Hallelujah!  Children in 61,000 elementary schools around the United States saw the new “We Are Family” animated video cartoon Thursday and the world as we know it did not come to an end.

No reports surfaced of six and seven-year-olds coming home Thursday night and telling their parents they were gay or denouncing heterosexual lifestyles as predicted by James Dobson, head of the homophobic Focus on the Family Foundation.

In fact, the animated music video, that included Sponge Bob and many cartoon characters familiar to kids, did not reference sexuality at all even though Dobson and another homophobic right wing nutcase group, The American Family Foundation, claimed it would in thousands of spam emails to journalistic organizations around the world.

When reporters who had actually watched the video asked the American Family Foundation about their unfounded claims, the group backtracked and issued a news statement: “While the video itself does not overtly promote homosexuality, it serves as a hook to entice children and teachers to use the web site and the materials there such as teacher lesson plans, which explicitly promote the homosexual lifestyle.”

Horseshit. I watched the video, produced by the We Are Family Foundation in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League and a dozen or so other organizations. It was a cute little music video using the old disco song “We are Family” to say people should learn to get along and live together. Nothing more, nothing less.

But the uproar is all-too-typical of the fearmongering ignoramuses who control our government and the political agenda in this country and rely on the ignorant louts who follow them. Earlier this year, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, another tight-assed, Puritanical, Bible-thumping appointee from homophobic President George W. Bush forced the Public Broadcasting Service to yank an episode of its animated series “Postcards from Buster,” because the lead character, Buster the Rabbit, visited a same-sex couple in Vermont.

“Many parents would not want their young children exposed to the lifestyles portrayed in this episode,” Spellings wrote in a letter to the President of PBS. The network, which depends on government funding to survive, caved in and pulled the episode.

Such censorship and repression is business as usual for the Bush administration’s jack-booted approach to anything it deems immoral, illegal or fattening. The Republican Party that controls the White House and Congress is overrun with homophobes, racists, bigots and prudes so sexually-repressed they couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse if someone else paid in advance, which is probably best because most whores wouldn’t screw such lowlifes for any amount of money.

Their repression reminds of a line from George Carlin: “Ever notice that a woman who is opposed to abortion is someone you wouldn’t want to fuck anyway?”

These people are a blight that threatens any chance of an enlightened society, scabs of repression that must be picked if we are to have any chance for survival and progress. In a perfect right-wing world, gays would be committed to mental institutions, blacks would be sent back to Africa, books and movies would be subject to review and censorship before release and every woman would be a virgin before marriage (and that marriage could only be to a man).

They fantasize about conspiracies from all directions: the media, Hollywood, teachers and even within their own ranks. Everyone, they feel, is out to get them.

Such paranoia is often found among control freaks and repressive types who feel they must force everyone else to fall into lockstep compliance with their own narrow views. It is not all that different from repression found in fundamentalist Islamic societies, communism or Nazi Germany.

The conservative fruitcakes are correct about one thing: There is a massive threat to the future of this country. It is a spreading disease that threatens to devour everything that was once good about this nation, a rotting cancer that eats at the flesh of the body politic and may well turn America into a putrid, decaying corpse of a country.

The threat is real. The threat is serious and the threat comes from themselves – the treasonous, right-wing demagogues who have taken over our government.