Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the ‘Net

    OK, so the cluckers and doubters were right.

    I couldn’t stay away.

    But at least I made it three whole months before throwing in the towel and deciding to come back.

    Yeah, I’m coming back. The Rant returns Friday.

    Why? Because it’s a dirty job and it looks like I’m the only one to do it. Hell, you can’t count on the fatcats in the “mainsteam” media biz. They don’t have time to report any real news because they’re too busy interviewing the latest washouts from their network’s so-called “reality” shows. I don’t care one goddamn bit who got kicked off the island in Survivor or who Donald Trump fired. I want to know how and why the White House and Congress are screwing America. Ain’t gonna find that on news at 11.

    And the “independent” news sites? Most have their heads rammed so far the right-wing’s ass they need toilet paper to blow their noses. The few that exist to promote lefty causes feel they have to support anything liberal even though the right and left share one thing in common: Neither gives a rat’s ass about this country or the people who live in it.

    The few journalists who do have the guts to question both sides are dropping like flies. Hunter S. Thompson wimped out and blew his brains all over his kitchen table.

    So I guess it’s up to me and this bastard child called Capitol Hill Blue. Like most bastards, CHB lives at home and demands attention. I try kicking it out but it keeps coming back so I suppose I must learn to live with it and try to help it make something of itself.

    We’re also revamping and launching a new Blue on Tuesday, March 1. Leaner, meaner and ready to kick ass and take names later.

    Some will like it. Others won’t. That’s their problem. I don’t give a damn who doesn’t like what we do or who gets pissed. We’re gonna tell the truth and get in your face.

    You can like it or not like it. Read it or not read it. Your choice. You can join us and do something to save this country or you can sit on your lazy asses and drown in the toxic bile spilling out of the guts of some scum-sucking politician.

    How long can you tread water?