Czar wars

Yet another leak out of the White House: President Bush has quietly been searching for what could be called, for lack of a better term, a “war czar” to oversee the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That official would have the title assistant to the president, report directly to Bush and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley and have the authority to issue instructions to the departments of Defense and State and other agencies.

Bush had hoped to have somebody already lined up so he could, as he likes to do, spring a surprise announcement. But, according to The Washington Post, which broke the story, after a search of some weeks the White House has yet to find someone willing to take the job and has been turned down by at least three generals.

Only one of the three, retired Marine Gen. Jack Sheehan, was willing to speak to the Post about why he turned down the job and his reasons for doing so are profoundly troubling.

According to the Post, “Sheehan said he believes Vice President Cheney and his hawkish allies remain more powerful within the administration than pragmatists looking for a way to get out of Iraq. ‘So rather than go over there, develop an ulcer and eventually leave, I said, No, thanks.’ ”

If not an actual czar, the White House still has to find someone to concentrate on the wars because the staffer who does that now, deputy national security adviser Meghan O’Sullivan, has announced her departure.

Without a commitment to a change of direction in the war, Bush may find it hard to find someone with the stature and the clout to override turf issues and do battle with the vice president’s office. The idea of a war czar would have been a good one — four years ago.



  1. nuQler Ostrich

    “Commander in Chief” is too big a job for such a small man.

    I can’t get the image out of my mind. That of Shrub wearing shoes 9 sizes too big and the sleeves of his suit coat hanging way down below his fingertips. Neck tie dragging on the ground, and him standing in front of the mirror thinking how grown up he looks.

  2. Steven Horn

    yeah – couple lines of blow, few shots of JD and Georgie is all ready to go play brave ….

    Mommy …… the big kids are being mean to me!

  3. gonzo

    Why not hire a mexican? They do all of the other jobs that americans don’t want and they work cheap.

  4. Sonorous Pest

    A shallow little man with a shallow mind, what next? How about a Czar for Commander in chief?

    Good GOD this man needs a mental hospital in Texas to care for his broken mind.

  5. Ray

    Isn’t that the job of the pentagon and joint chiefs of staff and generals of the services? If the pentagon with its zillion dollar budget can’t run the wars, how could one man do any better? Watch Henry Kissenger come out of the woodwork and apply for the job.

    Whats so hard about running the wars? If I got the job it would be easy. First command would be ” Load up Boys, were heading home”! Second command would be for Hallibarton to clean up all the DU and then write em a rubber check. Third command would be for Israel to take care of its own problems and stay away from America.

  6. keefus

    This is simply more evidence that even the “friendlies” know a “Sinking Ship of State” when they see one.

    All of which begs the question as to what the Secretary of Defense’s role would be in all this? Isn’t HE supposed to be the “Czar of War” for the United States?

    Methinks Bush and Company have now found themselves in so much “doo doo”…. all of it caused by the ignorant arrogance of their own doing…that they are now willing to throw ANYTHING at the wall in the hopes that it will stick.

    Unfortunately, the “doo doo” just keeps coming back at them.

  7. Jason Shapiro

    Of course no one with any stature, clout, or for that matter integrity or brains will take the job. On the other hand, if they find some low level schmuck to actually accept this job can we call them a “czardine?”

  8. Ray

    Bush just keeps on trying to find a magic solution to a most tragic charade that he himself caused and now finds himself without rhyme nor reason and all alone. Maybe he should try one of the many ” temporary services” for a person to fill the job. I think they could provide someone with the same qualifications as the current administration. They only need to be bribable, dishonest,arrogant,ignorant,unpatriotic, and a general asshole to qualify. You know, like all the other of Bush appointees to important positions who have no experience or training. “order from chaos” NWO motto.

  9. rebecca Bank

    It is said that “daddy” has always bailed king george out of every mess he has ever made. Seems like no one wants to take the task of paying for his war crimes away from him.

  10. Susie Lynn

    How hysterical the Bushies are now looking for an official patsy to take the heat off of Bush, Cheney and Gates. Great try guys but very transparent.

  11. Dave

    I hope the commander-in-chief??? selects someone who has graduated from the Rush Limbaugh War College since rush is such an expert on combat. Of course that goes with Hannity and the rest of the hate radio bunch who are also experts in that field. Surely one of them will step forward.

  12. Steven Horn

    Hey – Imus isn’t doing anything – as he’s an expert on everything perhaps he could lead the parade!

  13. Renee

    Bush has relinquished his right to be referred to as “Commander-and-Chief”– for clearly he is looking to find somebody to clean-up the miserable bloody failure that he is responsible for instigating.

    No one with integrity and moral stature (as well as brains) will want to serve the corrupt neo-con cabal in this pathetic White House. Bush is too stupid and shallow to reason with- Hadley is a bald-faced liar- Cheney is a despicable war-profiteer- Rice is a traitor, having passed-off classified national security intelligence to AIPAC spies Rosen & Weissman, which is a criminal act of treason- Rove is a fascist goon- and, Gonzales is the Bush Crime Family consigliere.

    Would you want to work for this bunch of criminals? Not I!!!

    When will the American people come to realize how unfit Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rove and Gonzales truly are??? When will we witness outrage against these traitors that they so richly deserve???

    [It is not surprising that Bush is seeking somebody to clean-up his messes– that’s the nauseating history of his destructive life. Even his Poppy can fix this nightmare that the rest of us are saddled with paying for!]

  14. Renee

    Should have read: “Even his Poppy can’t fix this nightmare that the rest of us are saddled with paying for!

    Bush is no George Washington. Bush is no Teddy Roosevelt. Bush is no FDR. Bush is no Truman. Bush is no Winston Churchill. Bush is no etc. etc. etc.

    Bush is in a class of his own, in American politics:– an empty suit, a delusional fraud, and a stupid, shallow and traitorous little man who has surrounded himself with jackals, opportunists, war-profiteers– all incompetent & crooked.

    Of course, they will find somebody (for there are plenty of mercenary thugs running around these days, interested in enriching themselves with no regard for the law, for this nation’s interests or for other human beings) to take the job, but he/she will not be a person of stature or respectability.

  15. C. Nemo

    Yo Renee…

    I read your posts regularly and I must say you make me politico-intellectually “hot”…! 😉 I like your fire, imagination and literary style. Great posts and keep the faith…! Carl Nemo

  16. Steven Horn

    pardon me, but don’t we already have a commander in charge of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan (and perhaps Iran in the near future)? I mean isn’t George W. Bush the Commander in Chief? He claims he is every damn day.
    Perhaps with failure appearing ever larger as the horizon shrinks he’s looking for a convenient fall guy – so when the shit hits the fan he can say “hey – HE was in charge” while pointing at some poor schmuck dumb enough to take the job.
    I wonder what Don Rumsfeld is doing????