Bush, Kerry Voters Never Wavered

    An overwhelming majority of voters say they never changed their minds about whether they would support President Bush or Democratic candidate John Kerry, a poll found.

    Only 16 percent of those who voted for Bush said there was a time when they thought they would vote for Kerry, according to the National Annenberg Election Survey. And 15 percent of Kerry voters said there was a time when they thought they would vote for Bush.

    The Annenberg findings lend support to the decision by the campaigns to spend more time on base voters than going after the other candidate’s voters, said Adam Clymer, director of the Annenberg survey.

    The poll of 8,664 adults who had already been interviewed once before Election Day showed little evidence of the opposing sides coming together after the election. More than eight in 10 Kerry voters did not agree with the statement: “Even though I voted for John Kerry, George Bush will probably be a good president in his second term.”

    The interviews were done between Nov. 4 and Dec. 28 and have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 1 percentage point, 2 percentage points for Bush voters and Kerry voters.