Rove.

Goodling resigns

This was a shocker. WHAT DID SHE KNOW? and what is she hiding? 

Political pressure applied to fire US Attorneys

Bit by bit, the public learns that something really unseemly, perhaps illegal occurred. What ever it was, it ain't pretty.

US Attorneys pressured to pursue Democrats on voter fraud nationwide

The first shoe drops. Politicization of the DOJ is now a fact, not some paranoid drug induced fiction. We also learn that the government futzed with voter fraud data, hiding evidence that there is little voter fraud anywhere, except in the minds of political warriors working for Karl Rove. 

Alberto goes to school

The idea that the ATTORNEY GENERAL of the entire USA has to be trained on how to testify before congress is astounding. Either he is a criminal, (and hiding things) or he is an idiot(and not capable of handling the office), or he is incompetent. 

Alberto flunks out

Maybe all three. 

More evidence of missing e-mails

The idea that an entire branch of government deliberately created a separate, secret, and hidden communications system for top administration people, his political leaders (Karl Rove) and the DOJ people (who were tasked with pushing 93 US attorneys to do their politically-based attacks) is itself criminal. “Amazing” is simply not strong enough to describe it. 

  Shadow communications violate federal law. How could this story get any worse?  First, the White House says that only 22 people ever used it. So sorry. On second thought, 50 people used it. And in response to a legal demand to turn over all these records, guess what happens.

"Ahem, we just lost SEVERAL MILLION E-Mails and instant messages." 

Slowly, from this murky swamp a few truths become clear. This administration knowingly, deliberately, and repeatedly broke the law, hiding communications in an effort to prevent anyone from finding out what they were doing with the DOJ. They routinely pressured existing US attorneys to do their political bidding, using the entire federal legal system to attack democratic voters, politicians and anyone else who stood in their way. 

In essence, this was an attack on our democratic form of government. They almost succeeded. Had they stolen enough votes last November, they probably would have. 

This incredible string of events raises another burning issue. Compared to the hundreds of pointless, wasteful, and destructive investigations raised by the GOP during Clinton's presidency, there has been only one investigation – the one that led to Scooter Libby's conviction. Anyone willing to bet that Patrick Fitzgerald never learned about the secret, hidden e-mail and blackberry systems while he investigated Cheney, Libby, Rove and others? 

Obstruction of justice? You bet. Time for a revolution. Let's put them all in jail before they destroy this country beyond repair. 


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