Keith Olbermann, the left’s answer to Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, went so far in a hyperbole-filled attack against Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown this week that even some of his more-liberal allies are calling him down for the tirade.

In coverage leading up to the final results of Tuesday’s special election, Olbermann called Brown a “irresponsible homophobic racist reactionary ex-nude model teabagging supporter of violence against women and against politician with whom he disagrees.”

When some questioned Obermann’s judgment on the attacks, the sportswriter-turned-newsman amended his tirade to add “sexist” to the list.

That prompted comedian Jon Sewart to lampoon Olbermann’s “special comment” and call the MNSBC anchor out. Stewart pointed out that Olbermann’s so-called “evidence” is too week to back up the attack and asked Obermann to stop wallowing in the mud of personal attacks.


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Olberman played the Stewart clip on his show Friday night and said “call me.”

(Updated to add Olbermann’s response)



  1. I’m still waiting for O’Reilly to eat his hat like he said he would if there were no WMD found in Iraq.

  2. To the one who asked- YES! Those on Fox HAVE apologized for things they said.
    To the one who rationalized Olbermann’s filthy, radically stupid smear rant- he did it because he is a scummy moron. I know someone who can’t even stand him as a sportsguy.
    I am no big Limbaugh ‘Dittohead’, but he is not a racist. BTW, the ‘slavery’ quote supposedly from him is a fake, invented, which the liberal news network that ran it (CNN? MSNBC?) finally recanted. Beck is definitely not a racist, etc.
    I would worry more about the bias you are blind to- if you are.
    Try NBC, MSNBC, CNN, the NYT, etc.At least Fox is the alternative to them. Boo hoo!

  3. They steal their format from Morton Downey Jr. only instead of truth they push their partisan agendas to the lowest common denominator of human intelligence. It’s our equivalent to the 2-minutes hate of Orwell’s novel 1984. It’s the 2-minutes rant.

  4. That’s why I am her – to be “educated.” No more Boston Herald for me I want to be able to decode the big words on the op ed page of the Boston Globe.

    Someone mentioned Walter Winchell and I remember watching him in the early 50s. Have his hat on and smoking. Great theater. But he was a damn good reporter.

    I just don’t bother with the usual crowd of Keith, Bill, Rush, Beck and a slew of others. Get tired of it soon.

  5. I’ll try to clarify it – again. In simple terms the statement by the failed sports reporter was so bizarre and off the wall that it would make even the rantings of Rush look like a moral beacon. Now if the rant by failed sports reporter did not exist then the term would certainly not be applicable since Rush along is far from a moral beacon. I guess analogies are not my strong point or maybe it is clarity of expression? Not a magical lingustic expert like President WOW (Walk On Water). Have to work on it.

    When you further examine the quote from KO exactly how much truth is in it? I know he was a model. But the rest? Why KO is right back into his Hillary bashing mode only using Brown as the target of choice. I guess this is why CNBC is so much better than FOX.

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