With a cold, callous political ploy, the harpies who call themselves conservatives and Republicans have taken hypocrisy to a new level by interfering with Terry Schiavio’s right to die with some dignity.

Forget the bullshit spilling out of the halls of Congress and the West Wing of the White House. Sunday’s incredible actions to prolong the shameful saga of a brain-damaged woman who has been on feeding tube since 1990. This has nothing to do with compassion. It has everything to do with advancing the repressive, right-wing agenda of the zealots who have taken over the United States government.

If George W. Bush had a single compassionate bone in his hypocritical body, he would not have sent 1500-plus Americans to their deaths in Iraq, along with the untold thousands of innocent Iraqis who have died in his illegal war, one rubber-stamped by his co-conspirators in Congress.

Now we are supposed to believe this klavern of murderers gives a rat’s ass about whether or not a feeding tube is re-inserted into a woman’s body in Florida?

It ain’t about life. It’s about control. It ain’t about compassion, it’s about seizing on a political opportunity to advance a conservative agenda that will give the government more domination over all our lives.

Before the seizure that left her hopelessly brain-damaged, Terry Shavio told her husband she did not want to be kept alive if something like this ever happened to her. In most societies, this is called free will.

But free will cannot exist in a political world dominated by the hypocrites in Congress and the hypocrite-in-chief at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The laws of the land mean nothing to those who put their own agendas above an American’s right to determine their own destiny.

Bush is a goddamned liar when he claims this issue is about life. So are the wingnuts who control Congress. The Republican Party used to preach states’ rights. The state courts made their decision in the Shiavio case but now the GOP opportunists want to make this a federal case with emergency legislation that requires the federal court to intervene.

Christ almighty, has any one of these fucking idiots looked at themselves in a mirror lately and realized what fools they have made of themselves, not to mention the mockery that the U.S. government has become?

How can a party that sends Americans to die in illegal wars and supports expansion of the death penalty say, with a straight face, that they care one iota about human life? They don’t. These despots don’t give a shit about rights. At one time, they did, but not any more. Once the holy rollers and religious hypocrites hijacked the Republican Party, any hope for fairness, decency and honesty went right out the window.

Hopefully, a federal judge will tell Bush and his harpies to take a hike and allow Terry Schiavio to die in peace.

Perhaps it is a good thing that Terry Schiavio is unaware of the political circus surrounding her right to die. It’s bad enough that the rest of us have to endure the stench from the putrid, rotting corpse of the dinosaur called the Republican Party.