President George W. Bush repeated his inaugural speech in his weekly radio address Saturday by saying he’s “eager to begin the work of a new term.”

Just two days after he was sworn in for a second term as president, Bush used the radio address to echo many of the points he brought up in his inaugural address. He said swearing an oath such as the one he took Thursday is a “humbling experience.”

The inaugural address was sprinkled liberally with the terms “free,” “freedom” and “liberty.” That same tone continued Saturday.

“As I stated in my inaugural address, our security at home increasingly depends on the success of liberty abroad,” Bush said in the radio address. “So we will continue to promote freedom, hope and democracy in the broader Middle East — and by doing so, defeat the despair, hopelessness and resentments that feed terror.”

He added, “At home, too, we will expand freedom,” with reform of education standards, Social Security and healthcare, along with the legal system and the tax code.

Bush said, “With deep appreciation for your support and mindful of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, I’m eager to begin the work of a new term.”