Write something critical on one elected official or politician and odds are that some tight-assed partisan will get pissed and claim you’re working for the other side.

We got a bunch of those kinds of missives this week after comparing President George W. Bush with Adolph Hitler.

“So,” the typical email sneered, “you obviously think John Kerry would have been better?”

That’s the problem with partisans. They’re so fucking dumb and stupid that the very concept of independent thought evades their limited brain function. If someone doesn’t lick the ass of their candidate, the only assumption these numbnuts can make is that you must support the other guy.

Just because I think George W. Bush is an arrogant, incompetent horse’s ass doesn’t mean I think John Kerry is any less a venal, bottom-feeding low life.

Neither one of these scum suckers deserve to serve as dog catcher, much less President of the so-called greatest nation on earth. Bush is leading America to ruin through his ill-begotten Iraq war while destroying the rights of all Americans thought his Constitution-defying USA Patriot Act.

But John Kerry voted for the US invasion of Iraq and also for the Patriot Act so why on earth should anybody expect any improvement by replacing one asshole with another?

The problem infecting this country ain’t the guy or the party in charge. It’s the system itself that allows political parties to put their agendas ahead of the good of the country. It’s a system that allows fatcats with big checkbooks to control Congress and the White House.

Bush has given blowjobs to the oil companies all of his political career and now Americans need a home-equity loan just to fill up the gas tanks of their cars. Every oil company that has poured millions into the campaign coffers of Bush and his Republican party is reporting record profits but gas prices keep going up. It doesn’t take a degree in economics to realize the people who benefit from this klavern of crooks, thieves and con-men are those who pony up the big bucks.

Things aren’t any better on the Democratic side of the aisle. The Dems have been big labor’s bitch for so long it would qualify as common law marriage in most states. Most of the whores in Congress would fuck the devil is he contributed to their campaigns.

But who’s going to change the system? Not the elected officials. They’re too busy sucking the tits of special interests to care about the country or the people who elected them.

Certainly not the political parties. They’re bought and paid for by the highest bidders.

Radical change is the only thing that can save this country but radical change is impossible in a system designed to protect the status quo.

Which means we’re screwed.

And we didn’t even get kissed first.