Options for the health of our nation:

1.War at different levels.
2.War in the name of peace.
3. War out of fear.

That is ineptitude my friends.

4. Act like Veterans are impervious to pain,
and squander the chance to heal and bind the sacrifice.
5. Flower the ground with rhetorical petals wilted.
6. Do all these and much more in public behind your doors.

Sounds like I just defined false umbrage friends.

7. Today and certainly in the future the Dude may not abide.
Even in this he cannot savor any containment, contentment, no high.

8. Now, pending arrival at station,

“What can you Abide Crossing”,
we have but our resolve, our oath.

9. And all our dead to show how clandestine our failure of resolve..

This , I cannot ABIDE…. Hack !

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