Imus suspended for two weeks


040907imus.jpgCBS Radio and MSNBC both said they were suspending Don Imus’ morning talk show for two weeks following his reference last week to members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.”

The suspension begins next Monday.

While CBS made its announcement without comment, MSNBC said Imus’ regret at making the inappropriate comment and his stated dedication to changing the show’s discourse made it believe this was the appropriate response.

“Our future relationship with Imus is contingent on his ability to live up to his word,” the network said. MSNBC simulcasts his radio program weekday mornings.

Imus, who has made a career of cranky insults in the morning, was fighting for his job following the joke that by his own admission went “way too far.” He continued to apologize Monday, both on his show and on a syndicated radio program hosted by the Rev. Al Sharpton, who is among several black leaders demanding his ouster.

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  1. TRUTH 101

    UNFORTUNATELY in today’s world this is what radio seems to have become. But they are not alone. Television is far ahead of even that. As so correctly pointed out by Mr. Imus RAP and many other music “formats” ?? are strewn with four letter words and insults to blacks, whites, anything and everything.

    Where is the FCC?

    Supposedly they had standards and practices that were strict and very principled. Perhaps a bit to strict given everything, but we seem to have gone from nothing goes to anything goes without passing through the center.

    HOWEVER, the biggest insult IMO to any American’s intellegence is FOX TELEVISION. They scream for Imus’s head, yet give Ann Coulter a pass. WHY ? Because she’s one of them. Some of the comments by many of their “talking heads” especially John Gibson, Sean Hannity and less often but still all too frequently Bill O’Rielly should land them in some other profession.

    YET, the hypocracy is simply allowed by the agency that is supposed to regulate it. How sad.

  2. john schindler

    Unfortunately, our society lives too much “in the moment’ seizing any opportuntity to advance their own agenda, while totally failing to see beyond themselves.Don Imus has his “style” of broadcasting. Noone is sacred around him, However, it is his style that has generated the contributions that have enabled him to provide the very generous benefits to the children that he helps at his ranch. This is the big picture. I doubt that anyone whom he has called a name has not gotten over it. It’s part of growing up. I just hope that the children at his ranch that he truely helps do not have to suffer the real consequences of these attacks on Don Imus.

  3. Richard Lyon

    It has already been stated in yesterday’s post that Imus should pay more attention to the conduct of Bernard McGurk, his side kick. That man is all of the negative things they have said about IMUS.

    I see that some on this site have called him racist, homophobic, mean spirited, and mean to women. He is all of that and more. Imus has winked at that over the years and may well have encouraged it. That, for me, the problem with the Imus program.

    I predict, right here and now that if Imus continues to overlook Mcgurk’s conduct he will be in trouble again. This current incident originated with McGurk’s initial comment had he not used the words he did Imus probably would not have either. I understand that Imus is ultimately responsible for what happens on his show, but again I say, the really, really, bad guy here is McGurk.

  4. How long will we put up with a media that plays to the worst weaknesses and stupidity of the lower middle class, including sexism and racism. Republican filth are supremicists who think they have a license to steal. The media panders to this nonsense as a rule – not an exception. This is why we get dumber and dumber.

  5. ron kay

    ….the line was brilliantly funny….that’s why I listen to Imus….for brilliantly funny lines… These words are ok for blacks to utter, but nary a whitey should allow them to pass his lips….bullshit.

    The Word Police, need to lighten up…..or the Thought Police won’t be far behind.

    Rusch Limbaugh, Hannity and O’Reily spew more racial hatred in one hour than Imus has joked about in 30 years.

    The right wing neo-con lap dogs are the true guilty parties.

  6. Boots

    That reverand Al, he sure do love to open dat bucketaworms. He pretty big racist himself, dat reverent Al. Wonder how he like dat old MASH TV show? Dat won all kindsa ‘wards fer bein goot. YAAL member the first cast of MASH? The Army doctor captains, Hawkeye, Trapper and Spearchucker. Nobody make big deal dat they called the black man Spearchucker? Course back den we didn’t have all those people hatin us fer our freedoms, which we don’t have anymo anyway. Funny how things happen dat way, huh?

    Screw Sharpton, Jackson and Roker.

  7. Kate MIchaels

    What IMUS said maybe socially unexceptable but you know what, who cares. It was funny. That is his job. If you don’t like the off handed remarks then tune into Rush and listen to that bullshit…

    Spike Lee can do a movie on jig a boos and wanna bees and thats fine. Rappers can call people niggers, hos’ and just discribe disgusting things, anti white, anti police, anti everything. But nobody picketts and calls for their jobs.

    Al Roker ought to go have another stomach bi-pass, Sharpton is an idiot, and Jackson, also an idiot, needs to go spawn a few more babies.

    Leave it alone, Imus apologized, went on Sharptons show and took a boat load of shit, its over.

  8. The South Point

    I have no idea who Imus is. I don’t bother with lamestream media anymore as it’s a waste of time. And I sure as hell don’t listen to shockjock radio shows as I find them grotesque and mean-spirited to people who don’t deserve it. I got so tired of shockjock crapola that I set up a computer to just play music, encoded my cds into mp3 and can listen to music for hours and hours without potty-mouthed DJs and truly idiotic commercials.

    Hint: now you know what to do with that older computer you have in your closet that’s been there ever since you got your new one with a gazillion megs of ram and a triple quadruple quintuple 5,000,000 mhz cpu. You need at least 200 mhz pentium or equivalent for playing mp3s as below that, results are iffy.