Jon Stewart bitch slaps Keith Olbermann for Brown tirade

Keith Olbermann, the left’s answer to Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, went so far in a hyperbole-filled attack against Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown this week that even some of his more-liberal allies are calling him down for the tirade.

In coverage leading up to the final results of Tuesday’s special election, Olbermann called Brown a “irresponsible homophobic racist reactionary ex-nude model teabagging supporter of violence against women and against politician with whom he disagrees.”

When some questioned Obermann’s judgment on the attacks, the sportswriter-turned-newsman amended his tirade to add “sexist” to the list.

That prompted comedian Jon Sewart to lampoon Olbermann’s “special comment” and call the MNSBC anchor out. Stewart pointed out that Olbermann’s so-called “evidence” is too week to back up the attack and asked Obermann to stop wallowing in the mud of personal attacks.


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Olberman played the Stewart clip on his show Friday night and said “call me.”

(Updated to add Olbermann’s response)



  1. bogofree

    I’ll try to clarify it – again. In simple terms the statement by the failed sports reporter was so bizarre and off the wall that it would make even the rantings of Rush look like a moral beacon. Now if the rant by failed sports reporter did not exist then the term would certainly not be applicable since Rush along is far from a moral beacon. I guess analogies are not my strong point or maybe it is clarity of expression? Not a magical lingustic expert like President WOW (Walk On Water). Have to work on it.

    When you further examine the quote from KO exactly how much truth is in it? I know he was a model. But the rest? Why KO is right back into his Hillary bashing mode only using Brown as the target of choice. I guess this is why CNBC is so much better than FOX.

  2. bogofree

    That’s why I am her – to be “educated.” No more Boston Herald for me I want to be able to decode the big words on the op ed page of the Boston Globe.

    Someone mentioned Walter Winchell and I remember watching him in the early 50s. Have his hat on and smoking. Great theater. But he was a damn good reporter.

    I just don’t bother with the usual crowd of Keith, Bill, Rush, Beck and a slew of others. Get tired of it soon.

  3. woody188

    They steal their format from Morton Downey Jr. only instead of truth they push their partisan agendas to the lowest common denominator of human intelligence. It’s our equivalent to the 2-minutes hate of Orwell’s novel 1984. It’s the 2-minutes rant.

  4. HarryFromMA

    To the one who asked- YES! Those on Fox HAVE apologized for things they said.
    To the one who rationalized Olbermann’s filthy, radically stupid smear rant- he did it because he is a scummy moron. I know someone who can’t even stand him as a sportsguy.
    I am no big Limbaugh ‘Dittohead’, but he is not a racist. BTW, the ‘slavery’ quote supposedly from him is a fake, invented, which the liberal news network that ran it (CNN? MSNBC?) finally recanted. Beck is definitely not a racist, etc.
    I would worry more about the bias you are blind to- if you are.
    Try NBC, MSNBC, CNN, the NYT, etc.At least Fox is the alternative to them. Boo hoo!

  5. woody188

    I’m still waiting for O’Reilly to eat his hat like he said he would if there were no WMD found in Iraq.


    I happened to catch the end of Olbermann last night. He played the entire Stewart clip, looked amused and chastened, and said, “You’re right…Sorry”.

    Say what you will about him being “the left’s answer to Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly”, are there any recorded instances of them apologizing this way?

  7. sherry

    Olbermann is an egotistical ass. I used to watch him until the primaries. He was so over the top for Obama, it was pathetic. Haven’t watched him since.

  8. byreen

    More proof that Comedians should be running the country. Lewis Black for Prez…
    At least Olbermann tries to get it right while the ditto right takes a wrong and makes no excuse for making it wronger.


    “More proof that Comedians should be running the country.”

    I suggest that they already are. Just the wrong ones…


  10. Sandra Price

    I try not to miss Countdown especially when some dramatic action hits these sites and commentary is possible. I started out with the far right convinced that a limited downsized government would benefit Americans. When the far right went Christian I changed my mind and began to pay attention to the more liberal slant in politics.

    I’m not convinced that a middle of the road approach to government is any better than the extreme left/right. It still comes back to the end game and whether a liberal government is not as dangerous to our freedoms as the Conservative social groups. I cannot be forced into believing in a conpiracy that the sky daddy is keeping track of my actions.

    I do now understand that an enormous number of Americans cannot live their lives as independents and require the safety net of the big daddy government. That is the most troubling aspect of today’s politics. Even seniors of my age who managed to survive WW2, Korea and Vietnam are now unable to put together a healthy meal. They are unable to pick up the trash in front of their homes and they rely on garage sales ongoing making the neighborhood look like Tobacco Road. They plead proverty as they park their Lexus at the super market.

    Many are snow birds and live here only during the winter months. They refuse to talk about politics and religion and from their vocabulary I doubt they can read a ballot. They want their freebies and they may not know who is running for office but they know who will give them their due. All their cars have religious symbols just to make certain we all know they believe in Jesus Christ. Don’t cut them off in traffic as they get irate and often threatening. These are the right wing whackos and I cannot vote with them.

    There has not been a political party with my name on it since Perot who had the economy all worked out and it was so difficult to explain that the voters ignored him.

    If the government cannot keep the corruption out of our economics, we are lost. We know the damage the government has done to our commerce and corporations but the sad part is so few know it. Asking the government to clean up the mess they have made is like inviting mice into the house to clean up the floors.

    I can live with Olberman’s comments but I cannot watch O’Reilly or listen to Rush Limbaugh as they insult my ability to turn on the radio or television.

    It makes me want to throw in the towel and quit trying to vote for anything.

  11. JeremiahJones

    “… vote for anything.” I love that. They are without a doubt “things,” this offal we are offered as candidates, not authentic people.
    I think you have hit the nail on the head.

    But please don’t stop voting. Do as I. Check to see who has received the least funding and vote for him/her. It’s a safe bet they’re not owned.

    Randomize, people!

  12. bogofree

    I’m no fan of Rush but he is a moral beacon compared to the failed sports reporter. Gives you an idea why I and many others are repulsed by the ravings of the moonbats and wing nuts.

  13. Sandra Price

    We are talking about two opinions of our current political mess. Look into all points of view before calling names. I will never understand why one commentator must be compared to all others. Fox takes the social conservative points of view and MSNBC leans to the left.

    I dislike Rush because he is a racist anti-Semite bigot. He lost me when Clinton was elected and Rush pounded Hillary and Chelsea as looking like freaks. He showed his moral beacon at that time. I am no fan of the Clinton’s but to think a high paid comic radio host would be so vulgar lost me.

    People like Rush and O’Reilly make news vulgar and Olberman had to fall into the same mode to be understood by the public.


  14. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    Rush Limbaugh, a Moral Beacon, the same guy who urged Americans not to donate to Haiti relief funds…Rush, a Moral Beacon, I think not.

    As Sandra pointed out Neo-Clown talking heads and politicians engage in this behavior all the time and it flys with the McCorparate media and they don’t apologise.

    Phallus Cheney telling Senator Leahy to ‘go fu*k yourself’ is a perfect example of this.

  15. Carl Nemo

    The thing I like about Olbermann is his “fire in the belly” delivery!

    I really don’t care the specifics at times, but this guy has the talent to belt out the news from his perspective.

    Few on this site would know who Walter Winchell might be, but he delivered both his news and scandals in the same sensationalistic fashion in his time via the “radio”. He knew how to pause and when to add a crescendo to his news article and when to tone it down for the purpose of creating suspense. Mind you all these early commentators had was their voice to enchant the masses.

    Yes boys and girls the radio was a big thing in the 20’s thru 50’s. Sounds quaint doesn’t it; ie., listening to the news and entire programs via AM radio… : )

    It wasn’t very good for the most part, many times mixed with noise, crackling or otherwise.

    Many of the upscale console radios had a “green” tuning eye so when the carrier frequency of the station was tuned, the eye looked like one should; ie., a steady “catseye”… :))

    Getting back to Olbermann is the fact he would have done quite well in that era as now. People need some animation from the “opinionated”…no?

    I don’t care if he’s right or wrong on the issues, he’s an amazing guy to watch. He knows how to belt out that which is forefront in the news.

    Carl Nemo **==

  16. bogofree

    Gee….folks….look at what I wrote….see the little word called “compared.” Is Rush a moral beacon? No way….but compared to the rantings of the failed sports reporter he is. Maybe I should have said he is Cronkite compared to KB? IMO both are the radio answer to Star Magazine – sorry about the insult to Star. Each targets a specific audience that buys into their ravings and that sells. Trouble is for failed sports reporter Rush just sells better.

    Enough of this foolishness as I’m off to watch TMZ!

  17. JeremiahJones

    Point being, Limbaugh “carried water” (as he admitted) for G.W. Bush. He knew what he was doing. There’s nothing moral about knee-jerk partisanship, regardless of the bias.

  18. issodhos

    Actually, the point remains the same. Limbaugh did not urge others to not provide aid to Haitians. Is he a “moral beacons”? Hardly. He is a partisan mouthpiece for Republicans and social conservativism with a nationalist flavor — just as those who represent the other side are partisan mouthpieces for Democrats and modern liberals with a socialist flavor. Actually, both sides are heavilly flavored with fascistic tendencies that they are unwilling to control.;-)